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Brand awareness has played an integral role in the company's success. Marketers and business owners have long acknowledged this fact. Based on the most recent survey, 82% of the marketers include this in their most crucial goal. This is more critical than lead generation and sales, especially for startups. 70% of the marketers know that building their audience is more vital than closing the direct sales. This number shows how significant it is for a business to develop its brand personality or identity. Therefore, your service logo and product logo will matter here.


A Complete Guide to Service Logo and Product Logo



A company logo, whether a service logo or a product logo, will serve as the face of your company. It helps you reach out to your target customers. Most people will come across our logo before considering hiring us or purchasing our products. They use this to determine how authentic or credible the business is. However, the logo is not just limited to those purposes.


A good logo will help the audience understand the value it offers to them. A single glance at the product or service logo will help people know the company's values. Today, people will choose to do business with a company that shares the same mission, vision, interest, and values. If the logo is designed professionally and capable of delivering the right signals, you will attract the right audience.

 Product Logo

With the development in this industry, a logo is not restricted in developing the company branding. Most companies will have a core logo, but they will also have sub-logos or variations that help your service logo appear more suitable in particular materials or channels. Most businesses will develop and grow, and it is common for them to branch out and offer things that cater to the various needs of their audience. Therefore, it is not surprising for them to extend their service or come up with multiple products over the years. Each of them may have a particular identity and need a unique logo to represent them.

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What is a Service Logo?


A service logo is an image representing the entire company's activities and service offerings. It helps in creating that brand identity for the business. For instance, something with a hammer in the logo can easily be interpreted as a business offering carpentry or house renovation services. It is also showing the vision and values of the brand. Service logo has become so crucial for these businesses wince it helps develop that reliability and credibility. It also encourages a sense of familiarity that will eventually lead to loyalty. This logo will appear on almost all company marketing and branding materials.


For instance, when a service provider wants to establish a website, their design will borrow the font, color, and image on the service logo to ensure uniformity and consistency in their company branding. Consistency is quite essential in marketing and branding. This eliminates confusion and assures the audience that they are visiting the actual website of their service provider. The various elements of your logo must also be evident in your flyers, pamphlets, and brochures.


What is a Product Logo?

 Service Logo

Product Logo is developed mainly to represent the product. As opposed to the service logo, the company will focus on the feature and its benefits to the audience. All those elements need to be represented on the logo; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to capture the interest of your target audience. Once the business grows and evolves, it will offer different products that address the needs of its audience. For instance, let's consider sports apparel that will grow into an entity that provides sports equipment, fitness products, etc. While all of them may come from the same company, the company's original logo may not reflect those products. Therefore, it will not be surprising for them to have certain variations on the logo or product packaging.


The variation intends to differentiate the product and give it a more accurate brand identity. It is common for us to be exposed to hundreds of products and service logos daily. Some will be alienating, and others will appear familiar to us. Logos that may seem confusing to you will not drive sales to the business. You need to have your target audience in your mind when developing your brand identity. You want to guarantee that you will accurately deliver the statement to your desired audiences.


How Important are Product and Service Logos?

 Service Logo

The logo serves as the most powerful symbolism of the business. The reason is that it is found in almost all company assets. People will be drawn to the aesthetically-pleasing design and create an impression about the level or quality of the service or product. People also process images faster than text messages, making it a more effective branding asset. If a service logo captures the audience's attention with its outstanding design, it will easily be retained in their memory. The memorability of your logo makes it easier for the audience to trust you. For instance, people can easily recognize the logo of Nike for its simple swoosh symbol. When looking for a shoe brand, some people will actually find that symbol.


Why Does Product or Service Logo Fail?

 Service Logo

Several products or service logos have failed to deliver value to the audience. Having said that, you cannot really blame this symbol for the collapse of the business. There are so many things that are involved there. A good logo will be the backbone of your marketing and branding campaign. Without this, it will be difficult for you to advance your brand awareness. You will find it challenging to attract the right audience, build your lead list, convert the audience into paying customers, and close sales.


There are different qualities of a lousy service logo. Some may have too many colors that the audience will find overwhelming. The fonts are too cursive, which affects their readability and legibility. The image could be sending the audience mixed signals. It is rare for a logo with too many elements to succeed. This is since people will find it challenging to comprehend the company's statement. They will not understand the values that it can offer to them. Therefore, there is also a less likelihood that they will avail of their service or product.


The main goal of the company logo is to help build the company's reliability, professionalism, and credibility. The company logo ends with a message to a bigger audience, while the product logo relates to a more particular audience. When developing a company logo, the designer needs to make sure that it will not only represent the product but also needs to have the essence of the company.


How Do You Develop a Compelling Service Logo?

 Product Logo

The first thing you must do is to have an in-depth understanding of the business. Find out who their target market is. You need to know their buyer persona or ideal customer profile, including their financial, educational, and social background. You should also understand the company's mission and what they hope to attain in the coming years. All information you will gather will help you create the right choices in colors, font styles, shapes, icons, etc.


Monitor Your Competitors

 Product Logo

You should not just stop there. You also need to monitor the branding campaign of their competitors. You want to ensure that your service logo will stand out from the market. Remember that the primary function of the logo is to capture the people's attention. With all the distractions happening, you want to guarantee that you can cut through all those noises and make a mark. Avoid using cliché elements.


Company's Growth

 Product Logo

If you are planning to add a new service or product to your offerings, You have to ensure that the service logo will create a powerful impact among your audiences. Start by thinking about several ideas and creating sketches that will reflect the personality, values, and features of the service. If you are looking for professional help, you want to make sure that the graphic designer you are hiring offers several concepts at a price that you can easily afford.



 Service Logo

When developing a service logo or a product logo, consider all the marketing materials and platforms where you will use this. Depending on this, the appearance of your logo may appear differently. It should also appear suitable whether you need to enlarge or shrink the logo. There should be no issues with your logo's legibility and visibility.


A service logo and product logo help the audience understand the benefits you can offer to them. However, a company will have several services and products that it can provide to the audience. Therefore, expect that there may be several variations in their branding and packaging. It helps the company deliver the message and statement to the desired audience. This will be easier for the audience to understand if the company is suitable for providing the solution they need.

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