Adding Open Logo to Your Business

Signs and logos are not only limited to your company's branding. You can use your logo to help you attract more customers to enter your establishments. For instance, having a bright, welcoming, open logo on your door will draw the interest of your potential customers. It will be easier for them to spot that you are available for business, even from the other end of the street. Adding lights on your sign tells them you are ready to serve them and offer your solution.


What Are the Benefits of Having an Open Logo?



A plastic' open sign' that you will flip at the start of your business hours may no longer cut through the noises. Know that the average person will be exposed to different logos and signages throughout the day, and it will be challenging for you to make that mark. An LED open logo showcasing your business's branding could be the perfect answer for you. It also comes with a smartphone integration feature that makes it more exciting. Aside from advertising that your business is open, it also presents many advantages. Here are some of them.

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Brand Identity

 Open Logo

It draws the attention of people. Even passersby will be attracted to the sign the moment they notice it. It will be a practical way to generate foot traffic to your business. The bright and eye-catching design of your neon open sign will be an excellent addition to your business. It helps you become more visible in the eye of the public. If your establishment is in a darker alley, the light will attract the eyes of the consumers. This will give you the necessary boost if your rivals in this industry surround you. A custom-made open logo gives you the opportunity to integrate your branding element into it, such as your company logo.


Customer Recognition


It builds customer awareness. Putting the logo into your signs will help deliver the statement of your company to the right audience. Open signs have a long history of being used in the company's marketing strategy. It was customary to add this sign dung the 1950s. It encourages people to pay attention to the business. Today, the modern open logo helps your business to recognize your business.



 Open Logo

Most of today's open logos are cost-efficient. It is an efficient way to market your business. It fulfils the basic advertising needs of your business in the least expensive manner. Rather than opting for digital displays and enclosures, modern open signs have low related expenses. For instance, repairing them due to weather disturbance, vandalism, and other mishaps sometimes requires replacing the light. Choosing a neon open sign is also cheap. It is one of the most abundant elements, which makes them affordable. It does not have a filament; instead, it comes with a neon electrode that remains cool to the touch when used. It means that it also doesn't waste too much electricity.




Highly durable. Unlike the plastic open signs on your logo, it can last at least ten years as long as you use them appropriately. Neon bulbs do not need a lot of maintenance. Compared to the conventional that fails after a couple of months, this would be a better choice. It also creates a contrasting appearance that is sure to capture the public's attention.


Where to Put Your Open Logo?

 Open Logo

There are many things to consider when you plan to add your open logo to your business marketing materials. Perhaps one of those would be the location of your signage. Here, we will try to walk you through the different possible areas where you can introduce this.




This could be one of the most effective spots to place your open logo. It is an incredible way to reach out to people who can be interested in your business offering. If your business is not situated on a busy road or the business district, adding an open logo with arrow signs that point them to your establishment is an excellent way to promote your business. Be sure to place it along the road with high foot traffic. The grass and the sidewalk close to your business are other suitable locations. Be mindful of the kind of signage that you will use. It is better to choose something that is durable.



 Open Logo

An open logo introduced in your building is a suitable way to inform the people that you are available for business. It is an excellent way to capture the eye of pedestrians. It is also a practical way to help people locate your establishment. For maximum impact, try to add this signage above the window of your physical store. This makes the logo legible and highly visible.


Doors and Windows


This may be the more popular choice of most business establishments when introducing their open logo. You should not just limit yourself to an open sign that reflects your company's branding personality. It can also include some important information about your business. For instance, adding 24H on your signage can help the customers understand that you are offering emergency service. Some will even include their business hours on their logo. Signages are also a practical way to remind your customers about the rules of your business. For instance, adding 'No Pets Allowed' will remind them not to bring their pets. Note that while you want the information to be visible, you don't want it to dominate your signage. You still want your open logo to be the core symbol of the sign.




This is an unconventional way to add an open logo to your business. Nonetheless, after walking inside your business, most people will go straight to the reception desk, making it a logical place to add your signage. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of your business, you may not have a reception area. The customers easily recognize floor graphics, making it an effective promotional strategy. It is also an excellent method to ensure that consumers feel welcome. Consider adding the open logo at the back of your reception desk. By placing suitable promotional materials in your lobby, your branding will be successful.


Wayfinding Signs


Apart from your door, you should also consider adding open logo signs in the lobby. This is an excellent choice if your business is located in a multipurpose building with many establishments. Adding wayfinding signs will help the audience find you. Mounting direction must be placed at every entrance and junction. In this type of signage, you want to ensure maximum visibility. Therefore, try to introduce this to eye level. Some stores will add this to the ceiling to guarantee the highest level of visibility. Higher signages allow people to see the promotion from various angles.


Restroom Open Logo


If you have signage other than an open logo, you should consider placing it outside the restroom. This is another place receiving a high level of foot traffic. Place them at eye level. Wayfinding signs are also excellent to use in the bathrooms to direct them to your business establishment. Sings like these are necessary to promote your company.


How Should I Mount My Open Logo?


There are various ways to introduce these signs to your business. Here are some of them.


DIY Installation


With no experience and low technical skills, you will find that most open logo signage is easy to install. It requires little effort and skill, allowing you to mount it yourself without any issues. You can quickly move them, reposition them, and install them. Some examples of these are banner signages, which you simply hang. It comes with an eyelet where you insert a thread and put it on your door. Freestanding is mainly used outdoors. Coroplast can be installed using adhesives, and acrylic signages often come with double-sided tapes.


Professional Installation


Modern open logo signage today may come with a more technical feature. Therefore, you might need a professional to help introduce this to your physical store. For instance, some illuminated signs may require some electrical work. If it comes with aluminium panels, you may have to drill holes to mount the signage. Digital signage can also be tricky to install. Sometimes they come with a panel that could lead to problems if you wrongly install it.


Before introducing your open logo signage to your store, be sure that you are aware of the policies of the local authorities, especially if you are planning to install it outdoors. If you are placing this in your ceiling, ensure it is at least 84 inches above the ground. Else, somebody might bump into it. It would be best to place the indoor signs at eye level for maximum visibility. For outdoor signages, be sure that they will be free from obstacles. It also needs to be at an optimal height. If it is an ideal height, your audience should be able to see this from different angles.


Open logo signs can help you revolutionize the way you do and promote your business. It can help boost your foot traffic and sales. It also helps in streamlining some of your business functions.



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