Designing Car Business Logo

Developing a visual identity for your automotive brand requires excellent attention to detail and a whole new level of creativity. This is actually common to all types of logo design. However, for a car business logo, you may have to put in a little more effort to ensure that it will appear outstanding, memorable, and effective. Remember that your logo will serve as the core foundation of your marketing and branding logo. If this fails, expect that it won't be easy to advance the different aspects of your business.


How Do I Make a Car Business Logo?


Automotive dealership logo

If you are planning to enter a franchise dealership, the car business logo will encourage others to trust you immediately. You are, after all, marketing a renowned brand that has been providing the public with outstanding and high-quality cars for years. Moreover, franchise dealerships must follow the policies and work ethics of the car manufacturers. This is the power of the logo. Based on the study, a franchise dealership will take only 1-3 years before they can recoup their investment. However, for the independent dealership, it could take around 5-7 years.

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Start With a Research

 Automotive dealership logo

Like in any industry, developing a car business logo will start with research and gathering information. It would be impossible for you to create a brand visual identity without proper research. Both the owner of the business and the designer will be heavily involved in this process. Remember that you should give it your all; otherwise, it will be difficult for your designer to create something that represents your brand accurately. With this, there are a lot of opportunities for you to improve your design. You will have to understand a couple of things about your business, look at your competitors' marketing and branding efforts, and analyze the existing logo in your industry. Those who complete this process successfully will have an eye-catching, versatile, and memorable logo that accurately represents their car company.


Choosing The Logo Style

 Car Business Logo

What comes to your mind when you see the logo of BMW? Perhaps it is the wordmark BMW with a checkered icon inside the circle. These are what we call the logo style. This has been used effectively by several companies to attract the attention of their prospects. With the car business logo, you can see combination logos instead of just seeing a wordmark logo. At this point, you will have to think about your choices regarding your styles seriously. Make sure to choose something that represents your brand's values and statement. It should be clear and will not be a source of confusion.


Symbols and Icons

 Car Business Logo

Choosing the symbols or icons for your car business logo can have a powerful impact and deliver a solid message to your potential clients. When chosen wisely, you can easily blend all the elements and create something that genuinely represents your business. Abstract or organic shapes, symbols, and icons have become popular in the automotive industry. It has been effective in creating that positive first impression. If you notice, some of the most renowned car dealership logos will have emblems of fast animals such as horses, jaguars, and bulls. There are also emblems like shields and shapes such as circular and diagonal lines.

Automotive dealership logo

These are not just randomly included in the logo. Usually, these icons are the representation of power, speed, velocity, strength, and authority. Be sure to choose an icon to help influence your audience's perception. Icons have become an excellent choice in the automotive industry. For instance, if your dealership also offers spare parts and car service distribution, gears and wrenches could represent your business. However, this has already been a cliché, and it's best to avoid them. Create something different, for instance, something that shows speed, while adding a fire sign could subtly promote your brand. Waves and bubbles could be a good choice for a business that offers car wash services.


Palettes and Color Choices

 Automotive dealership logo

We've mentioned before how a compelling logo can still appear outstanding even in the absence of color. However, in the automotive industry, it is not only essential to create a powerful branding strategy but also to contribute to the engagement of your target audience. Some commonly used colors for car business logo include red, silver, black, and blue. Color has the capacity to influence people psychologically. For instance, the crimson palette of Mitsubishi suggests achievement and confidence. The silver shade of Mercedes Benz offers style and luxury. Colors will make your logo appear more desirable in the eye of your target audience. Choose contrasting or bright colors that will give your logo a unique look. Be careful not to overdo this since this will produce the opposite effect.


Looking for the Font

 Automotive dealership logo

There are multiple things to think about when choosing the typeface for your car business logo. A significant part of your brand identity's success will depend upon your logo's font style. You should also make sure that it complements the other elements of your icon. A serious technicality is involved in choosing the right font for your logo. Car dealerships and manufacturers will work hand-in-hand with the designers to guarantee that the font style will appear fantastic with other design elements. Know that your font style can't stand alone and has to go well with your icons, colors, and shapes. You might notice that most automotive dealership logos will have a bold and clean-cut typeface. Most companies will choose a Sans Serif style, but if you have a designer, it will be best to create a customized font style since it will be more difficult for others to replicate this.



 Automotive dealership logo

If you are like any other dealership, you also wish that your automotive company will grow in the future. Perhaps you imagine that you will have several branches in different states. Therefore, you need a car business logo that will grow together with your company. It has to be versatile, but you will have to ensure that it is still related to the automotive industry. Years ago, people were using 3D logos; however, that trend quickly faded, forcing most car companies to go through rebranding immediately. Now, the flat and hand-sketched logo is the latest trend. Your brand visual identity must highlight adaptability and must be easily used in different marketing and branding channels. You have to ensure that it will be appealing when used in merchandises such as promotional items, pamphlets, flyers, billboards, digital media, and print media.



 Automotive dealership logo

When developing your car business logo, you basically want the emblem to tell your brand story. You also want your audience to relate to the history of your company. Some of the most prominent players in the automotive industry made sure that their company's rich history would be reflected in their business logo. Business owners should find ways to include elements in their creation that will reflect their family or business culture. For instance, if you look at the Ferrari Logo, the horse represents the founder's birthplace. It also shows the year when the founder was spending his time in the military and various experiences before even building one of the biggest European car brands.


Which Car Company Logo is Best?

 Car Business Logo

When choosing a logo for your car business, most graphic designers nowadays will recommend a geometric logo. This gives your brand a more cutting-edge and contemporary design that accurately represents the auto industry. The geometric logo is basically defined as a trademark that includes a variety of lines and shapes. You can think of a regular shapes such as quadrilaterals, triangles, pentagons, etc. However, it comes with geometric lines or figures within the other shape. This is a minimalistic approach that provides your dealership with a professional look. This car business logo will provide your business with stability, which is essential in highlighting the reputation of the company.


Nonetheless, you should not carelessly jump into this latest trend since the fad has a tendency to come and go. You want it to look simple, making it easier for people to remember you. You also want it to be scalable. You want to ensure that it will remain compelling and remarkable in different sizes and formats.

 Car Business Logo

Designing a car business logo could come as a challenge even for those with years of graphic design experience. The process can be tricky, and it will overwhelm you. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will find it a little bit easier. We have enumerated some of the things that you will often find perplexing. Designing a logo in the automotive industry is more than just creating something that represents your brand. You want this to forge trust and loyalty. You also want it to promote your brand and advance the different facets of your business. If you plan to create one for your business today, you need to start now.


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