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Shutterstock is an American company that provides editing tools, stock footage, stock photography, and stock music. Its main headquarter is located at the Empire State Building in New York City. It is a company established by a renowned photographer named Jon Oringer last 2003. Currently, the company manages more than 90 million images, illustrations, and royalty-free artworks. When it was first established, Shutterstock was a subscription site. By 2008, the company has expanded beyond its original business venture. Shutterstock can be an excellent platform for developing your mood board and finding inspiration for your logo design. In this article, we will try to answer some commonly asked questions about this.


Things You Need to Know About Shutterstock for Logos



Images play a crucial role in the world of business. The popularity of content marketing has increased the demand for quality imagery and illustrations that will support the business's content strategy. Images also played a crucial role in branding; this is why Shutterstock's popularity skyrocketed in the last few years.

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The Basic

 Shutterstock for Logos

Before you understand the whole process of Shutterstock, you will need to understand the basics of stock images. The website allows buyers to access a library of royalty-free images for their creative use. Instead of hiring an artist and a professional photographer that will cost a lot, you can look at the 90 million pictures stored on the website. Find the photo that will work perfectly on your project. Images are categorized as animals, food, destinations, and others, making it easy to look for your logo design inspiration.


Finding and Selecting a Photo


Upon learning that the site has a collection of more than 90 million images, you are probably wondering how on earth you can find that perfect photo. To search for a picture, you can organize your ideas based on their type, category, color, orientation, gender, ethnicity, and the number of people in the photo. The website also displays the latest images uploaded, the most popular, and the most relevant; unfortunately, those images may have been used by the other companies in their campaign. You may use them only as an inspiration but create something entirely different for your branding and logo design. When selecting an illustration or photo, make sure that it has the message you want to convey to your audience. To narrow down your choices, you need to pick the color that translates your entire message; for instance, if this is about nature, you can go for green; red is an excellent color for food, and blue exudes integrity.


Can a Brand Utilize an Exclusive Asset?

 Shutterstock for Logos

At least 55,000 images are being uploaded to this online platform daily, ensuring everyone has a steady source of fresh content. While some buyers will use the pictures in their original and unedited form, most creative professionals only use the photo as a part of a more extensive campaign. Shutterstock is also welcoming clients who want to guarantee exclusivity. The prices can depend on different factors. It is also determined by the willingness of the artist to sign a release or exclusively sell his work. This is extremely important when using the image for logo design.


These are just some of the things that make the company of Shutterstock. Their values and dedication to providing quality service are the overall meaning of the company. The collection of images here makes a great source of inspiration for your logo design project.


Where is Shutterstock Located


Shutterstock is a company that was founded in 2003 that is based in New York. Their old office was in lower Manhattan before they finally moved into their new office at the Empire State Building. Since the day of its inception, the company has managed to acquire several companies, such as Big Stock. Their growing business prompted them to move into a new New York headquarters that could accommodate their business needs. We think this might be interesting to know other than just focusing on using this platform for logo design.


A Quick Glimpse at Their Old Headquarters in Manhattan

 Shutterstock for Logos

Their old headquarters situated in lower Manhattan is quite cramped, which compels them to maximize the use of their space. It is typically filled with decorations and sticky notes accumulated since the company started in 2003. The employee's working space is cluttered chiefly due to the lack of space. The workers are sitting next to each other with no division. A center table stands in the middle of the workplace that is generally filled with mess. They have a pantry where the employee can brew their coffee. After years of working in this tiny space, the management has decided to move into a bigger headquarter at the Empire State Building.


A Tour Inside the Headquarters of Shutterstock

 Shutterstock for Logos

The new headquarter of Shutterstock has a total area of 85,000 sqft that is located in the Empire State Building. The company is so proud that its new office is located at this iconic structure. This is a decision made not only for prestige but also based on the data collected on their more than 300 employees. The data shows that they will be able to minimize the travel time of most of their employees. In addition, the size of the conference room is also determined based on the 50,000 hours of meetings conducted at their previous headquarters.

