Design Landscaping Business Logo with Simple Graphic Elements

Creating a gorgeous landscape that will add value to your property is not an easy task. There's a comprehensive list of elements that you need to consider. It is a project that involves creativity and functionality. The output should perfectly reflect both the concept of the contractor and the homeowners. Developing a landscaping business logo has a lot of common things with the actual landscape project. While most of us will want a logo that reflects our business's true nature, there are so many elements that we should consider, and it is easy to get lost in the details.


How Do I Make a Landscaping Business Logo?


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Not all landscaping businesses will provide the same quality and kind of service. Some may be more proficient in dealing with mountain landscaping, while others are more experienced in flat landscaping. You need to be aware of your target market before you can start designing your landscape logo. The element that you must add to the logo must help people determine the specialty or solutions you can offer them. An accurate, precise, and easily-recognizable logo will help draw in your prospects. It also helps in preventing confusion about the services that the company could offer.

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Should I Keep My Logo Simple?

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When designing a landscaping business logo, it is always best to remain simple. Styles and trends will appear and disappear, but the recurring type is always the best. Here are some reasons why we recommend people always opt for simplicity.

  •  Simple Designs are Easier to Process- When developing a logo, you want to make sure that it will make an impact as soon as people encounter them. You want people to have a positive perception and impression of your brand. If the target audience finds it difficult to comprehend the elements included in your landscaping logo, you are losing a business opportunity. You missed the chance to create a good impression.

  • It Is Memorable- Another reason for choosing simplicity is that it is easier for people to retain information and details on a simple design. People can immediately recognize you from the sea of companies that they will encounter. Memorability has always been an important factor in logo design.
  • It Highlights Versatility- Your landscape logo will be used in various marketing and branding materials. Your target audience will see this in your business card, company website, and other promotional materials. With a simpler logo, it will be much easier for you to integrate them into different materials. You can change the background color and size, which will not affect its quality.


What Simple Graphic Elements Must be Added to My Landscape Logo?

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What are some of the essential elements that must be added to your simple landscaping business logo? The fundamental elements will include Tagline, Symbol or Icon, Font or Typeface, and Color. Depending on your chosen style, some of these elements will be optional. Nonetheless, combining all these elements presents the most effective branding solution. Know that you will have a plethora of options on these elements, and it is best to be aware of all of them. Let us go through all of them.


What Logo Type is Best for Your Landscaping Business?

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These are the few basic styles of logo that you could be considering for your landscape branding design. They will include:


  • Graphic Logo- These logos will include graphical elements such as an abstract, pictorial, and symbolic logo. This can highlight an image representing the company and its line of services. It has a symbol that defines the brand or indicates the spirit behind the brand.
  •   Lettermark- This is also referred to as a wordmark logo or, in some cases, a monogram. This is entirely typeface based and will not have any symbol.
  •  Mascot Logo- This will highlight a mascot on its logo, such as the Colonel Sanders of KFC.
  •  Combination Logo- These combines the element of Graphic, Lettermark, and/or Mascot Logo.

 Landscaping Business Logo

Usually, for the newer landscape business, experts will recommend a combination logo since it helps them support their branding campaign. This makes it easier for the company to establish its name and imprint a symbol that the audience can easily relate to the company. This enhances brand recognition. Later, once the company has become more authorized in this industry, it can choose to drop one of the elements. The landscaping business often relies on combination logos. Its versatility makes it an excellent option for companies who want to establish their authority in the field.


What are The Best Graphic Symbols for Landscaping Business?

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A simple landscaping symbol will not be complicated for you to find. Most of the companies in the home improvement market will utilize stylized graphics. Often, this will only have 1-2 colors. The symbol will often depend upon the kind of business that you are managing. Here are some of the most common options.


  • Tools- These are the kind of graphics that are great for all landscaping logos. For instance, adding a tool often used in landscape projects is a great way to highlight your service. Shovels, rakes, pruning shears, and lawn mowers are some excellent examples.
  •  House- Since landscaping is a part of home improvement projects, you should consider adding a home symbol to your logo. It is a simple and direct way to represent your company.
  •  Garden- For the landscaping business, a garden is a common symbol that can be found in their logo. However, it may also be used in property management companies.
  •  Home Design- If you are targeting a particular market, the design of the home can be used in your logo to illustrate the service of your company.


·         Other Symbols- We often recommend business owners always think out of the box when developing their logo. Rather than choosing a graphic element directly related to your company, choosing something stylistic can add uniqueness to your visual identity.


What is the Best Font Style to use on Your Landscape Logo?

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There are limitless options when designing the font of your landscaping business logo. You want to choose something that will represent your company's personality. You can create your font style from scratch, making your business unique. To make it easier, let us break down your options into four categories.

  • Display Fonts- This kind of typeface is defined by its boldness. This helps call the attention of the audience.
  • Script- This is viewed as something elegant, creative, and unique.
  • Sans Serif- This is considered something edgy, clean, conventional, and direct.
  • Serif- This is best used by traditional companies. It is also suitable for old-fashioned and professional businesses.


What Color is Best for Landscape Logos?

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When choosing the logo, consider how you want your logo to appear versatile and memorable. Most designers are aware of color psychology to understand how their desired color can influence their customers' minds. Here are some of the standard colors used in the landscaping business logo.


·         Orange- Orange belongs in the warmer color of the spectrum. It is a lively and welcoming shade suitable for family-oriented companies such as home renovation and restoration. This color can also encourage people to take the action you want them.


·         Blue- This color may be the most commonly used color in the business; therefore, it is also difficult to create something unique with this color. Blue is often seen as reliable, comfortable, and calming. People who want to appear trustworthy should use this color.


·         Green- For companies that offer services outside of the house, like landscaping, opt for this color.


·         Dark Red- If you want to motivate your customers, shades of red are a good choice. However, you should be careful in overusing this since this may overwhelm other people.


What Tagline is Used in Landscape Logo?

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Taglines are not always used in landscaping business logos. Nonetheless, it can be highly effective in advancing the company's branding campaign. It helps you deliver the statement clearly and prevent miscommunication. It is powerful in ensuring that the people understand the services and business solutions you offer. There is absolutely no rule saying that you should or shouldn't use a tagline. It actually depends upon your audience, brand personality, and business. If you are simply using a lousy slogan, it could be best not to use a tagline at all. One good thing about taglines is that you can adjust and change them anytime. It is an extra element that will help your business stand out.

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If you are looking for design ideas or inspiration for your landscaping business logo, start by building your mood board. There are also different online logo maker tools with premade templates that you can use as inspiration. You will simply have to add the name of your company and the industry where you belong, and it will automatically generate logos that you can use. However, it will be best to use this as inspiration. Invest in your logo since you will need to use it for years. A premade logo will not make you stand out in the market.

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