How to Design Printing Company Logo

As an owner of a printing company, you want your clients to have an impression that you are offering high-quality work. You want to grab people's attention, and you are committed to creating something unique, recognizable, and memorable. Think about it, if a business wants to employ the service of the printing business, you need to know how substandard work can affect your company's reputation and branding. Therefore, to encourage people to work with you, you need a printing company logo that will not only help you with your branding but will also showcase your skills and experience.


A Comprehensive Step in Developing Printing Company Logo


Understanding the basics of logo design would be the best way to start your printing company logo project. Whether you are offering your printing service to a broader audience or targeting a more particular niche, the process will stay the same. Some procedures have evolved, but the core remains.


Understand the Brand

 Printing Company Logo

You should never start the logo design process for your printing company until you understand everything about it. We've created a list of questions you should ask before making a logo, which may help you. Be sure to check that out. Here's a quick review of the questions you should ask to help you create a compelling logo that represents your business ideals and delivers your statement.


·         What Best Represents Your Printing Business- Do you focus more on printing shirts for your target audience, or are you more focused on printing promotional materials for businesses? Perhaps you are in the 3D printing business. Regardless of your business focus, it would be best to think about a particular symbol representing your company.


·         Is There Any Logo That Resonates to You- There are instances when you already have an idea of what the logo for your printing company should look like. However, it could be challenging to explain things to your designer for someone who lacks the knowledge and experience on logo design. The best way to do this is to look for an existing company logo. Be specific when telling why you think this logo will represent your business.



·         Who Are Your Target Audience- Before you even built your company, there's a chance that you have already developed an ideal customer profile. Be sure to present this to your designer to help them understand who your target audiences are. It will be easier for them to create something that your market will find relatable and relevant.


·         Who Are Your Competitors- Knowing who your rivals are is necessary to create something that will uniquely represent your business. Remember that one of your goals is to stand out in the market, and you won't be able to do that if you have a logo that is too similar.


·         What Color Will Suit Your Brand- We've mentioned before that a good logo will still appear excellent even without the color. Nonetheless, adding color will help you influence the behavior and personality of your audience.



 3d printing

After you have the answers to the questions above, you should start gathering information that you can use for your logo project. Remember that your logo is not only limited to your branding but also to the way that you will market your printing business to your potential customers. You don't want your promotional campaign to be a carbon copy of another company. You want to highlight your unique selling proposition using your logo. Apart from researching your market and competitors, you should also look for images that you can use for inspiration. This involves the creation of a mood board. Check this article on Construction Companies Logos Mood Board that will guide you. Be sure to add a couple of short notes in every image that you will include on the mood board to avoid miscommunication.



Brainstorming Ideas


Brainstorming could be risky if you don't know how to properly do this since you can end up being pulled in different directions. However, since you already have questions you have answered and gathered all the important information, this will serve as your guide. Always consider the different traits related to your printing brand during the meeting. It could also be an excellent opportunity to identify various things that you can use for your branding campaign, for instance, creating a mascot for your business. The minutes of the meeting will help you determine the things that you should look for and include in your printing company logo.


Sketching the Logo


Even in today's digital age, wherein all of us can access different tools and apps that will speed up the process, it is still best if you have a trusty sketchpad. Also, some designers will work well with pads and pencils during the consultation with the client. Sometimes it would be difficult for you to start something. Take a look at the ideas that you've already collected to give you inspiration, and start filling your sketchpad with different sketches. If you think there isn't enough here that you can work with, continue sketching. Be sure to give yourself enough time and don't pressure yourself. If you feel lost, you should always check the inspiration that you have for the printing brand. Whenever you think you've hit a wall, consult the mood board you've created for your printing company logo project.


Choose Sketches


You can't necessarily develop all these sketches into a logo. Talk to your client and choose a couple from those sketches with which you can actually work. For instance, since you are creating a printing company logo, you want to narrow your options to sketches related to particular concepts such as graphic design logo, production logo, or marketing logo. Try to choose around 2-3 sketches. Remember that logo design is an arduous task; you don't want to invest your efforts, energy, and time into something that will not represent the business. Evaluate your sketches and determine the logo that caught your interest. What are the elements in these sketches that resonate with you? How are these elements related to the printing brand? Will this be a perfect representation of the company?


Using Software

 Printing Company Logo

Now that you have chosen a sketch, it is time to develop this using your digital tool. You can use free tools, but they do not offer creative freedom. Most of them will produce basic logos that appear bland and too similar to the existing logo. It is best to look for a logo software for your printing company that will offer you the needed tools. We've enumerated some of the tools you can use for your custom business logo. Pick something based on your technical skills and knowledge. Also, pay attention to the output of the logo. Some tools will only allow you to download the rasterized version of the image, which can affect the quality of your logo. If you are a beginner, something like Adobe Illustrator may overwhelm you.


Choosing the Different Elements of Your Printing Company Logo

 color swatches

Your logo will be composed of various elements. Each of the components is not added randomly. There has been a careful thought and consideration that went through this. For instance, choosing the right color for your printing company logo should depend upon the concept of color psychology. Red pertains to power, passion, and love. Yellow relates to energy and happiness. Blue provides your business with a reliable and trustworthy appearance. Green has that healing and calming effect. Font style also has a psychological influence and can encourage people to do business with you.


Pay Attention to the Negative Space

 Printing Company Logo

Space is another critical attribute of your printing company logo. It reduces the noise and encourages people to focus only on the crucial part of the logo. When cleverly done, spaces help in advancing the branding of your company. The perfect example would be the freight logo of FedEx. If you observe, the space between E and X shows the image of the logo, which implies that they are a company that likes moving things around.


Receiving Feedback

 Printing Company Logo

Getting feedback is crucial in creating a logo that actually works, especially if you are running a printing company. Before presenting the logo to the client, show this to individuals who fit the Ideal Customer Profile of your client. Show this to them for at least two seconds and ask about the elements they remember and how this made them feel. You can also join design communities and ask for their review. Be sure to filter out the things that make sense and find out how you can apply this to your current logo. A tiny adjustment can help you create a compelling and versatile logo.


To create a printing company logo that fits your business, remember the steps that we mentioned above. Also, be aware of the current trend and changes in your industry. Know why these are getting popular and if there is a science behind this. Remember that the best logo for your business is something unique and memorable and will effectively deliver the statement of your company.

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