 Shutterstock for Logos

Furthermore, the company also ensures they will incorporate fun this time, not just a cramped pantry room. It comes with two game rooms that offer a whole range of delicacies, hand-selected furniture, and a secret library. It also has 24 screens that display inspirational and amazing images, social media feeds, real-time information, and data. The staircase that connects their office space to the café measures at 10-ft wide. It is a perfect place to meet new acquaintances and strengthen their employees' working relationships. It also has a yoga studio that aims to keep its employees healthy and engaged. Based on the study, keeping your employees engaged will motivate them in their work.


The new headquarters is designed to make the workers more efficient and engaged in their work. It is also intended to support the growing business of Shutterstock. Hopefully, this will allow them to serve the community better and give them a more extensive avenue to earn. As of late, the company has already amassed a total of 1.4 million active customers located in more than 50 countries and about 100,000 contributors. Therefore, there will be more images for us to use on our logo design project.


Shutterstock: How to Get Accepted

 Shutterstock for Logos

The online world opens an excellent opportunity for everyone to earn a steady income. Various companies prefer hiring freelancers rather than investing in an on-site team that is quite expensive to manage. There is no limit to how you can earn online from bookkeeping, customer service, content managing, logo designer, and others. For the seasoned photographers with existing images they are not using, you may want to consider submitting your photos and illustration to Shutterstock. It can also be a platform for graphic designers who want to share their logo designs.


Tips to Increase your Chance of Being Approved on Shutterstock


Photographers and creative individuals new in the realm of Shutterstock are unaware of the specific requirements of stock photography. The stock imagery can be used for a retailer or company's advertising or branding campaign. They can add this into their header or create a logo design. If you are a photographer who wants to join the growing network of Shutterstock, then you might want to avoid the old stuff that is no longer relevant. Here are some additional tips that can increase the likelihood of getting approved in this stock photography network.


See the Images from the Buyer's Perspective

Shutterstock for Logos 

People who join hastily without understanding the basics of stock sites will most probably be rejected. The system will prompt you to submit ten images, illustrations, photos, or artworks during your initial application. In case 7/10 images were approved by their team of curators, then you will be getting instant access to this domain. Do not rush; take your time and learn everything you can about the website and what the buyers want. You need to understand the various categories. If you submitted your illustration under a wrong category, they would reject your application.


Stay At the Safe Side


When choosing the ten images you plan to submit, try to select the ten sharp images without any sign of purple fringing, grain, or noise. This is not a time to experiment; submit the pictures that you think are safe. To ensure the quality of your photo, you need to view the image at its full size or 200%. Sometimes you believe a picture has a sharp quality, but small details like its eyes will appear hazy.


Editorial or Commercial


You need to ensure that the photo you submit carries an editorial or commercial value; this will increase the likelihood that the buyer will pay interest on them. Ask yourself if you want to see your photo in an advertising campaign or if it can be used for educational or news purposes. Your illustration will be licensed for various purposes, but you need to ensure that your images are desirable for commercial or editorial purposes.


Finally, never get discouraged if Shutterstock rejects you. Most of the contributors of Shutterstock have been dismissed during their first submission. You should continue learning and keep on improving. Keep on producing high-quality images and submit them.


Why is Shutterstock So Slow

 Shutterstock for Logos

In case you think that the approval process of Shutterstock is too slow, it does not always mean that there is a problem. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of patience, especially if you are a new contributor that is waiting for approval. Shutterstock is getting more than fifty thousand artwork and images daily, and it will not be that easy to approve that considerable amount of artwork. However, in case you have trouble accessing and downloading their site for quite a while, you should know what you need to do.


Shutterstock Downloading and Website Issue


Shutterstock is slow in its approval process since they want to verify every aspect of your submission. Sometimes it takes up to 3 weeks before you will receive a confirmation from them. However, in case your problem is about accessing the site, there are simple things that you can do. Here are some of them.


