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Envato is a digital platform founded in 2006 that allows the authors to sell their creative assets such as 3D models, graphic content, web design, an audio file, and others. The community has more than 8 million members, where 1.5 million are active buyers and authors, and more than five million items are currently on sale. A few months after the company's inception, the company decided to branch out and increase its reach. Here, we will try to discuss different things about this including Envato Elements, Marketplace, logo, theme installation, etc.


What is Envato PTY LTD

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Envato PTY LTD is the mother network of various products and sites, including Envato Elements, Envato Sites, Envato Studio, and others.


Envato Tuts+

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Envato Tuts+ is a part of the extensive network of Envato. It is dedicated to helping its members learn online. They are committed to providing their members with access to knowledge and skills that will allow them to reach their full potential. It is an online community intended to offer tutorials and online courses. This is ideal for people who want to refresh their knowledge and also for people who wish to learn practical skills. It includes written tutorials and video explanations to help its members learn craft, game development, web design, photography, codes, logo design, and others that you can eventually sell at the Envato Marketplace.


Envato Marketplace

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Envato Marketplace is an online platform that allows creators to connect with buyers. It is a marketing platform where the authors can upload their digital creation and sell it to interested buyers. It will enable the buyers to connect and transact directly with the author. Guest buyers can also purchase digital items on this platform. However, you need to understand that you are only availing the rights to utilize the product. Legally speaking, you do not own the item.


Envato Studio

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Envato Studio is a community of elite digital talents such as web designers and code developers capable of handling complex types of projects such as video production and web development. This was previously known as Microlancer, catering only to a small group of web designers. In as little as 12 months, the community has amassed a massive community of buyers and talents, prompting them to change the name to Envato Studio.


Envato Sites


Envato Sites is a website that comes with hundreds of premade website layouts that you can use to design your webpage. You do not have to be an expert in coding to use it; the site works with a simple drag-and-drop feature. It helps you set up a professionally designed website in just a few minutes. You will get access to simple tools that allow you to update your site's content quickly. It is secured, fast, and highly responsive.


These are just some of the sites and products included in the vast network of Envato PTY LTD. It is practically designed to advance your online experience and give an avenue for digital content developers an opportunity to make money from their products.


Since Envato is all about design, you might want to check some of our articles about Logo Design.


What is Envato Marketplace?

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Envato Marketplace is a network of online marketplaces intended to help different people showcase their skills and creativity and earn money online. It is a platform where the members can buy or sell the licenses, allowing them to utilize digital products such as images, vectors, codes, logo design, software, graphic files, music, website themes, etc. When you are a member of the Envato Marketplace, you will have the ability to transact directly with the sellers or buyers. The transaction will then be logged to your member's account, which also records the payment initiated by the buyer.


How Does The Buying System Works on Envato Marketplace?

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When purchasing an item at Envato, you are only purchasing the license to use the item legally; you are not buying the item. The use of items is subjected to explicit terms. There are different kinds of licenses available on the platform; you need to determine your goal to get the ideal license for your needs.


The author of the item is in total control over whether to support the item or not. If the author supports a particular item, it will be shown on their official page. Supported items also come with a definite 'support period.' To enjoy the benefits of the supported product, you need to be a member of the site; otherwise, you will not be able to access the support if you purchase the product as a guest.


Apart from the access to the platform, the buyers will also receive extra services from the Envato marketplace, such as their 24-7 customer support, quality control, fraud protection, and other beneficial services for the buyers.


Becoming an Author on Envato Marketplace

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Have you ever wished that you would be able to make money from the digital products that you created? Envato is connecting you with a large community of buyers who might be interested in your digital product. However, you need to make sure that you understand their system before you become their author.


Basically, Envato will not own the items that the authors post. All items posted or uploaded on the platform under the author's discretion are owned by the author. The online platform will not guarantee the legality, safety, and quality of the items the buyer purchased. The authors are also responsible for obtaining property or model release if the buyers require it.


The buyers and the authors are also obliged to follow the rules and policy of Envato. Refusing to accept their terms will prevent you from accessing their platform since their terms must bind you. When you sign up for an account, you need to guarantee that you provide updated, accurate, factual information. The owner of the account will be responsible for the activity that is made under his username. After successfully signing up, the Envato marketplace will give you a digital content author to earn a sizeable income online.


Which Font Is Used In Envato Logo?

