FAQs on Trucking Business Logo

We aim to provide people with a more profound view of how logo design works. By answering some of the frequently asked questions on the trucking business logo, we hope that we could help shine a light on some of the perplexing matters associated with it. Professionals and non-designers will find the information here valuable to make it easier to navigate the intricate landscape of graphic design and branding.


Frequently Asked Questions on Trucking Business Logo


Freight companies logo

Before you proceed in reading this article, be sure to check out some of our articles on creating a logo for the trucking companies. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to choose the best solution for your logo design. Know that we cannot cover everything in this article, but we will try to go through some of the essential details.

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How Much Should You Charge for Your Logo Design?

 Freight companies logo

We've discussed before the average expenses that a business owner should expect when hiring a professional to design a logo. However, most professionals, freelancers, and novices in the industry find it challenging to determine the cost they should charge the client. If you search freelancing sites, you will see people offering their services as cheap as $5. However, you want to ensure that you don't fall into this same category. Most experienced freelancers understand how serious this project is and will charge starting at $300 and can increase up to $3000. Be sure that you know just how much work is involved in this process so you won't regret your decision later. There are instances that your client will request added materials such as the logo in various formats.


Why Shouldn't You Design a Logo for $5?

 Trucking Business Logo

You are probably wondering why most people can charge their service for $5 when there are so many things going on in this project. Do quick research online for a $5 trucking business logo, and the result could scare you. Several websites promise to deliver a company logo for this small amount at a faster turnaround time. Understand that you will get the same quality on the amount you've paid when choosing this option. Here are some things that you must expect.


·         You will likely be given one design with zero revision. It means that what you will receive will be the final output.

·         You will be offered a rasterized format. The quality may change when you resize the logo.

·         It will have a standard look.

·         Sometimes it could be overly done, especially if it was made using software and premade template.

·         No personalized touch.


How Should You Sell Logo Design to Client?

 Trucking Business Logo

When developing a trucking business logo, don't expect your client to accept your concept on a whim. It will take some time for them to acknowledge that this will be the ideal logo for them. Therefore, you should know how to sell your creation to these people. One facto that will make this a success would be your presentation skills. If possible, you should use a mockup generator to show the client how the logo will appear in different materials or marketing platforms. The presentation should also include all details you've added to the design. You should also provide the client with a style guide highlighting how they should use the logo. There are various ways to win the clients and convince them about your concept.


How Should I Copyright the Design?

 Trucking Business Logo

We understand how you value all your creations as a graphic logo designer. Therefore, you want to take the necessary measures to prevent the other designers from copying your work. Moreover, your clients will not appreciate it when they find out that the other company's logo is similar to theirs. The logo is a critical element of their branding process, and they want to ensure that they will have something unique. You can protect your creation from plagiarism and theft by applying for a copyright or trademark. For US residents, try to visit the copyright office and file a copyright application. You will have to pay a nominal fee to complete the process.


How Long Will It Usually Take to Complete the Logo?

 Trucking Business Logo

Apart from identifying how much you will charge the client, you should also know the ETA (estimated turnaround). Consider the possible challenges that you will meet along the way. Having years of experience in this business, you have probably identified the issues you could encounter while developing a trucking business logo. There will usually be patterns. For instance, in our case, it will take at least three weeks before we can come up with a potential logo that we can work with. The first two weeks will be reserved for research and gathering information, and the remaining week for looking for inspiration and sketching possible concepts. Nevertheless, there are instances when it will only take a couple of hours and situations when it will require you more than six months to develop a logo for the trucking company.


How Do You Know that You Have a Compelling Logo Design?

 Freight companies logo

You will know that you have a good log if it solves a particular problem. For instance, you could be looking for a solution to your branding problem; you want a logo that will represent the story of your trucking business. In a logo, the style, aesthetics, and techniques are only secondary. Remember that it should be designed to address your company's particular issue. In some cases, the meaning could be obscure. The more it is explained by the designer, the more thing you will discover from this.


How Many Logo Variations Must I Submit?


There is no definite answer to this question. Usually, it depends upon the clients. Your client will ask for several logo variations since they expect to use this in different channels and platforms. Usually, we will only present one variation to the client. This will then go through the evaluation process by the client to determine if this works for them or not. Clients will find it easier to compare two trucking business logos rather than to scrutinize multiple logo designs. If the two presented logo will not fit their trucking company, that's the time when we will work on something fresh and completely different. Usually, you will have to present a dozen logo options before the client finds something appropriate for them.


How Long Will It take to Learn Logo Design?

 Freight companies logo

Those who want to design their own trucking business logo or those who want to enter this industry might be wondering how long it will take to learn the necessary skills. Know that when you are developing a logo, you aim to solve the branding issue of the company. This will require skills and proficiency. However, more than your talents, this needs a great deal of experience. It is essential to learn the ropes, but try to build your portfolio while doing that. Other skills that could be related to logo design are color psychology, calligraphy, coding, branding, typography, etc.


How Do You Communicate with a Client?

 Freight companies logo

Before the start of the project, both of you will sit down to discuss crucial matters about the project. However, you will still have to keep your contact open during the design process. Your clients will prefer different modes of communication. Some of your clients will not mind receiving random text messages. However, others will have a busy schedule, so you must respect that. If you have an international client, you will have to pay attention to the time difference. You should also not be surprised if you can't get a hold of your client. You should already have a predetermined time and platform for your communication method during the first consultation process.


What Are the Things You Need?

 Trucking Business Logo

Before starting with your trucking business logo project, you should already know what you will need from your client. The more you understand the trucking company of your client, the better the result will be. Unfortunately, not all designers will have a list of what they need. Be sure that you will be more proactive when asking for the information required to complete the task. For instance, you will need the buyer persona or the ideal customer profile of the client. This will make it simpler for you to create a logo that will be relevant to your target audience. The existing branding style of the company will also be necessary to develop something related to it. Marketing reports and documents could also be useful to you. If they can't explain their preference, ask them to present you with something close to what they are looking for.


Remember that designing a compelling trucking business logo will require you to go through several processes. You will encounter an array of questions, but hopefully, we were able to shed light on some of them. If you are prepared to go through the process, feel free to browse our other articles that will help you choose a better solution for your design project.



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