Complete Guide to Mark Logo?

We all know that there are several types of logos to choose from, and the combination mark logo could be one of the most widely used types. Perhaps you want the word mark logo that will help you highlight the name of your business and encourage people to remember it. Others choose to have a symbol since our brain can process an image faster. However, it is also not impossible to combine both. As long as you pay attention and avoid common mistakes, you can achieve your desired result.


The Different Types of Mark Logo



While most mark logos you will see are combinations of images, shapes, and typography, each of them will have a particular influence and feel on the brand logo. Know that your prospect's first point of introduction to your company would be your company logo. If you need to choose a particular type of logo, here are some of your options.

Before that, check these additional guidelines about logo making.

Lettermark or Monogram


Monograms or Letter Mark Logo are those that are composed of letters. Usually, they will only include the initial of the brand like HBO, CNN, etc. This would be a perfect choice among companies with long and complex names. For a startup business with lengthy terms, it would be impossible for you to create solid brand awareness. People will find it challenging to remember their names. Therefore a shortened abbreviated version of their business name would be a better option. This kind of logo focuses on simplicity. Often, this will highlight 2-3 letters of the company, which streamlines the brand. Ask yourself what is easier for you to remember, Hewlett Packard or HP? Since the focus of this logo is on the initial, choosing the font style would be crucial. You need to guarantee that it is not only aligned to what your business offers, and you should also ensure that it is legible and readable in different materials.



 What is a Mark Logo

Just like the lettermark, the word mark logo is a logo that is based on fonts. This highlights the complete name of the business. Some of the most renowned are Coca-Cola, VISA, Google, etc. This will be effective among companies with a very unique or distinct name. People can easily recognize them and the services or solutions they offer in a single glance. The name will often be catchy, and people can quickly retain the name in their minds. Combining the name with strong typography will help develop brand awareness and recognition. The typography is also a crucial decision that you will have to make here. You should choose something that accurately captures the essence of your business.


When to Use Wordmark or Letter Mark Logo


  • Letter mark logo must be used on companies with long and complex names. By shrinking the business's name to a couple of letters, it will be easier for the consumers to remember your name.
  • Wordmark is an excellent choice if you have a new business and want to make sure that the name of your business will reach your prospects. Avoid making the design too cluttered.


Pictorial Mark Logo


A pictorial Mark or also known as the Brand mark logo, is a graphic or an icon-based logo. It is often the thing that will cross your mind when you think of the word logo. It is the bluebird of Twitter, the bullseye icon of Target, the swoosh of Nike, etc. It is an emblem that helps the public recognize the brand. This is a good choice for businesses with already established brand awareness and recognition. When opting for this, the most crucial decision you will have to make is the core image you will use. Always remember that this image will appear on everything associated with your company for years. You want to ensure that this will positively affect the appearance of your business.


Abstract Mark

 What is a Mark Logo

Abstract mark logo is another kind of logo based on graphic images. However, instead of using an image that people can recognize, such as the bird or the apple, the company opt for something abstract. For instance, the stripes logo of Adidas. This logo will condense your branding statement and personality into a single image, making them so effective. It helps you develop something unique that will truly represent your brand. This improves the likelihood that you will stand out from the market since you are not relying on something easily recognizable in the industry. Moreover, you will not be worried about the cultural implication since this is an abstract image. You can improve the effectiveness of the image through your chosen forms and colors.




This is another mark logo that will include a character. For instance, the Colonel of KFC and Mr Peanut of Planters. This is the most appropriate choice if you want to leave a wholesome and fun vibe to your audience. Most sports teams and the club will have a mascot on their logo. It is also perfect for sporting events. It encourages people to be more involved.


When Is It Best to Use This?


  • A pictorial mark logo can be complicated to use. This will only be effective if you have already established a solid brand. You should use this graphical representation to convey the company's statement and what and why you offer your solution.
  • Abstract mark will also work best for a business if you think that there is no literal translation to your business.
  • For those businesses who are anticipating growth and changes to the structure of their business may not do well with a pictorial mark. For instance, you could be thinking of using a pizza in your logo, but what happens if you choose to offer something else, such as burgers and fries?
  • A mascot will be a good option if you want to appeal to families or kids.


Combination Mark Logo

 What is a Mark Logo

A combination mark logo is basically the combination of different types of logos. The picture mark and the letter mark can be stacked together or placed side by side. Some of the popular combination marks are Burger King, Lacoste, etc. It is a more versatile choice that helps in reinforcing your branding campaign. As people become more familiar with your business, you can use the letter mark or the picture mark, and people can quickly associate this with your business.



 What is a Mark Logo

The emblem basically includes the typography inside the image. Think of Starbucks or different companies in the automotive industry, such as Harley Davidson. It highlights the class and tradition of your company, but at the same time, it also gives you that modern appeal. Details highly matter when creating this mark logo. Unfortunately, the detail will also cause a problem with the logo's versatility. If you shrink it to something that you can use on the business card, some of the details could disappear. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these; otherwise, this could affect the company's branding. It is always better to avoid making an overly complicated logo.


Mistakes that You Should Avoid


Just because you are picking the type of mark logo suitable for your company does not mean it will be effective. Pay attention to some common mistakes that graphic designers will often commit when developing a logo.


Choosing Symbol that Will Not Represent You

 What is a Mark Logo

Most of your mark logo will have text and images; choosing an element that will not represent your business will lead to a problem in your branding. Remember that your customers will need to know what you are offering or who you are in a single glance. Let's look at the British oil company BP; its logo will have a green shade and a symbol that appears like leaves. Some people will think they are an eco-friendly company when it is the contrary.


Inadequate Size


Versatility is another important aspect of the mark logo. You have to ensure that the logo will appear compelling regardless of size. Make sure that the space between the elements is well-thought of. You should also ensure that the core symbol of the logo will remain the focal point. You should also ensure that the text's size will be enough to ensure readability and legibility. The font should be readable. Avoid choosing a font style with so many strokes.


Using the Logo Improperly


Last time, we discussed the brand usage guideline of the mark logo. Unfortunately, not all graphic designers will offer you this. The guideline will serve as the company's reference on how to use or not to use the logo to ensure that it will remain aligned with the branding identity of the business. It will include the number of colors you can use, the possible variations, etc.


Aside from knowing the different types of mark logo, you should also be aware of the common mistakes that graphic designers often commit. This will help you prevent the common pitfalls and guarantee that your branding will be effective. Remember that you will use this logo for years, and you don't want this to represent you wrongly. Stay tuned for more logo design guides here at Croonicle.




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