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Business cards help fulfill the basic functionality related to the company's branding, marketing, and lead generation. It usually comes with a call to action that encourages the person to complete their desired action. If it is appropriately designed and comes with a fantastic business card logo design, you can definitely create a lasting positive impression. Your goal is to transform a stranger into a loyal customer. By creating a well-designed logo, your target customers will think that you are a professional and inspire them to work with you.


Tips on Your Business Card Logo Design


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Your business card will usually be about the size of the credit card that includes all the necessary information that will help the prospects understand who you are, what you do, and how to reach out to you. It is basically impossible for you to add all the information you need to this tiny card; therefore, your business card logo could help deliver your statement. Consequently, you need to pay close attention to the logo you will introduce in your business cards; you want to make sure that it stays clear and discernible despite the small size.


Business Card Component


Before we start enumerating the tips that you should remember when designing your business card, let us first be aware of the crucial components of your business card. The color scheme and the logo play an essential role in creating an effective business card. So, before you start reading this article, check our past guide on

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How Do I Put My Logo on My Business Card?

 Business Card Logo Design

If you are running any business, expect that you will soon be required to print your business cards. You need to ensure that your company logo will be added to it to help advance your brand awareness. There are different ways how you can introduce this. Here, we will discuss some of the most common options.



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This is the most common way to add your logo design to your business card. You will often see a logo on the upper left side of the card since people will often be drawn on that side. This increases the probability that they will notice the logo, which advances your company's brand awareness. It is a design method that is perfect for an array of situations. You will also notice how this is placed near the company name. This will then be followed by the contact person's name and their contact information below.


The Left Side

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Adding the logo on the left side is the updated version of the standard method. Instead of just taking a small space in the upper left corner, the whole left area of the business card will be reserved for the logo design. The right side will then include all the information such as the company name, title, the contact person, etc. Most of us will read from left to right, so it is expected that they will take notice of your logo first.




Business cards do not always have to be in a landscape mode. Try turning this vertically, and you can now place the logo on top of the card. This is one of the best ways to highlight the importance of your logo. What's good about this method is that it took lesser space rather than allotting the entire left space to it. You can reserve ¼ or 1/3 for the logo, and there will be enough space for the other information you must add to the business card.


At the Back


This is an unconventional method since not many people will immediately look at the back of your business cards. However, if you want your logo to have a large-scale display since you are afraid that the quality could be affected if you resize it, then this could be an ideal design solution for you. Try to add a subtle branding approach in front of the card. For instance, you can use colors closely associated with your business.


Why Does Your Logo Need to Be on Your Business Card?

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Perhaps you wonder if it is really necessary to add your logo design to your business card. You probably think that it only takes up space in your business card when there is more information that you can add. However, the importance that we will list here will convince you how it is essential to have this emblem in all your business assets, including the business card.


It Captures Attention


If you simply add information to your business card, it will look dull. People have a shorter attention span nowadays. Therefore, you only have a split second to deliver the statement of your company. You can't accomplish this by writing several information on your business card. The best way to do this is through your logo design. With a logo, you can capture the audience's interest and deliver the values, mission, and policies of the company. Be sure that you will take advantage of this short attention span and leave a positive first impression during that split second.


Create a Powerful Impression

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The logo is your first chance to introduce a potential customer to your business. If it is appropriately designed, you can guarantee that it will stimulate the public's interest. If not, then you are possibly alienating a possible business opportunity. Adding the logo design to your business card is a way to take ownership of this marketing paraphernalia.


It Serves as the Foundation of Your Branding Personality


Logo design helps you tell the story of your brand, which can influence the buying behavior of your target consumers. While it may be true that the logo is only a tiny portion of your branding campaign, it serves as the core where the whole narrative of your branding is built. The font, color, tones, and shapes, will relay the story while the logo serves as the entire novel. The logo will then be reflected in your different marketing materials, which helps you develop a marketable and solid brand identity.


It is Memorable

 Business Card Logo Design

Introducing the logo design in your company's business card will help your target audience remember you. The logo will serve as the mass transport system to lead the audience to your desired destination. This serves as proof of identification. It is the emblem that people can use to help them identify your brand. Your logo will be an aesthetically-pleasing element of your business card. It encourages people to associate you with something positive. If you simply add the company's name, study shows that people tend to forget it. The human brain can process images faster than text.


It Gives You a Unique Personality

 Business Card Logo Design

The goal of each company is to separate itself from the competition, and a unique logo will help them achieve that. Perhaps there are 50 cafes in your area, but you could be the only coffee shop that offers an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Therefore, a green logo with an earthy element added to your business card will help them understand the solution you are offering. Having a well-designed logo helps your target audience understand your brand's story. It also helps them know if you promote the same values and ethics.


It Encourages Loyalty

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Most consumers of today will choose consistency. As your company grows, it is also expected that your logo will become familiar to more audiences. This kind of familiarity will foster trustworthiness and loyalty. To speed up the process, adding the logo on your business card will ensure that potential customers will be exposed to the logo every time they will look at the business card.


Our Customers Expect it

 Business Card Logo Design

Your customer is expecting to see your logo design on the business card. Every time your audience attempts to interact with your brand, they expect to encounter this. It should always be added to all your marketing materials and paraphernalia. If you don't add the logo, you are missing that rare opportunity to imprint your branding in the mind of your potential customers.


Wrap Up!

 Business Card Logo Design

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to having a business card logo design. It is a crucial part of ensuring your business's success. Nonetheless, introducing this to your business card could be complex. You have to make sure that it will be apparent. If you are planning to hire a graphic designer to ensure that this will reflect your company's branding, find someone who has experience in your industry. Ask some of the essential questions to ensure that they will be a perfect fit for your business. Do not simply use their cost as your point of consideration. Look at their experience and expertise. Talk to their past customers and find out if they have a satisfying experience with these agencies.


Business cards are part of the company's marketing and branding strategy. Adding a logo here will give you a chance to connect with your audience and foster loyalty and familiarity. Exposing your audience to your business card logo design is the first step to direct them to your sales funnel. 

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