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If this is not the first time you are reading our articles, or if you are going through a rebranding process, you understand that designing a logo will be costly. Small businesses may not have all the software needed to help them create a compelling company logo. Having a logo is essential to building your company's identity and personality. It also becomes the company's symbol that stands for who you are. To help small businesses design it, we have listed some of the best logomaker free online tools.


10 Best Logomaker Free Online


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Why should you use a free logo maker? I mean, there may not be enough options for you to customize your work and creative freedom could be limited, but this is still the best solution for those who lack budget. As long as you pay attention to some crucial aspects of logo making, you can still create an outstanding logo. Moreover, you don't need to hire a graphic designer since using these programs often requires low technical skills.

 Before we start enumerating the tools that you can use for your logo design, check these guides.

Wix Logo Maker


With the Wix Logo Maker, you will enjoy different features you can use for your logo design. It is the best answer for those who want to streamline the design process. This logomaker free online tool can automatically develop the template that you need. However, since it is a premade template, you may want to customize this further to ensure that you have something unique to represent your business. Start with the sizing, text, font, image, and color. One good thing about using Wix is that you will have the full commercial rights to use this design. Therefore, you can use it for commercial use without even worrying about who owns the license. Users can download it in various formats, such as SVG, allowing you to print this into your promotional items. You will start by creating an account at Wix. This will give you access to their logo maker. With this account, you can also use this on their website building tool and their business generator app.


Tailor Brands

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This is another fantastic tool for your logo and graphic design project. This logomaker free online tool helps ensure that you have something unique to represent your business. Unlike other apps, this design is question-based. You will be asked a series of questions to help the app understand your brand's story and the statement you want to convey to the target audience. Once you complete the questionnaires, the app will present you with a full logo. You will have a couple of options to choose from. Choose something that best represents you and customize it. The graphics can readily be used in your advertisement and social media pages. There are high-quality formats such as EPS, vector files, and SVG.



 logo design tool

If you have been designing your template for your social media post, advertisement, book cover, etc., you are probably aware of Canva. This logomaker free online tool comes with hundreds of free templates available in paid and free options. Look for a template that you think will help you create your desired logo. Try to change some of the elements to reflect your brand story. If you can't find a template suitable for you, you can easily upload your own. You can also browse through the massive library of the different logo templates and elements. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this tool is that others can use the same template. Therefore, it is not impossible for you to see a company that will be using the same logo. Be sure to apply your creativity to showcase the unique offering of your brand.


Graphic Springs

 logo design tool

Just like the other logomaker free online tool here, this app showcases a variety of templates and graphic designs you can use for your project. Simply choose from the different categories of Graphic Springs. Start by entering your company's name and a tagline if you have any. Choose your business's category and the logo you want to edit. You can also filter the options by new and popular. You also have the option to be more creative. You can edit the symbols and shapes of the logo and give it a simple decorative flair. While this comes with a free option, you may also opt for the paid service to download your design in a high-quality format.





Ucraft may not be the first thing that will cross your mind, but this can also be an effective logomaker free online tool. Ucraft is more of a website builder tool, but it works just the same for all your graphic needs. You will do nothing more than choose the logo template that you want to use. You will then have to add your company's name and customize it. One downside of this tool is that it offers a limited customization option. There are more than 200,000 icons that you can use for your design project. For free users, you can download your design in a PNG format.



 Logomaker Free Online

This logomaker free online tool is more of a logo generator. You will choose the icon, color, and font style. You will then enter the name of your business, and you will be prompted to choose from their categories. Once you select a logo that caught your attention, you can further customize it. While you can use this download for free, you may have to pay a fee if you want to download this design. This is a good design for those who are just trying things out. After paying the download fee, you will receive a file in vector format. This means that you can use this for large-scale promotions. Sadly, it will not have an unlimited download option.


Logo Type Maker

 Logomaker Free Online

Boasting more than 600,000 vector shapes that you can use for your graphic design, Logo type Maker is one of the best logomaker free online tools today. It also comes with more than 1,000 free templates and 200 font styles that you can use. Therefore, it offers more options for you to customize your logo. You can download your output in an SVG format and implement unlimited customization on the logo. Since your goal here is to ensure that your logo will be unique, this application is a good choice for you. When you opt for the free logo, you will receive a non-customizable contemporary logo.


Logo Maker

 Logomaker Free Online

This platform has been in the market for more than ten years. It has been the go-to solution of more than 3 million entrepreneurs for their logomaker free online needs. There are more than 10,000 icons that are free for you to use. You can build your logo using this platform and have an unlimited save option for free. However, if you need a high-resolution format for your logo design project, you will have to pay around $40. However, if you don't want to pay, it is still an excellent tool to practice your design skills and find inspiration for your company logo.



 Logomaker Free Online

This platform offers many free tools for business owners who want to build a new website for their company. The logomaker free online allows you to browse their collection of icons. Whether you are looking for a full-customized logo or just want to find inspiration, this will be a suitable platform for you. For the free version, you can only download the logo in a low resolution. You will need to buy the high-resolution format for $10. If you want to download this for free, you may need to avail yourself of their membership plan.


Design Hill

 logo design tool

Design Hill offers several solutions for businesses looking for online design solutions. One of them would be their logomaker free online tool. They have thousands of free icons that you can use and customize. You can change the color and the font style of your wordmark. Users can download their designs for free. If you have a branding campaign on different platforms, be sure that you will also check their other tools. They can help you create a cover photo for your Twitter and Facebook. They also have a QR code generator that you can use for your other creative promotion. For instance, you can add a QR code to your business card or promotional materials. This helps you create a modern type of marketing solution.


Logomaker free online tool allows you to create something representing your brand while controlling the cost. It could be an adequate solution for startup businesses. Nonetheless, you still have to ensure that it reflects your business values, mission, vision, and statement. Do not hesitate to hire a professional graphic designer if you have the budget. Remember that you will use a logo for about ten years. You want something unique and top quality to represent you. Using something that looks similar to all the logos out there will make it challenging for your audience to recognize you. Moreover, using a poorly designed logo will expose you to the risk of rebranding after only two years.

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