Tips to Ensure Your Graphic Design Company Logo Don't Suck


You are in the middle of designing a graphic design company logo; you probably thought that this was a simple task until you find out how complex the process is. At first, you may feel that it is just putting a shape, adding an icon, and your company name, and you have a logo. However, an emblem that doesn't even represent your company cannot be considered a logo. If you want to ensure that your logo will effectively boost your branding campaign, there's something more to this than meets the eye.


Essential Tips when Creating Your Graphic Design Company Logo


There are practically a million individuals who work in this industry. With the advent of online platforms, the competition just became tougher. A business owner in the West can contract the service of someone from the East without any issues. Nonetheless, there are still instances when people might commit mistakes no matter how experienced they are. Therefore, here are some tips to ensure that your logo for the graphic design company will be stellar.

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Understand What It Means


Logos are meant to tell the story of the brand. Therefore, they are more than just random sketches. Your logo is packed with several meanings; some are too apparent while others are obscure. We have already discussed this a couple of times in our past blog articles. The FedEx arrow between the E and X implies that they are a logistic company that likes moving things around. The story will serve as the designer's guide to ensure that it will reflect a graphic design company logo that resonates with the audience. You don't want to wait until the logo is finished, and you will think of a meaning that you can relate to it; that will appear inauthentic. Most clients will be looking for something fresh and cool. Sometimes, it will be difficult for you to convince them to follow your concept. However, if you present them with a logo representing their business, they will undoubtedly love it.


Knowing Passive and Active Logo

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It wasn't that too long when the passive and active logo concept was introduced in graphic design. Lately, more and more graphic designers are considering adding motion to their logo design. However, introducing a sense of activity in your logo will not always be appropriate. For instance, the Apple logo seems to be more effective when maintaining a passive stance. In some cases, this method can provide you with the boost that your branding needs. For instance, let's evaluate the logo of Twitter. In the first variation of the Twitter Logo, it appears that the bluebird is perching and resting. Then they rebranded it by making the bird look like it was taking flight. The latest transformation of the Twitter logo points the bluebird in an upward slanting direction, which shows that it is moving upward rather than just flying along the same trajectory.

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Providing the logo with a sense of movement will be extremely important, especially if your business comes with a mascot. For instance, instead of adding an image that lies still, sketching this like it is leaping or jumping out of the air will appear like the image is giving a victorious essence. The active logo is not only restricted to living beings (like birds, fish, etc.). It can also be used on inanimate things like a house. By adding crucial elements to the logo, you can make it appear like a lifeless object is showing a sense of movement. This should always be remembered when developing a graphic design company logo.


Make Use of the Spaces

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Some graphic designers may think that having negative spaces in your logo is detrimental to the company's branding. However, utilizing the space is a method used since the old times. If you are wise in using the spaces, your graphic design company logo will appear compelling. Let's take a look again at the logo of FedEx; the subtle use of negative space between E and X created an arrow symbol. Most people will not even notice this; it is an excellent example of the clever use of space. Moreover, it makes a clean background that reduces the noise. This will encourage people to focus more on the essential elements of the logo.


Symmetry and Proportion

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Some people will be too involved in the discussion related to this subject. However, let us filter all the noises, and there are still valuable things that we can learn and apply to our graphic designing company logo. For instance, if you look at the Apple logo, it will appear like it has violated all the rules regarding symmetry. However, once you evaluate it properly, you will eventually understand how the various concepts of proportion or symmetry have been applied.


Keep it Simple

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Not all graphic designers will be able to sketch a compelling hand-drawn logo instantly. Simply because you are hiring a professional logo designer, do not expect them to be an expert on the typeface, color matching, and visually-pleasing illustration. If you think you lack the ability, do not fret since there will always be ways for you to develop a good company logo. Always remember to keep things simple. For instance, look at the Nike logo design. It is so simple yet powerful in telling the audience that they are choosing the right one if they opt for this brand. Another good example would be the Apple Logo. The bitten part gives the logo a unique personality. It also grants a more profound meaning to the logo. Without the missing piece on the Apple logo, it will look dull and bland. Always think of how you can transform something boring into an exciting one.


Customize Your Graphic Design Company Logo

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One reason why you are developing a logo for your graphic design company is that you want your agency to be unique. You want to stand out from the competition and encourage your target audience to separate you from the rest of the designers in the industry. One way to give your logo that unique feel is through customized lettering. It is too familiar for us to see a typeface on the logo that has been completed simply by downloading a font style that already exists. If you are developing a logo for a client, they will expect you to put mor effort into the design. A customized typeface will guarantee that your logo will appear unique. You can anticipate that some designers with questionable ethics will copy your company logo, but it will take great skill to duplicate a purely customized font style. Once your brand has become popular, some people will rip this off. For instance, the Coca-Cola logo has been copied countless times.


Own the Logo


There is no such term as the word 'ownable'; However, we have heard about this term countless times in the marketing industry. This is one of the more crucial tips when designing a logo for a graphic design company. Rather than following the trend and using standard designs, work hard to develop a unique logo that people can easily recognize as yours. For instance, let's take a look at the Evernote logo that will appear like the head of an elephant. Some of you may think that this is not a very creative concept for a logo. However, the ear fold that makes it appear like a page of the book and the bent trunk create something that the company uniquely owns. When developing your logo, try to think if this element is unique or if it has become too generic. If it is too familiar, there's a chance that others will also produce something similar to your logo. Usually, the first concept that will cross your mind will be generic. Create a bunch of sketches until you create something different.


Stay Away from Cliché


If you evaluate the existing logo in your industry, you will often see something that is commonly utilized. While it is good to use this as an inspiration, avoid using this since it will be difficult for you to separate yourself from the other businesses. Also, avoid the latest trends. Around five years ago, the industry's trend was to create 3D logos; after the trend faded, companies who utilize this strategy had no choice but to go through a rebranding process. Some of the widely used styles in the graphic design company can get old quickly; therefore, try to use a logo that you've actually come up with yourself.

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Finally, you should also pay attention to the palette of your graphic design company logo. Color carries profound meaning and communicates the statement of the company. It is not just a superficial element that you added randomly to your design. Make sure that the color will help the element pop out. It must stimulate the emotion you want and encourage people to take action. Avoid overdoing it since you can create the opposite psychological influence if you are not wise in using colors.

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