Starbucks Logo and Branding Guide

Starbucks is a multinational company and is currently the largest chain of coffeehouses worldwide. Based on the most recent reports, the company has more than 33,000 chains of stores found in more than 84 countries.


The company was successful in forging a strong coffee culture in different cities all over the world. Part of their success would be their solid branding strategy, which includes the Starbucks logo. Let's delve deeper into this topic.



What You Can Learn from Starbucks Logo and Branding


Starbucks Coffee

The latest brand guidelines released by Starbucks have showcased the company's strengths. We already know that the company has a powerful branding and marketing team, and the Starbucks logo has proved that.


Small businesses might think of refining the design to suit their small businesses. Nonetheless, you should be extremely careful of copying the design since it will be difficult for you to advance your brand awareness.


Moreover, if you anticipate growth and progress in the next few years, a similar design will force you to go through a rebranding process. Understand the concept behind this design, and you might be able to create a design that is uniquely yours.


Expect the Evolution of Your Brand


 Coffeechain store

Your target customer will not be static; they will develop and change depending on certain factors. Therefore, your branding strategy should also change. For instance, the Starbucks logo design is based upon the concept of evolving.


They believe that as their audience evolves, their brand must be able to address the market's ever-changing demands. They understand that this is an effective method to keep your loyal customers hooked and capture the interest of new audiences.


Regardless if you have a small or big brand, all customers will change and evolve. This is why it is not surprising that most companies will go through a rebranding process in 5-10 years to update the look of their company. Always be ready to refine and alter your logo design to ensure it will be relevant.


If your logo looks outdated, it won't be easy to establish an emotional connection with the consumers. If the audience can no longer relate to or identify with your brand, perhaps it is the best time to return to the drawing board.



Avoid Doing a Complete Overhaul

 Coffeechain store


Concerning branding and marketing, a total overhaul should be avoided unless your old business has acquired a negative reputation that can no longer be salvaged. Remember that as you implement your branding campaign, your audiences will be exposed to this logo, and there's a high chance that they will remember a particular element of your logo.


Take the Starbucks logo evolution over the years as an example. You will notice how they retain some elements to guarantee that people familiar with their previous logo can still identify their brand. It is enough to introduce a new design that features the core elements of your branding design.


Keeping the core element of the logo design is not just a  way to make the designer's life easier. This will help the audience recognize who you are and let them understand what you can offer.


The Starbucks logo will have that siren element, the green shade, and the familiar typeface that brings cohesion and clarity to those who will interact with the brand.



It Must Tell a Story

 Coffeechain store


An excellent brand design must not only be aesthetically pleasing. Remember that it will not depend simply on color psychology. As we mentioned before, a good logo will still appear well-designed, even in a black and white shade. The great logo design will tell the company's story and history.


It conveys a powerful statement that resonates with the audience. It should showcase your company's value and mission. This is one of the central elements of the Starbucks logo and branding concept.


The company believes the art can convey the story of the people behind their company, from the coffee farmers, baristas, roasters, founders, etc. Creativity can help you connect the art to the people and the community.



Identify Your Core Element



If you have been doing business for some time now, there's a chance that there is an element in your design that the audience can easily associate with your business. For instance, if you analyze the Starbucks logo and branding strategy, you will notice the prevalent green shade in all their materials.


This is regarded as the company's most recognizable asset. Therefore, they can easily take advantage of this feature and make it appear prominent on all their branding and marketing assets. By identifying this core element, it would be easier for you to create a campaign that your target can quickly recognize.



Creating Seasonal Logo

 Starbucks Logo Design


If you are a loyal Starbucks customer, you will notice how the company will not limit its options on the palette. While green is a prevalent color in their marketing strategy, the color will still change depending on the season.


Seasonal Logo is their effort to stay updated and relevant. You will notice that their summer palette differs from their spring palette, which is bright and full of pinkish shades. When developing your branding strategy, make sure that you will plan for the entire year, particularly during your busiest period.


You need to make a conscious effort to stay relevant since this will drive higher engagement on your website and social media posts. It also guarantees that your customers will find your approach more exciting and will be attracted to your online and offline promotions.



Choose the Icon

 Sippy cup


Not all businesses will have a famous icon or image on their logo. Some will stick with the wordmark logo since it is sufficient in delivering the company's statement. However, for others, especially those in the food industry, their logo will come with a Muse or a Mascot to make it appear more family-friendly.


For instance, the Starbucks logo will have that familiar siren image. Basically, this siren acts as the face of the company. Knowing how to use them with your other materials will help you find opportunities to grow and evolve your brand design.


According to the company, their approach is to develop a mascot logo apart from their wordmark logo. This allows them to use the Siren Logo in their different marketing materials while keeping a contemporary and open design.



Being Creative and Consistent

 Starbucks Logo Design


When you analyze the typeface used by Starbucks on their logo, you will realize that they are using three styles. They will have Trade Gothic, Lander, and Sodo Sans. Choosing the font style ideal for your business will not be the most straightforward task of your design project.


However, once you have decided, you must consistently use this typeface. If you are using more than one like this coffee company, they must fulfill a particular purpose.

 Starbucks Logo Design

For instance, the Sodo Sans is used mainly on the body since it offers them versatility. Trade Gothic is prominent on headlines, and Lander is perfect for statements that require them to be expressive and creative.


When you are building your design guide that your marketing team will use, this part must be included. This will guarantee consistency on different platforms such as your social media, email campaign, website, etc.



Creating a Unique Appearance

Starbucks Coffee 


The Starbucks logo is designed to represent everything about the company. It helps the audience understand what the company does, the values and mission they uphold, the story behind the business, and how they do business.


The best thing about this is that it is unique. The elements added in the design are not simply for aesthetic purposes; each fulfills a specific function in advancing the company's branding campaign.


Moreover, since the logo is unique, it makes it easier for the target customer to remember the brand.




 Sippy Cup


The branding design of this company is not just restricted to the Starbucks logo design. It extends to the quality photography you will find on the company's assets and platforms. When choosing the photos, you will use, make sure that they will evolve; it has to stay relevant and up-to-date.


Be sure that you will be very particular about this in your branding guide. Remind your people the kind of images that you want to see and how they are supposed to use this.


Just like the product and the company logo, the images will have to change as the market evolves. If you want to guarantee the image's quality, uniqueness, and appropriateness, invest in photoshoots that center around your brand.

 Starbucks Logo Design

Finally, designing your logo like a pro should not be expensive. You don't have to be a company as big as Starbucks to create a solid branding strategy. You must ensure that you will have fantastic attention to detail and time.

Creating something as compelling as the Starbucks logo with a minimum budget is possible. Follow what the big companies have learned over the years and implement it into your design project. You should always prioritize consistency; this will guide you to remain on the right path.


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