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If you are looking for the right font used in creating the Envato logo, there are varying answers on this one. Some say it is Agenda Italic; others say it is Dosis. Fortunately, there are different tools online that we can use to accurately identify the font used by analyzing the strokes of the font. Upon uploading the image of Envato, we found out that it has 30 matches. However, we will limit this post to the font that has a striking similarity to the font used on the Envato Logo.   Here are some of the fonts that have an undeniable resemblance to the font style of the Envato Logo.


Vedo Book Italic


Vedo is a Latin word that means 'I see.' In case you look at the font style used in Envato, Vedo Book Italic is quite similar. However, the stroke of the 'e' letter is relatively different. In addition, the font of the Envato Logo is somehow thicker. The 'a' letter also has a broad stroke compared to the company's logo.


Stone Humanist

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The Stone Humanist is the result of the integrated design of the font San Serifs that has been practiced since the 1920s. The most famous examples of the serified forms would be the Gill Sans of Eric Gill and the London Underground by Edward Johnston. Stone Humanist is a part of this tradition. It is a well-thought blend of classical serified forms and san serifs. Stone Humanist Std and Stone Humanist Pro (both semi-bold italic) would be the closest match to the Envato Logo.




The Agenda font style is a stylish substitute for the classic Swiss Sans Serif. It is available in an impressive 54 fonts, but the closest to the Envato logo would be the Agenda Condensed Semibold Italic. Initially, this family of font was designed in 1993 for the Font Bureau. Apart from the condensed type, it is also available in ultra-condensed, extra-condensed, bold & black, semi-bold, medium, regular, light, and thin versions.


Segoe TV

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This font is initially developed for the TV screen of MSNTV to enhance the legibility of the screens. It is an elegant and beautiful font style primarily used in the different marketing campaigns for Microsoft. It comes in a light, semi-bold, and condensed variation, but the most similar font to the Envato logo would be the condensed, semi-bold italic. It's a type of font that is quite rare, and you won't be able to download the real deal from the regular font website. It is the perfect alternative to the Helvetica font style.


These are just some font styles that are strikingly similar to the Envato logo. You may also want to check Dosis and Maax. If you don't want to spend your entire day determining the right font used in creating the logo, you can also use the Vector and PSD version of the logo to make your life easier.


Envato: How to Install Theme

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Website owners and bloggers prefer to use the WordPress theme; it can be easily integrated and comes with features that can grow your business. Additionally, most developers are choosing the premium themes found at ThemeForest since it is a reputable platform with some of the most notable creators. However, if you bought a particular theme at ThemeForest and have no idea how to install it on WordPress, this guide is created for you.


Step By Step Guide on How to Install Theme


Before we go through the installation process, ensure you already have the downloaded theme. The downloaded theme should be in the .zip format. The first thing you need to do is to extract the file. The content of the .zip would be the file you will upload in WordPress. If you do not have the file, log in to your account in ThemeForest and proceed to your Download Page, then choose 'Installable WordPress File.'


Step #1: Ensure That Your WordPress Is Updated

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Before you install your theme, you must ensure that your WordPress is updated. Installing a powerful theme on an outdated WordPress platform can create issues. The latest version of WordPress comes with various functions that ensure the theme is wholly coded and optimized. Running an updated WordPress will also guarantee that your site is completely protected from different threats.


Step #2: Installing Via FTP or WordPress


After ensuring that your WordPress platform is up-to-date, it is time to proceed with the installation process. There are different methods on how you can accomplish this task. You can do this through FTP or WordPress. If you plan to do this through WordPress, it is pretty simple to install your theme.


Installing Through WordPress

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·         Log in to your account and proceed to the Theme page under the Appearance tools.


·         Click Add New and Upload your New Theme


·         The system will direct you to your folder and choose the zipped file you purchased from ThemeForest.


·         WordPress will automatically unpack and install this theme. Simply click 'activate' to start your theme.


Another way to do it is through FTP. You first need to sign in to your site through FTP and locate the folder where the unpacked file is located. Make sure that you will only upload the theme to your server. Proceed to the Theme page and then click activate.


You should also set up the Envato plug-in on your WordPress. The toolkit should be automatically added to your list of tools. Access this tool and sign in to your Envato Elements account. After this, you can now save the setting of your toolkit. When you successfully sign up, the system will display your purchases at the ThemeForest. This will allow you to update your theme directly on your WordPress Dashboard. It is a relatively easy way to install and update your WordPress Theme.






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