Clear Your Cookies and Cache

 Shutterstock for Logos

This is probably one of the simplest ways you can do in case you have a problem accessing any site. The issues in accessing the website are sometimes due to the files that are kept in your browser's temporary files. If you are using Firefox, click on the menu (the three lines), then go to history and click clear history. Make sure that you will specify the time range correctly. For Internet Explorer users, click on the gear logo, go to Safety and then clear your history folder. For Google Chrome, click on the three-dot in your browser's upper right corner. Go to More tools and then click clear browsing history.


Check If You Enable Your Cookies


The website of Shutterstock uses cookies, so make sure that the browser you use accepts cookies. Cookies are relatively harmless elements used to store essential data about their visitors.


Choose a Different Browser or Computer

 Shutterstock for Logos

If you have trouble accessing the website of Shutterstock on Internet Explorer, try using Google Chrome instead to check if the settings on the browser are prohibiting you from viewing the website. If the problem persists, try downloading the stock image using another computer.


If you managed to access the site on a different computer, it does not instantly mean that your system is broken. The issues can be caused by various problems such as blocked access. You may open your firewall settings to check if it is blocking your access from the domain and the subdomains of Shutterstock. You should also check your proxy settings and call your Internet Service Provider. Some ISPs are blocking access to a site containing many images.


In case none of the methods we mentioned above works and you still have a problem downloading or accessing the webpage, it is time to contact the customer support of Shutterstock. Make sure to prepare the essential information such as the error message, screenshot of the problem, operating system, and others to make the troubleshooting process fast and efficient.



What is Shutterstock Offset?


Offset is a relatively new site that Shutterstock creates. It is a site showcasing a collection of licensable images and photography. The site's primary purpose is to provide quality high-end and commercial pictures with a more straightforward and precise licensing process and terms. This site intends to provide their customers a whole level of experience beyond the experience that Shutterstock provides. The collection of images at Offset came from their contributors, mainly professional photographers, agencies, and publishers. Images uploaded on Shutterstock will not be found in Offset in the same way that Offset photos will not be seen on Shutterstock.


An Overview of Shutterstock Offset

 Shutterstock for Logos

You are probably wondering why Shutterstock is creating a new website when its function is relatively similar to the mother company. The photography and artworks found on Offset are unique. It specifically caters to people who need high-end and curated imagery. The approval process is also different when compared to Shutterstock. In fact, you will initially think that it has no relation to Shutterstock.


Compared to the approval process of Shutterstock, every single piece of the images that you can find in Offset is personally picked by their team of supervisors. The team is committed to finding unique illustrations and images with distinct qualities. They are particularly looking for images that tell a story. Images should also look natural and authentic. In addition, it should also be produced at the highest level of standard and value that exudes sophistication.


How to Contribute

 Shutterstock for Logos

The principal contributors of Offset are people who are deeply passionate and dedicated to their job. Most of them are professional illustrators and photographers. People who want to be contributors to the site should fill up the application form. However, the curators are strict on their selection, mostly done through invitation only. The people behind the selection process are a team with a profound background in illustration, artwork, and photography. They have experience working on world-class studios, major publishers, agencies, and brands. Some of them also have experience working with the top brass in photography.


If you want to be a contributor, you need to submit images produced using the highest quality standard. The images should be unique and authentic. It can be images about fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and much more. In case your application process has been approved, your illustration will be marketed all over the world. It is a chance for you to generate a steady amount of income.


The pricing system of Offset is transparent and straightforward. Files with low resolution will be licensed at $250, and those images that are more than 5MB or the high-resolution images will be licensed for $500. You will start generating income every time someone downloads your pictures. Copyright of your work will remain yours, just like the terms used in Shutterstock. They will provide the buyers the right to use it; they will never transfer the copyright of your content.


If you plan to use Shutterstock for logos project, the facts here could be essential for you.



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