Amazon Logo: The Meaning Behind this Iconic Logo


Today, Amazon has gone a long way and is more than just an online shopping platform. It took advantage of the available technologies and the current studies, which helped them adapt to the fast-changing nature of the digital realm. From voice-activated drones, listing sites for service companies, and streaming sites to drones delivering packages, it seems that Amazon is not stopping from reaching greater heights. This article will discuss how the Amazon Logo significantly shaped the company's short yet illustrious history.


A Brief History of Amazon Logo


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It was in 1994 when Jeff Bezos established a company under the name Cadabra. After a year, Bezos decided to change the name to Amazon for better branding purposes. He realized back then that the original name is closely similar to the name cadaver, which has a negative meaning or psychological influence. During its first year, Amazon is only focused on selling books. Two months after its inception, Amazon has already sold books in around 45 countries and generated an average of $20,000/week. An online book shop has transformed into a massive eCommerce store that sells just about anything from A to Z; therefore, you will notice How A and Z are highlighted on the Amazon Logo.

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The Importance of the Amazon Logo

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Amazon has gone through some rebranding processes over the years and used a bunch of logos. The most current and familiar Amazon Logo depicts the company's statement that they are selling everything. The arrow below that creates an arc reminds people about the smile and satisfaction this company's customers will enjoy if they choose them as their go-to online shopping store.


A Brand Asset Guide

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The Amazon Logo was a result of a long and careful design process. Everything has been considered. Studying the branding asset of this company will help you understand how simple elements can help you define the company and deliver the correct statement. This will also be essential in developing a logo that is best for your business.


The Colors


We've discussed before how each color will have a psychological influence on the people who will see them. For instance, the black color on the Amazon Logo symbolizes dominance and power, but with a touch of elegance. The orange balances that color by invoking a sense of happiness and pride. The original statement of Amazon, when adding the smile on their logo, is to remind everyone that they are happy to deliver just about anything; that is why it has an orange hue. However, as time passed by, Amazon changed it by saying that Amazon has just about anything that a customer is planning to buy online.


The Slogan or Tagline

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The tagline on the Amazon logo makes it easier for the company to convey its statement. For instance, their slogan of being the most centered company in the world tells the customer that they have whatever it is that their customer is looking for, and they offer it at the most affordable price. Their vision also highlighted that fact. They also have a slogan that they often use in their corporate setting. Amazon is quite a creative and visionary company. The tagline on their Amazon logo reminds their people to continue to aspire and make things happen. Any company should have a slogan that will inspire its employees. They also have a tagline of 'Making History' that tells everyone about the fantastic value they offer to their employees. Many people are no longer aware that this company started from a bookstore. They were able to stick to its slogan by expanding into different products until it became one of the most renowned online stores.


The Arrow


The arrow is used to be an upside-down curve. The rebranding is an effort of the company to stay true to their company's mission and vision, to bring a smile to the face of all its customers. The arrow is bold and broad to make it appear like a wide smile. It also comes with a dimple at the end.


The Font

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According to design experts, the company's typeface on their Amazon logo is Officiana Sans bold. This belongs under sans serif style. Nonetheless, you will still notice that there are slight variations in this, especially when you look at the letter Z. This is an excellent choice for a company that wants to appear modern but at the same time elegant. It doesn't have too many strokes that ensure that it will appear legible and readable.


What is the Meaning of the Amazon Logo?

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Before we can understand the meaning of the Amazon Logo, we should first learn about the transition of its logo. The very first amazon log was developed by Turner Duckworth. The initial design was quite basic. It highlights the letter A with a swirl inside that looks like a river that will remind you of the Amazon River. This is an effort of the company to show their target customers that they are hoping to connect the different parts of the world. It is so simple that it works efficiently on various platforms, especially in the digital realm. Since Amazon is just a startup business, it has a wordmark below the log, which shows its audience the right website to visit if they want to check what they are selling online. Unfortunately, this logo did not last for too long. The company will go through a rebranding process.


The 1997 Logo


A few years after Amazon was launched, Duckworth decided to redo the Amazon Logo. This time, they made sure that it would look more refined. They removed the A letter with the Amazon river and retained the logo. They also added a tagline, "Earth's Biggest Bookstore"; not long after this, they introduced a variation of the logo with a light orange circle as a replacement for the O in Amazon. This is the very first attempt of the company to incorporate color in its logo design. The light orange shade represents the happiness that people will feel with their top-quality options and services.


The Changes to the Amazon Logo

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As opposed to some companies, it seems that Amazon has no qualms about going through a rebranding of its Amazon Logo. They have replaced it too often during the first few years after their establishment. It also helped that Jeff Bezos was very much involved, especially in approving the company logo. At this time, the light orange circle on the Amazon logo has been replaced with a unique orange curve below the company's name. If you look at the design of the curve, it will appear like the sun is about to shine. This also has the same psychological influence. Moreover, they chose to use lowercase on the logo, which made them look appealing to their target audience. However, it will still take a while before they go full throttle on their creativity when designing the logo.


The Familiar Smile

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The Amazon smile on their logo is probably the most familiar and recognizable in today's world. They decided to remove the .com on their wordmark logo in this form. This is only expected as they are starting to venture into different platforms and technology. The curve logo has been turned over and made it appear like a smile. They also use this in the form of an arrow that links the letter A and Z. With the underlying significance of the Amazon Logo; it has become one of the most iconic emblems today. The smile reminds everyone that their customers will have a fun time doing business with them. The arrow points from A to Z also mean that they offer everything you need.


How Popular is the Amazon Logo?

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It isn't difficult for the audience to become familiar with the Amazon Logo. This familiar emblem will greet those who have received a parcel from them. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, it will show every time you open the application. They are proud of their capacity to deliver smiles on the faces of their clients and customers. As discussed above, Amazon has also managed to build one of the most effective slogans around its logo. Their program, charitable institutions they support, and everything related to the company are represented by their logo.


Among the different company branding, you can study, the Amazon logo and its colorful history will help you develop something true and accurate to what your company represents. If you notice, they always made sure to take advantage of the different innovations and growth of the company when developing a logo. When compared to other giants such as Target and Walmart, Amazon is still a young company. Nonetheless, it was able to go head-to-head against its competitors by defining a brand accurately. It is exciting to see the plans of this company to solidify its branding in the future. They will continue to create a logo that will effectively spread brand awareness and improve their marketing strategy.

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