Creating a Company Logo: Things to Remember

Business owners and marketers acknowledge the benefits of having a solid brand identity. It encourages people to become more familiar with the business and trust them. Trust will then boost conversion, which will eventually lead to brand loyalty. The branding campaign will start by creating a company logo. Without a compelling logo, it will be difficult for your target audience to remember you. Your branding campaign will be lost from the noises around them.


Things You Need to Consider When Creating a Company Logo


Sketching business logo

As opposed to what others may think that creating a company logo is just sketching a random icon that you can use for your marketing materials, there are actually so many things going on during the planning stage. It involves gathering a lot of information the designer can use during the logo development phase.

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How Do I Create a Logo for My Company?

 Creating a Company Logo

When creating a company logo, remember that this isn't about you, your bias, and your preference. It is about your company's representation and whether it will resonate with your target audience. As aforementioned, much effort should be invested in the planning stage. This involves gathering the information that you need.


Your Story- You want to ensure that this logo will reflect your brand's story. You want people to understand the statement you want to convey upon seeing it. Remember that your logo will be the first point of introduction for most of your prospects. Depending on how effectively you tell your story, you can either capture their interest or deliver the wrong impression.


  • Your Goal- What are you trying to accomplish with your logo? Do you want people to see you as a fun-loving, laid-back, and approachable business, or do you want to attract high-end customers? Are you using this to improve the company's bottom line or to advance your brand awareness campaign? These are just some things that need to be answered when creating a company logo.
  • Who Is Your Audience- You need to know a couple of things about your audience. Sometimes, even your color choice can alienate your target audience, especially if it has a negative cultural significance. 
  • Who Are Your Competitors- Being aware of the competition is also imperative when creating a company logo. You don't want to create something that will be too similar to them. Moreover, you want to know their existing branding campaign and find out what works or doesn't before starting your logo project.



How Can You Tell that You Have a Good Logo?

 Creating a Company Logo

There are four main characteristics of a good logo- it should be simple, memorable, scalable, and effective. Be sure to prioritize these four rules when creating a company logo.


  • Simplicity is always the first thing you need to consider. However, you don't want this to appear too simple that it will look dull. Do not be afraid to apply your creativity. When we say simple, you should not have any unnecessary elements since it will only make your logo design appear complicated. When choosing a color, limit your choice to 2-3 colors. Also, consider how the color will appear when you use it in your marketing material. When choosing a font style, avoid cursive as much as possible, especially if you want to appear classic and professional.
Sketching business logo
  • The memorability of your logo will also depend upon the simplicity of the logo. The simpler it is, the easier it is for the audience to retain information on the logo. As a business, you want your target audience to remember the logo after seeing it. Remember that you only have 2 seconds to deliver the statement of your company. People will often be exposed to several logos and marketing materials daily; you want to ensure you can cut through all that noise. With the decreasing attention span of people nowadays, you want something that can capture their interest, and they can remember.

  • In terms of scalability, you want to ensure that your logo will appear stellar regardless of the size. Remember that you will use the logo in different assets of your business. You will also use it in your various marketing materials. The visibility and readability of your logo should not be affected if you will shrink it to a size that will fit the business card. It should also appear high quality if you want to use it in your billboard ads. You will have to consider this when creating a company logo.

 Sketching business logo

How can you say that your logo is effective? Well, it needs to be able to help you accomplish your goal. For instance, if your goal is to help you develop a branding personality, it should help you deliver your company's statement, values, and mission. If you want this to increase your sales, you want to grab the attention of your prospects and remind them about the solution you can offer.


How Can I Create my Company Logo Online?

 Creating a Company Logo

You can use different tools when creating a company logo online. Some of them have their advantages, but also a couple of drawbacks. We have discussed the free options you can use before, so you might want to check that out. Regardless of how you will do it, consider the cost, accessibility, skills, and collection of your online design program.


  • Cost- When making a logo, you can choose from the paid and free options. The free options mostly come with limited creative freedom. They will offer you the premade template, and there's no guarantee that no one has used this template before. It will be difficult for you to achieve uniqueness. Also, the quality of the logo could be affected. The format where you can download the finished logo is restricted to a free option.
Sketching business logo
  • Accessibility- Make sure there will be no issue accessing the logo using any devices. It must be responsive and mobile-friendly. Remember that you can find your inspiration while on the road. If you can't take note of that, this can disappear from your mind. Also, you should be able to access the tools and design panels. Some online tools we've encountered will have limited options when using a different device. It is imperative to have an accessible program when creating a company logo.

  • Skills- Of course, you need to consider your skills when looking for a program that will aid you in developing your company logo. Otherwise, you will easily be overwhelmed and not use the program to its total capacity. Avoid using a design app with a complex interface. If you are a beginner, there are apps that will help you create a logo by answering their question. Nonetheless, you may still need to alter the elements to guarantee that your logo will stand out from the market.

  • Extensive Collection- There are free apps with a minimal selection of templates. Avoid them when creating a company logo. There are free apps with a massive collection, such as Canva or Wix. This also lowers the probability that your logo will appear too similar to another business. You want people to acknowledge your business after seeing your logo immediately. This will be possible if you have something unique and memorable.


How Do You Copyright a Logo?

 Creating a Company Logo

When creating a company logo, the ownership rights belong to the person who made the logo. Therefore, if you are hiring a design firm or a graphic designer, you want them to be clear about this. Otherwise, they can end up selling your creation to another business, defeating the purpose of standing out in the market. Here are some notes that you must keep in mind regarding copyright.


  • Copyright is different from trademark. Trademark involves the company's name, slogan, and assets to help others identify them in the marketplace. Copyright includes all creative works fixed into a material, platform, or other modes of expression. Copyright protects individuals against unlicensed copying of their materials, while the trademark focuses on a particular 'mark' that may lead to confusion among the public.

  • While the designer is the valid owner of the copyright, you want them to transfer this to you. Ownership can lead to several issues when creating a company logo. They should do nothing more than sign a written contract stating that they transfer all the copyright and ownership to you.
Sketching business logo
  • There are instances when your logo could be copied and distributed by other companies. You must prove that this person has copied your logo to receive compensation. Once this is done, you can file a legal action against the plagiarist. To avoid possible legal claims, treat a logo the same way that you will treat paintings of an artist or pictures of professional photographers.


These are some common things you must remember when creating a company logo. Some of you may think these are just too simple, but you will be surprised how many graphic designers will forget them. Designing a compelling logo that will attract the attention of your target customers will not be easy. However, with the proper planning, you can guarantee that you are taking the right step.

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