How Bakery Names and Logos Influence Buying Behavior

Your bakery names and logos make up a large portion of your company's branding personality. Having an amazing brand personality will help you influence the customers' buying behavior. There are several books and guides out there that can help you understand how most of your target market will behave when online. It will also teach you about the factors that affect their behavior. Usually, it is associated with psychology mixed with a little bit of data analysis and statistics. However, even without that knowledge, good common sense can help you survive.


Defining Your Bakery Names and Logos


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The brand was initially used among cattle to identify their respective owner. Its purpose today remains closely similar. While we will no longer use a burning metal to engrave the mark on all your products, we will develop a solid brand identity to help customers identify that the products are yours. It also teaches the consumers what value they can derive from this and what these things mean to them. The bakery names and logos help the company convey the statement to the audience, encourage people to take their desired actions, and define the company's intention.


Name of Your Bakery Business

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Bakery names could come with a wordmark or the initial of the long and complex business name. When thinking of a company name for your business, you should always consider the personality of your target consumers. You want to ensure that this will be appealing to them. By doing so, you can guarantee that your business name will be more memorable and unique. It will be easier for you to stand out in the market. Choosing a name that is uniquely yours will be different. Nonetheless, it is not as impossible as most of us think.


The Design of the Logo


The logo is a visual asset of the company that will serve as the face of its marketing and branding strategy. Contrary to what most people think, Logo design is one of the most challenging parts of branding. Those who have a budget may choose to employ the service of a professional graphic designer. However, if you lack the funding and have a background in design, you can create a logo for your bakery at an affordable price. We've made a couple of logo design guides in this blog, so go check that out. Here are a few that you could find interesting.

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The Color Choices


It is not a requirement to add swatches of colors in your bakery names and logos, but it helps in making it more eye-catching and interesting. The color of your brand has everything to do with your company branding strategy. Colors have long been proven to stimulate mood and influence the personality and behavior of people. Remember the message you want to convey to the audience before picking your desired color. Each color will represent something. Let's have a quick review of the psychological influence of colors.


·         Red- Passion and excitement, but it can also stimulate anger and danger

·         Blue- Reliability, trustworthiness, and credibility

·         Yellow- Happiness, and warmth

·         Orange- Vibrance, and playfulness

·         Green- Growth, authenticity, nature

·         Purple- Mystery, spirituality, prestige

·         Pastels- Security and softness

·         White- Purity and youthfulness

·         Black- Elegance, and sophistication

·         Gold- Prestige, and exclusivity

·         Silver- Cold and modernity


The Images

 bread and coffee

The images you will introduce on your bakery names and logos also matter. If you have an idea of the image you want to portray and how you want the public to perceive you, choosing logos that will serve as your inspiration could be easy. For instance, a bakery business may want to choose a logo that stimulates the consumers' appetite. When branding your bakery, do you want people to relate you to a sweaty baker massaging the dough or a kid enjoying the taste of the warm bread?


The Tone


Part of branding your bakery business is also related to the tone or voice you will use. Depending on this, people may think of you as an approachable or a cold business. You can also choose a more playful voice or focus on developing a professional one. Always check your Ideal Customer profile or buyer persona when choosing the best tone for your business. You want your audience to find it relatable. For instance, if you target young adults or students, you may want to sound a little vibrant and playful. Those who are targeting professionals wish for a firm and resolute voice.


Values of Your Bakery Business

 Bakery Names and Logos

Another factor you should consider when developing your bakery names and logos would be the value you can offer to the consumers. The brand values help in attracting the right consumers. Based on the report, most customers will choose a company with the same value as them. Start by defining your values and ensure that this will be reflected in the various assets of your branding. For instance, if you are a bakery focusing on all-organic ingredients, be sure that your logo will represent this.


Defining Your Customers


This should actually be the first step of the process since this will serve as your guide in creating a brand personality. Your target consumers are the people who could be interested in what you are offering. You could be offering low-fat bread for those on a diet, artisan pastries for young ladies, or sweet treats for the kids. The narrower your ideal customer profile is, the better your branding will be.


Analyzing and Influencing the Buyer's Behavior

 Bakery Names and Logos

Various textbooks talk about the psychological influence of the logo in influencing your buyer's behavior. There are also technical skills such as algorithms that will help you appear on the first page of the search result. We've tried to compile all the tips that you can find useful.


Emotional Reaction

 Bakery Names and Logos

You should always remember that your bakery business is dealing with humans. This may seem too obvious, but many marketers will disregard this. Human emotion can be complex, and they can complete various actions based on how things can influence their emotions. Be sure that your bakery names and logos will show the emotional side of your branding. This method has worked among big players in the industry. Emotional responses encourage people to trigger certain actions.


Consider What You Are Showing Them

 Bakery Names and Logos

When choosing the image, not only on your logo but the images that you will use in your blog or the different sections of your website, you want to make sure that it is relevant to your branding. Moreover, you should place the images of your logo, packaging, and promotional assets close to your competitors and analyze if it helps you stand out.


Be Aware of What You Want to Say


When creating a slogan, tagline, or bakery name for your logos, you should be sensitive and sensible. You want to make sure that you communicate your statement appropriately to the consumers. Avoid sounding condescending since this will make you sound like a pushy salesperson. Choose to be more empathetic. Avoid saying like you are giving advice; instead, choose a more friendly voice. Consumers prefer a business who are on their side. The perfect mix of words and images will help you successfully influence the audience's buying behavior. Moreover, it will be easier for the audience to remember you if you create a statement that touches their emotional points.


Learn About the Factors that Will Make Others Remember Your Bakery

 Bakery Names and Logos

In today's advent of social media, where information can be consumed with just a touch of the finger, people's attention span is shrinking. Understand that you only have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of these people. Therefore, it will be more difficult for them to remember your business. By knowing the factors that will increase the memorability of your bakery, you can encourage impulse purchases. Choose a long-term approach when you want your customers to remember you.


Consequently, you should also understand the factors that make you forgettable. You should be able to take your audience to a place that encourages their imagination. For instance, it could be a forest where they are surrounded by tasty pastries. You want to prevent them from imagining things that the others are trying to show them. You want to pique their curiosity and encourage them to interact with your business.


Measuring Your Impact


Finally, you should also know the KPI that you should measure to gauge the success of the branding campaign of your bakery. Once you have developed bakery names and logos that are unique, memorable and encourage people to take action, you probably think that you are already in a safe place. However, that is not always the case; you will have to measure their performance and see if it provides the desired result. Some of the factors to monitor include your brand perception, brand salience, brand affinity, and brand influence.


Always remember that you are selling your products to human beings. Your consumers are emotional beings; they make their purchasing decisions according to what stimulates their feelings. Therefore, you need to create bakery names and logos that will be worth it for them.


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