Making a Company Logo - the Basic

We are here again discussing how to help you develop a strong identity for your business. We understand how this could be challenging to business owners. Most people refer to this as online reputation management. However, if you are starting with the process, it would be better to begin the branding task with a fantastic logo. Making a company logo is not an easy feat since there are too many considerations that you will have to make. Don't worry; we will discuss all the basics in this article.


Essential Guide on Making a Company Logo


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What is it about company logo design that many companies fail to produce their desired result? Logo design is like learning math. You must fully understand the basics before proceeding with the more advanced equation. Otherwise, you will continue to commit mistakes unintentionally. The output will be an icon that will fail to represent your brand accurately. So let's focus on the basics.

 Here are more things that you should know about logo design

Knowing Your Company

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Some of you may laugh at this matter. Yeah, you were the one who established your company, and you think you know everything about it. Unfortunately, you are most likely wrong. There are so many things that you don't know about your business. For instance, you may not have established values that you want your business to uphold. Based on a more recent survey, more than half of the consumers will choose a company that shares their same values. For instance, you may have been supporting a non-government organization, or you may have an eco-friendly process. This will help you attract an audience who also values the same principles. Here are more things that you need to understand before you proceed in making a company logo.


Your Audience

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Your audience should have a strong representation when you are developing a logo. You need to understand who they are, their behavior, and what ticks their buying behavior. If you are a startup business, there's a chance that you have developed an Ideal Customer Profile. This contains all the information about your desired customer. This will include their demographics, monthly income, hobbies, behavior, etc. For those who have been in the market for some time, there's a chance that you have a Buyer Persona. Consult that document when making a company logo. Remember that your logo is not about you but the audience.


Why Are You Doing Business?

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When designing a logo, some business owners will be too fixated on what they are doing rather than the more essential things. You need to know why you are offering your solution. We understand that the primary objective of everyone here is to make a profit, but you should look beyond that. Answering the 'whys' will help you know your brand story that must be reflected in your logo design. Don't be too concerned about what you do when making a company logo. Instead, focus on why you are doing it.


Your Competitors


Before starting your logo design, you need to understand the branding strategy of your rivals in the industry. This method is not necessarily to copy them but to draw inspiration. Remember that one of your goals in making a company logo is to create something that will uniquely represent your business. You won't achieve this if you only copy the brand identity of your competitors. Moreover, you will need to stand out in a crowded market. You won't be able to achieve that if you only copy a logo that has long been existing in the market.


Most of the basic process of logo design is all about gathering information. The data and information you will collect will be necessary to create something accurately representing your business. Remember that you only have 2 seconds to leave an imprint on the mind of your target audience. You won't be able to do this if your logo cannot convey the company's statement.


Initial Consultation with the Graphic Designer

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After you've gathered all the information above, you will have to look for a graphic designer. Some of you may not have the proper budget to hire a professional designer and may choose to do it personally. That is absolutely fine. However, we've mentioned how free tools can limit your creative freedom. Moreover, they have premade template; you cannot guarantee that no business in the market has used this before. There is no way to ensure originality when using the free tools. Some may allow you to develop a logo from scratch, but you may have to pay an additional fee when downloading a high-resolution version of the image. Others may require you to be proficient in using other tools before you can understand them.


Know that you will be using your logo for at least ten years; therefore, you want something professionally designed to represent you. It is one of the enormous decisions that you will need to make when making a company logo. If you choose to hire a graphic designer, you will go through an initial consultation. This will ensure that you and your hired designer are on the same page. If you have been reading our articles here, we've already discussed the questions you need to ask them. Let's have a short review.


What is Your Goal

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Not many business owners will understand how their company goal can influence the process of making a company logo. Your logo is not a superficial asset of your business. You need to be very specific when answering this since it will help the designer to have a glimpse of the bigger picture. For instance, if you have a plan for a future expansion, ensure that this will be adequately conveyed to the designer.


What Do You Want to Accomplish?

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Now, we can get very particular about what you want to accomplish through your logo design. This is where you can guarantee that your design will fit the grander scheme of your business. For instance, do you want your logo to help you attract public attention? Or perhaps you need this to improve brand awareness?


What Are Your Marketing Channels?


Some of you may think this is insignificant detail, but there are two reasons it could help in your logo design. For instance, it will help the designer figure out what branding style you are looking for. Next, it will help them know where you are displaying this logo. For instance, if you are using this on social media platforms, the quality could be affected once you upload it on the platform. With this, they can develop a logo with high legibility and readability even after using it on social media accounts.


How Do You Want Others to Perceive You?

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Your logo will play a massive role in influencing public perception. To start, think of three adjectives that best describe your company. Be sure that it will be accurate. Use Thesaurus to help you dig further. You will have to provide these answers to your designer when making a company logo.


These are just a few questions you need to answer during the initial consultation with the designer. If you want a more comprehensive list, check our past articles.


Building a Mood Board

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Your mood board will also be an integral part of the logo-making process. If you can't create an effective mood board, then don't expect to have something compelling. A mood board is basically a collection of images, text, font style, icons, and symbols, that you think will represent your brand. This helps the designer to find inspiration when making a company logo. While graphic designers will usually build this, you should also ensure that you have free access to this; meaning you can add an image that will best reflect your company's identity and story. You should also add some notes explaining why you have chosen that image. This ensures that you and your designer are looking on the same page.


There are different tools that you can use to build a mood board. For instance, you can use Pinterest for collecting pins. We understand that Pinterest may be associated heavily with DIY projects and home recipes. Start here by creating and naming a new board. Canva is another good option. It has a massive collection of pre-made templates. It also allows you to import your own image. Evernote is another fantastic option for the mood board that you will use in making a company logo.


The logo design process is an intricate task that should be left in the hand of the professional. Understand that you will have to take care of all the essential work if you want an output that will help you deliver the statement to your desired target audience. Never neglect the basics when making a company logo. Some may think this is a mundane and unnecessary part of the logo design, but this will serve as a strong foundation. You will make it easier for both parties to go through the initial stage and create a compelling trademark that will showcase your business's strengths.

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