Analysis of Make-a-Wish Logo

Make-A-Wish is an organization that aims to transform lives by granting the wish of children with severe illnesses. We know that when children are battling a severe disease, so much is taken away from them. It could be exhausting to their weak body and emotionally draining. Granting them their wish will give them the chance to look outside their situation, even if it is only for a brief period. It gives them hope and something to look forward to. The Make-a-Wish Logo reflects all those values and missions.


What Does the Make-a-Wish Logo Mean


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The combination logo of Make-A-Wish highlights a wordmark logo and a swirl with a star. You will see this in all print and digital applications of the organization. According to them, the three main elements of the logo should never be altered since it represents the vision of their community. Here are some of the possible meanings that can be associated with their Make-a-Wish logo.


·         Be a Game Changer- The star and the swirl appear like a star that we believe grants wishes. They aim to grant wishes to change people's lives. It also encourages people to do the same and be creative.


·         Wishes- The wishes they grant will impact not only the kids' lives but also the lives of people surrounding them, including the community, the donor, volunteers, and medical professionals.


·         Optimism- For people whose lives are touched by this organization, they will finally see a sliver of optimism. Perhaps they have been going through this unfortunate incident for so long that they have already forgotten what it's like to see the positive things in everything. The Make-a-Wish Logo aims to create a statement that is positive and brings hope to the people that encounter it.


·         Changing the Odds- Make-A-Wish hopes that granting the children the wish can improve their chances of battling the illness. It helps them get over their limitations and overcome the anxieties that are making their condition worse. It encourages them to see hope in their situation.

Make-a-Wish Logo

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What Font is the Make-a-Wish Logo?

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There are two possible typefaces that can resemble the wordmark of the Typeface logo. Nonetheless, we think that this is a logo especially designed for the organization. The uniqueness of the typeface helps them become unique, and it is easier for people to recognize them.


·         Lato- This font style belongs in the Sans Serif family, which means that they provide your logo with a more contemporary look. Since Make-A-Wish offers a creative solution, this powerfully works in their favor. This was developed by a designer based in Warsaw. Lato is translated as Summer. According to the designer, when developing the font, he tried to create a balance between the different conflicting elements. He wants something that will appear visible when used in body text but also display the same trait of a large font. If you want a font that creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, Lato could be a good option for you.


·         Droid Serif- Another possible font style used on the Make-a-Wish Logo would be Droid Serif. This is a typeface that is mainly used for comfortable reading. It is condensed typography that maximizes the use of the space on the logo. It is also commonly used for headlines and any story that wants to capture the audience's interest. It offers an outstanding level of screen legibility, allowing others to consume the content and the statement that the logo is trying to convey without any issue.


What Color is the Make-a-Wish Logo?

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The primary color of the brand is blue. You will notice this present in all of their marketing and communication platforms. There are also supporting colors on their logo that are mostly bright, which helps improve the readability of the Make-a-Wish logo. They are basically using this as their secondary accent that aims to complement their core color. To help you understand their choice of blue, let us enumerate the different psychological influences of this color. Understand that different shades of blue may have other impacts.


·         Peace- Blue has always been associated with the concept of peace and calmness. It is the color that is natural-occurring in nature. It also belongs on the cooler side of the spectrum, which makes it non-aggressive. This color encourages tranquility, order, and rationality. Even the color of the ocean that reflects the sky gives us this soothing feeling.

 Make-a-Wish Logo

·         Promotes Trust- Another possible psychological influence of the blue color is its ability to improve the organization's credibility and professionalism. The relaxing effect of this color helps people focus and enhance their productivity. When it comes to profession, you will often see law enforcers in different parts of the world wearing this shade.


·         Confidence- Most people often see blue as the color of composure. It encourages others to focus on the organization's strengths rather than looking for weaknesses. You believe in yourself and others and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.


·         Honesty- Blue can also influence others to think that an organization is trustworthy and reliable. They are people who can guarantee that they will be handling their responsibility without any issues. They remain true to the things they cherish and are faithful to their values.

 Make-a-Wish Logo

·         Good Listener- This color can make other people think that the organization is a good listener. It helps others to create a connection with them and dismantle all their inhibitions. The encouragement and support provided to others are also best represented with blue.


Icons and Symbols


Another noticeable element on the Make-a-Wish Logo would be the symbols of swirls and the star. The star is a symbol that can be found in different mediums. It will appear consistent regardless of the channels or platforms used; there is no other type of star that can be used to replace it. The swirl is used to add movement to the star. The swirl made it appear like a falling star, often believed to grant the wishes of people who will see them. Here's a closer look at these icons.


  • Stars- The stars are generally linked with the aspirations and inspirations of people. This symbolizes the dream of individuals. It is also a sign of faith or hope. These are the qualities that best represent Make-A-Wish. There may be variations in this meaning when it comes to other cultures, but it is also linked with the organization. For instance, in China, the star symbolizes protection and guidance.
  • Swirls- Generally, swirls will mean poor direction. It can also be linked with restlessness. However, since it creates a sense of uniformed motion in the Make a Wish Logo, it helps highlight the star symbol.


Other Elements Found in the Make-A-Wish Logo

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Aside from the three crucial components, you will find in the Make-a-Wish Logo, it also includes other elements that not many of us will immediately notice. While others may think these are insignificant, it actually helps in the overall vibe of the logo and allows the organization to communicate its mission and vision through its trademark.


·         The Size and Spacing- Companies will be using their logo in a variety of channels and environments. Depending on this, the legibility and readability of the logo could be affected. As an organization, you will have to ensure that the space is reserved for the different components of the logo. In the Make a Wish, you will notice how there is a clear space on both ends of the logo. There is also a noticeable space on the top and bottom. This aims to protect the legibility of the logo.

 Make-a-Wish Logo

·         The Placement- Another element that will guarantee the highest level of readability would be the placement of the logo. There may be certain variations that could only be used in a particular background. For instance, if you are adding this on a material with a lighter backdrop, be sure to choose the proper variation.


·         The Curves- When using it on some marketing materials, the logo of Make-A-Wish will have a curve to enhance the visual interest. This is an excellent method to adhere to the spacing rule of the logo. The curves could show the core color of the logo or the supplementary secondary color.


Make-a-Wish is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and their family that is going through a challenging period. They aim to transform their lives by granting the wishes of these kids. With that, they hope that they will improve the motivation of these kids to fight and endure. These qualities are well reflected in their Make-a-Wish Logo. The designer has done a thorough consideration and research to ensure that the logo will reflect the mission and the vision of the organization. The elements are also so simple that it helps people retain the details and understand the message the company needs to convey.


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