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Some platforms will help you automatically generate business logo for your company branding. While we don't recommend this method since they come with some pitfalls that will affect your branding campaign and awareness, it could still be the ideal choice for small businesses with insufficient budgets for their campaign. Just make sure that you are aware of the things you should consider and the common mistakes since this will impact your future marketing and branding.


What Are the Common Mistakes When You Opt to Generate Business Logo?

Generate Business Logo

You can commit several errors when using an auto-generated business logo for your business. We understand how some people will decide to go down this path. It is convenient; you simply have to answer a couple of questions, and the system will generate templates you can use for your business. It doesn't require in-depth design skills. However, you should still be careful about common mistakes in your logo.

  •  Not Choosing the Right Platform- When you choose the app that will generate business logo for free, be sure to consider different things. For instance, you want an app with a massive selection of templates that you can use. You want it to be varied, increasing the probability of being unique in your industry. It would be better to choose an app that matches your skills.
  •  Not Customizing the Logo- After generating the logo, you will be presented with a template that you can use for your business branding. However, there's a chance that the other companies have used it. Therefore, the platform should allow you to customize the logo depending on your needs and wants. You should be able to remove or add elements and customize the colors at the very least.
  • Choosing According to the Cost- Some of you may choose your app depending on the cost. It will not be surprising to look for a free version. However, there may be some catches to using the free version. For instance, there's this app that will only allow you to generate business logo, but you will have to pay a fee if you want to download your design. Others will only allow you to create a logo with lower resolution. So, be careful on this one. You don't want to waste your time here since you are already busy handling your startup business.
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What Are the Things to Consider When You Generate Business Logo?

 Generate Business Logo

You must think about a couple of things to ensure that you will have a logo that will not only help you represent your brand but also resonate with the audience. Remember that your logo serves as the core foundation of your future marketing plan; you want to make sure that it will accurately represent your business entity. Here are some things to ponder about when you generate your business logo.


Your Goal

 Generate Business Logo

You should have a clear goal before you start with your design project. This will serve as one of your guides in developing an icon for your branding. For instance, you could want a company logo that you can use to improve your brand awareness. Therefore, you want this to represent your brand's personality, values, mission, vision, and statement. You want it to deliver the message within a split second effectively. Others want to develop a logo to resonate with their target audience. If this is your goal, you want something that will be eye-catching. Remember that your logo is the first introduction of the people to your business. If they see it as something substandard, then they will relate it to the quality of your service or product. You want them to think that you are offering a solution and something valuable.


Your Audience

 company logo

Another thing to consider when you generate business logo is your audience. Remember that this is about imprinting your brand design on your audience's minds. You can't expect them to remember your company logo if they don't find it compelling. Based on the research, an average customer will be introduced to at least a thousand logo and branding materials daily. They can encounter this while going to work or browsing their social media feed. You want to be confident that your logo will cut through the noise and will be the first thing that will capture their interest. Before you even make a logo for your startup business, design a buyer's persona. This will contain all the characteristics and buying behavior of your desired audience. The benefits of the buyer persona are not only limited to logo design; you can also use this on your business plan, proposal, and presentation. It helps you explain to the audience how viable your business is and secure funding from investors.


The Color

 Generate Business Logo

The color is not something you will consider during the early stage of the logo design. In fact, when you generate business logo, it will be best to choose a black and white palette first. This will help you reduce all the unnecessary elements and focus only on the core element of the logo. Remember, a good design will still remain effective even without striking colors; case on point Nike and Apple. When choosing the logo, you will have to refer to the first two points you consider; the goal and your target audience. Choose a color that will help you advance your goal and should be relatable to your audience. Here's a quick look at how some colors affect your business branding.


  • Black- This color is ideal for traditional businesses who want to send a message that they are choosing the conventional methodologies. It is also an excellent choice for companies who wish to appear classic and elegant.
  • White- If you want a clean and pristine look, white is a good choice. White stands for purity and transparency.
  • Blue- Businesses who want to be perceived as trustworthy and professional should choose the blue shade. Moreover, blue has this calming effect, making it a good choice for educational institutions and law firms.
  • Red- Red could be an exciting choice for those who want to take a risk. It helps rouse a strong emotion. It is often used in food industries since it has been proven to stimulate appetite. You should be careful in overusing it and choosing the tone since it can trigger strong negative emotions such as anger.
  • Green- This is an excellent choice for those who are offering organic products and eco-friendly services. It also has that healing effect. It is cool to the eye and will not overwhelm the audience.
  • Yellow- For a color that can spread happiness, yellow might be an ideal choice.
  • Orange- If you want the same effect as yellow and red but don't want that overwhelming and intense color, orange is your alternative.
  • Purple- This is an excellent option if you want to add a sense of luxury and mystery to your business product or branding.


Font Style

 vector logo

Another thing to consider when you generate business logo is the font style. Depending on your choice, you could be using this more frequently on your branding campaign. For instance, if you choose a wordmark logo (or a lettermark), your company's name becomes its branding. Therefore, you need to be wise in choosing your font style. Remember that each font style will also have a psychological influence. You should also check the readability and legibility of the typeface. Some of them will include too many strokes, making it difficult for the audience to read.



 company icon

There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you generate a versatile business logo. You can guarantee that you will be able to use it for years. Most companies will use their logo for about ten years. You want to ensure that you can create a logo that will grow together with your business. Also, you should ensure that your logo appears compelling in various marketing and branding materials. You want your logo to appear consistent and persuasive on all these platforms. For instance, some social media apps have a policy to reduce the logo's quality once you upload it on their platform. You will have to consider that.




Scalability ensures that your logo will appear the same whether you use it on something as small as business cards or on things as large as billboard advertisements. Scalability ensures that the readability, legibility, and visibility of the website will not be affected.


Various platforms offer free options to generate business logo. You want to make sure that it will still provide you with several options to choose from. One of your goals in designing your company logo is to stand out in the market. It will be difficult for you to achieve this if you have something too similar to the others. Therefore, you should still customize the logo to make it unique. Pay attention to the things we mentioned here to create something quality, unique, and compelling that will effectively represent your business for years.




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