How Do I Design an S Logo?

Are you planning to emphasize your company's letter to develop a compelling logo? If you want to highlight your S Logo, you want to make sure that it will be distinct and eye-catching. You should also guarantee that it reflects your brand's story, vision, values, and mission. There's a lot to think about if you don't want your logo to appear too generic. You need to understand what it is with the logo that makes it memorable and effective.


What Are the Steps to Design an S Logo?


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We can all agree that this world is filled with logos, and we have to cut through that noise if we want to capture our audience's attention. What is it about those effective designs that help stimulate emotion or memory? If you are starting the design process, you want to make sure that it will leave a powerful impact on your customers and encourage them to see your brand positively.

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Look for Your Brand Story

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This should always be the first step when designing your S Logo. Most companies are created for profit. It would sound hypocritical if you did not start with this. To make lots of money, you will need to know how to sell your brand and your product to the consumers effectively. Most marketers will agree that consumers relate more to the stories of the company rather than to the product or service. Therefore, you should highlight the story of your S Logo. Before you imagine how your logo will appear, you need to ask yourself and be aware of the story behind the brand. Do not just focus on what your company is doing; it is better to explain to the consumers how and why you are doing this. What are the symbols, colors, and typeface that best describe it?



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After developing the story of your brand, the story will then have to be taken into the right setting. Think of the best word that describes your company. Now, go to Thesaurus and input that adjective. Think of at least three terms that best describe your company. If you can't find the right word, you can click the term that closely describes your company and dig deeper. Do not stop until you pick the top three words that accurately depict the brand. These words will be like pieces that will help you complete the puzzle. This is the best approach when designing your S Logo.


Sketching Ideas

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With your brand story and the adjectives to describe your brand, it is time for you to go to the old drawing board. Avoid using digital tools at this stage when developing your S Logo. It would be best to use a sketch board and your old trusty pencil. Try a couple of new concepts until they evolve into a logo that you can actually use. Understandably, there will be a time that no idea will cross your mind. It will be difficult for you to squeeze those creative juices. Nonetheless, just continue doodling, and there may come a symbol that you can transform into a logo. If you need inspiration, you can go out or browse the internet. Always bring your drawing tools with you. Here are some tips to remember when sketching your logo.

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·         Keeping it Simple- If you are going to enclose the S logo into a shape or form, it is best to keep things simple. If you can sketch everything in less than seven seconds, it will be easier for the audience to retain information about it. It would be best to avoid any generic and cliché shapes; therefore, you should not use clipart. Consumers can easily forget things like these. Try to be more creative; this will serve as your foundation for more creative output. The simpler it is, the more memorable and relatable it is for the audience.


·         Colors- At this stage colors can be your worst enemy and distract you from the real thing. You will need to include colors, but add this at the later stage of the design project. Avoid adding too many colors. For the S logo, it would be best to stick to colors. One core color and the supplementary.


Testing Phase

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After making a few logos, you can use for your S Logo, step back and look for at least three sketches that best describe the company. You should not think too much about this. You should always choose the sketch that keeps on calling your attention. Now it is time for you to show these to some people. Look at your buyer's person or Ideal Customer Profile. This will help you find the people who will help you determine if you have a good logo or if you need to scrap it. Look first at your family members and friends; there could be someone who fits this profile. These people will provide you with the most critical feedback to help your design. You can tell how these people will receive your brand. Ask them to be as honest as possible. If you receive some negative comments, make sure not to take things personally. This will lead you to the best possible design.


Refining the Sketch

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Depending upon the feedback from the buyer persona, it is time to weed the reviews that makes sense from baseless criticism. This is a crucial part of the process since this is the last step before digitizing the S Logo. To begin the refining process, look at the descriptive words you've listed above. Now try to look at your sketch. Ask yourself if this describes the current sketch. If not, ask yourself how to introduce the adjectives into this logo. Adding the trait will help you further develop your graphics.


Digitizing the Logo

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There are different methods that you can use to digitize the logo. You should consider your skills and proficiency when choosing your design tools. Remember that if you use the free tools, there may be not enough way for you to transform your sketch into a digital logo accurately. You can only use the premade templates and icons already added to the tools. It is best to use Adobe Illustrator, which will give you enough creative freedom. Understand that transforming your sketch will require plenty of technical skills. It is also easier to pay attention to the spacing and position of the S logo with Illustrator. Know that it is not necessary to keep a symmetrical logo. Nonetheless, you need to keep it aligned. Otherwise, a chaotic logo will not leave a positive impression on your audience. Remember that your goal here is to create something unique to help you stand out from the market. If your logo appears too similar, it will lead to confusion.


Choosing the Best Color

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This is probably one of the final steps in designing your S Logo. Picking the color that represents your brand will help stimulate the right emotion and influence the consumers. Remember the color of the background and the marketing material you will use. You should have a variation that you will use for a lighter or darker background. You should be aware of color psychology when choosing the right color. Red will be the best shade if you want to stimulate appetite and passion. Blue helps suppress the appetite and create a more professional and credible personality. If you are offering something organic, green is the right color. Try to look at the impact of these colors to choose the best one for you.


Choosing a Font


If you don't want to create a font from scratch, you should look for the right font style for your S logo. Sans Serif will be a good option if you want a more contemporary appearance. Serif might be an excellent choice for those who wish to appear elegant. The script is for those who want to appear traditional and classic.



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Not many marketers will pay attention to scalability, which is one of the biggest mistakes. You want a logo that you can enlarge or shrink but will not affect the quality. Make sure that each element of your logo will appear legible and readable. This may seem too much to take, but make sure to move at your own pace. Remember that you will use the logo for years, and it will serve as the backbone of your marketing and branding strategy. If you can't create something compelling, it will be difficult for you to have a profitable business.


If you are creating a wordmark logo and you want to highlight the S logo, there are so many things that you should think about. Go through all these elements, and you will end up with a compelling design. If you find it challenging to create something that represents your brand, do not hesitate to outsource this project. Some freelancers are willing to do this for you. Remember not to use the cost as the only factor to determine your solution provider.

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