Facebook Logo: A Complete Guide on Brand Asset

We've mentioned before that logo reflects the mission and vision of the company. The same thing can be said with Facebook Logo. The main goal of this social networking site is to make a more connected and open world. People are using Facebook to remain updated on the life of their loved ones, even from afar. Knowing how this company introduced its statement into their logo will help you develop a logo that accurately represents your brand story and values.


Facebook Logo Brand Guide


Facebook Logo

If you plan to use the Facebook Logo as your inspiration, be sure to differentiate yourself from it. It will be difficult for you to make a mark in your industry if your logo is too similar to a company as familiar as Facebook. You should not simply modify the color or the typography; you want to be different.

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The Facebook Logo Element

 f logo

Facebook is a small website that started from the small room of a college student. Today, it is one of the giants in the social media market. It has a massive influence on the political and economic system on the global stage. Perhaps the company's history is one of the most exciting things about them. Here's a closer look at the different branding assets of Facebook and how their history is represented through their brand asset.


The F Logo


Probably the most prominent part of the branding campaign of Facebook would be its F logo. People can easily associate this with their company. Some companies will display this on their website or digital channels to inform everyone they can be found on Facebook. If you look at the lowercase font of the letter 'f,' it will remind you of the humble background of the company. It also tells everyone that it is a laid-back and casual business. It makes them appear more family-friendly and approachable. People are utilizing this social media platform to connect with others and for entertainment. The company has successfully accomplished that feat through that lower-cased letter in its Facebook logo.


Thumbs Up

 thumbs up

Another part of their branding would be their thumbs-up icon. The thumbs-up icon shows approval, encouragement, and acceptance. As you may know, the iconic thumbs-up logo has been replaced with the f logo. There are different reasons why this has been replaced by the company.


Cultural Confusion


Apart from the rebranding campaign of Facebook, there are also various reasons they choose to remove the thumbs up on their Facebook logo. As you all know, this simple gesture may carry different meanings among different cultures. While this is just a symbol of approval in the US, there are instances when it will have an inappropriate meaning. The users of Facebook come from at least 70 countries all over the world, and they must ensure that it will not cause any cultural confusion.


The Thumbs Up Logo and its Several Meanings


While the thumbs-up sign carries a positive meaning in most countries, especially in North America, there are places in West Africa where it is considered insulting. In Iran, this is equivalent to giving someone the middle finger. Based on the survey published at Bernd Wechner, aside from its core meaning of approval, it can also imply hitchhiking, sexual insult, directional, number one, etc. To avoid this confusion, the Facebook logo has been transformed into the lower case f.


The Font Style

 Facebook Logo

Another essential element of the Facebook logo is its font style. Most of the biggest brands today are based on an utterly simplistic layout and design. Simplicity has become one of the determining factors of an efficient and effective company logo. The logo of this social media giant, for instance, is straightforward but quite deceptive. In this example, a simple modification in the typeface could significantly improve. The logo of this social media giant is based upon the font style Klavika with slight modifications to ensure that it will be unique. This creates a modern and versatile appearance of the logo. While the logo seems unadorned, it still makes something powerful that features flexibility. The font style also considers people with some reading challenges, such as dyslexic individuals.


However, the font on their official site may vary. For those accessing this platform on their Windows PC, the Facebook Logo may have a Tahoma font style. For those with an iOs Operating system, the logo will have a Lucida Grande font style. Android users will see a Roboto typeface. All these typefaces belong under Sans Serifs, that does not have extra strokes and frills.


Facebook Logo Color

 Facebook Logo

Facebook's official colors include light and dark blue. These colors are symbolism of the company's competence and trustworthiness. The palette may have changed since 2019, but it still carries the core statement of the company. It also comes in grey, white, and black shades. Here are some possible psychological influences behind those colors.


·         Blue- This signifies loyalty and trust. It also has a calming effect that relaxes the person's soul. This will provide you with peace and will give you a sense of security and confidence. People who will be exposed to this color will try to avoid confrontation. This color also shies away from attention. It is honest, responsible, and reliable. You can guarantee that you will always count on this color to support you.


·         Grey- Grey pertains to balance and neutrality. The meaning can be derived from the fact that this is a combination of white and black shades. However, if this is not wisely used, it will create a negative psychological influence. For instance, this may generate a feeling of sadness and depression. If used alone, the Facebook logo may appear dull. Thankfully with the other combinations, it seems more appealing to the masses.


·         Black- Black is primarily seen in the retail industry. It symbolizes elegance, mystery, class, tradition, power, and sophistication. It can also evoke powerful emotions, so you have to be cautious in using this. The black shade in Facebook Logo helps to create a more discernible and readable logo.


·         White- This color relates to humility, innocence, cleanliness, goodness, class, and tradition. Remember that this is the typical impact of this color but may differ depending on personal experience and cultural significance. Since Facebook has been targeting people in more than 70 countries, they ensured this color would have a positive meaning. This color could pertain to death, coldness, and sterility in some countries. It is common for us to see this in the background of the Facebook Logo.


Logo Size

 Facebook Logo

The Facebook logo will significantly influence how the public perceives the company. It is essential for them to keep this logo looking crisp wherever or whenever they will use this. The standard size will be contingent upon the platform where Facebook is uploading this. It is better to have a vector file size of the logo that allows them to resize it without any issues. This is extremely important to guarantee that it will appear effectively in various mediums.


The Meta Logo


Meta is the parent company of Facebook, and it also comes with a refreshing logo. To most marketers and branding experts, this is simply the company's strategy to rebrand something plagued with controversy and crisis. The Meta logo reflects the developing challenges that this company needs to face. It is their efforts to ensure that their platform will continue to exist in the future of digital realms. Facebook Logo has been associated with the lowercase f logo for the longest time. The meta logo reflects the vision of the company to reach different platforms such as virtual reality.


This logo shows the company's statement to explore concepts involving perspective, dimensionality, and motion. The company is perhaps looking for a more immersive and dynamic logo. The symbol will help the audience feel excited about what the company offers. It showcases an infinity symbol. However, this has become a challenge to the company since other businesses have already been using this symbol. For instance, this is used by the web development program owned by Microsoft. Boomerang also has this infinite logo. This makes it difficult for the company to create something unique. Up to now, this social media giant is still known for its lowercase f logo.

 Facebook Logo

Infinity Facebook logo is not very unique. However, since the company has already positioned itself as a leader in the industry, it is easier for them to spread its brand awareness campaign. They are already in a privileged position and don't have to do much to ensure they will make a mark. Whether Facebook has a logo or not, it will still be remembered by its billions of active users. Over the recent years, more and more companies are going through a rebranding process to adapt to the fast-changing needs of digital platforms. They want to ensure that it will still appear compelling on multiple websites and channels.

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