How to Make Instagram Logos Fast?

Several home-based businesses and startups use social media platforms to connect to their desired audience. However, they neglect one of the most critical aspects of business branding- a brand logo. We understand that not all of them are marketing experts, and it is relatively normal for them to ignore the importance. However, if you believe that your business will grow in the future, having Instagram logos would help you spread awareness.


How to Make Compelling Instagram Logos

Instagram Logos

Instagram has an average active user of 1 billion per month. Based on the recent reports, at least 90% of the brand can be found here. The numbers are even higher in particular industries. For instance, 96% of the businesses in the fashion industry are found on this platform. Perhaps, because this is an aesthetic-based profile. With how critical marketing and advertisement are to your success, it would be a shame if you don't take advantage of this social media channel. Start by making sure that you have Instagram logos.

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Consider the Kind of Logo That You Want

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When looking for potential Instagram logos, it is not unusual for you to be overwhelmed. You will have unlimited choices, and it will be a struggle to determine where you should begin. Thankfully, these logos can be divided into categories. Doing so will help you narrow your choices and see what works effectively for your social media account.


Emblem Logos

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This type of Instagram logos will highlight a badge, icon, or crest. This is the kind of logo that schools and institutions often use. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that online businesses and startups can no longer take advantage of this. There have been numerous instances when this has helped propel the branding campaign of certain companies to certain heights. However, if you are using this for your social media profile, you should think twice before using this. Emblem logos will often be riddles with heavy details. Once the size and quality have been truncated, you will understand why you should avoid overly detailed logos. However, if you still want to insist on using them, be sure to test first who they would appear on different devices and platforms.


Mascot Logos

 Instagram Logos

Another famous Instagram Logos would be a mascot logo. These are used mainly by the sports club but will never be confined to that industry. In fact, KFC and Pringles use this logotype. Mascot logos are basically the embodiment of the company's identity. It helps them appear more family-friendly. It can easily communicate the brand's statement and value without adding anything to the tagline. This works effectively in imprinting your brand into the name of those who will encounter it. However, it also presents challenges if you want to introduce them to your Instagram account. The details can also disappear once you resize the image.


Monogram Logos

 Instagram Logos

Using monograms as your Instagram logos holds a certain level of effectiveness and power. People will often associate these logos with seasoned and powerful companies. Moreover, it is never confined to a particular industry. You can find them in media, fashion, electronics, technology, home service, hotels, tourism, etc. However, businesses that will use this will take leverage of their powerful branding strategy. If you are a startup company, choosing this and hoping it will improve your brand awareness may be a challenge. You know about the Logo of Louis Vuitton because you are well aware of the brand. Nonetheless, this does not instantly mean that you can't use this in your Instagram account. You will still find it visible, legible, and visually pleasing, even on a smaller scale. However, you may need to do more explaining to deliver an accurate statement of your brand.


Wordmark Logos

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While it may be similar to the monogram logo due to the simplistic feature, this one highlights the brand's complete name, making them a better choice for Instagram logos. The logo will appear in an eye-catching format; we're talking about Coca-Cola, Disney, Netflix, Pinterest, etc. In this option, you will have to be very cautious about the typeface you will use. For instance, avoid using font style that will lead to readability and legibility problems. Also, this will only work if you have a short company name. It could be an excellent choice if it is short, like eBay, and you can fit it in on that small panel.


Abstract Logos

 Social media logo

Choose an abstract for your Instagram logos if you want to be unique and create a definite mark in the overcrowded online market. Most car manufacturers and sports apparel will use abstract icons to help them stand out. Abstract logos will serve as the representative of the brand without the need to add other elements. While it presents some risks in using this since it will be difficult for people to relate your business to a particular shape immediately, it offers a rare opportunity to stand out from the competition.


Pictorial Mark


Some of the most famous Instagram logos will be under this category. They have that distinctive, recognizable, graphics-based icon that can communicate the business statement in a single glance. This has become very popular among startups and online businesses due to its striking appearance. This is mainly an effective logo that you can add to your Instagram business account. It is versatile, and you can fit in a small and large picture to instill your identity in the mind of your target audience.


Combination Mark


Finally, if you don't find an ideal option for your Instagram Logos on the types aforementioned, you can use a combination mark. This combines two different kinds of logos, such as the name and the image of the brand. This creates a powerful combination that improves the recognition of your brand. You have an image that will communicate the statement of your business and the name that helps brand awareness. It is also an excellent choice among companies who want to achieve further growth.


What Are the Kinds of Images on Instagram?

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There are different ways how you can introduce the Instagram logos. We'll guide you on how you can improve your branding through this.


Profile Picture

 Instagram Logos

The display picture or the profile image is the main thing people will notice when your post appears on their newsfeed. This will make it easier for the audience to recognize your company. It is always best to use your Instagram logos on your display picture. Instagram has a specific requirement regarding the quality of the picture. The optimal size is around 110x110 pixels, and the maximum is about 180x180 pixels. If your image is higher than this, Instagram will downgrade its quality. Be sure that the essential details will still be visible after this.


Regular Posts

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Remember that Instagram will reduce the quality of your images even on your regular posts. When you want to upload your logo in your square images, the maximum resolution that you may use is around 1080x1080 pixels. You also have rectangular images. While the recommended size is about 1080x600px but the platform will scale your Instagram logos to 600x450px. The recommended for the portrait images is 1080x1350 pixels. Nonetheless, they will be downgrading the quality of the image to 600x749px.


How Should I Choose the Best Instagram Logos?

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Your logo will be an excellent tool to capture the audience's attention. Some people may think this is just an insignificant graphic, but it plays an essential role in delivering the company's statement. Choose carefully since it will help create a striking, unique, and easily recognizable logo.

  • Relevance- You need to choose a logo representing your business's ideals, values, and statement. For instance, you may be running a vet clinic, so you should use an image that your audience can relate to.

  •  Simplicity and Accuracy- Avoid creating a mess by adding unnecessary elements to your Instagram logos. You want to ensure the components will work together instead of stealing attention from one another.

  • Colors- You need to achieve balance in colors. Avoid adding too many shades; limit your choices to 2-3 colors.

  •  Functional- Make sure you maintain a neat appearance when using this logo across different platforms. You can only guarantee that it will be effective if you have something functional and precise.


Choosing the Best Font

 Instagram Logos

There are also different points to consider when choosing a font. Choosing your typeface wisely can highlight the strength of your Instagram logos.


  • Readability- Make sure that the word is ideally legible; otherwise, it will be difficult for your readers to peruse the text.
  • Harmony- Be sure there is a sense of connection between the images and the text of your logo. Avoid using overwhelming fonts unless you want your logo to appear messy and disorganized.

Having Instagram logos is a perfect way to attract the right audience and improve your brand-building strategy. Consider some of the points that we mention here to create something compelling. Hopefully, we have provided you with something valuable that you can use in your design project. Those with zero design knowledge and skills can create something that will accurately represent their online store by following our tips.


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