A Complete Small Business Logo Design Guide

All of us will have our preferences on what a perfect small business logo design will appear like. New trends will come every year; some of them will stay while most of them will disappear. If you are wondering how to design a logo, know that developing this will take skill and experience. You may have to use a variety of elements to help you deliver your company statement. To ensure that your company's emblem effectively fulfills its goal, we have created a comprehensive guide for you.


Things to Remember on Your Small Business Logo Design


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Starting a logo design project for your small business can be daunting. There are a lot of things that you must think of. You will soon find out that your initial thought about this project is totally wrong. Each element is crucial, and you will need to be wise when combining them. Since we are feeling a little generous, we will share some things that you must keep in mind.

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Start with the Basic Work

 Small Business Logo Design

Perhaps one of the exciting things about being a graphic designer is that you have something new and interesting to learn in each project. Each of your clients will be different and have unique business needs. Therefore, expect that you will be doing this project differently. The logo design will have to start with some of the most demanding essential work. Make an effort to get to know your client and their business or product. By understanding the things they want and their target audience, you will be able to propose a possible design that matches their needs. It will also be easier for you to get approval from your client.

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Be sure that you will understand why the business exists, why they offer the solution, how they do their business, and what their business is all about. Identify what makes them unique from the other brand in the same industry. What are the things they value the most, and who are they targeting? Some questions may seem too direct, but their answers will be necessary to help you with the logo design project for their small business. Sometimes, you may think that the answer is too easy, but you will be shocked at how many business owners have no profound knowledge of their business.


Try to Use a Drawing Pad

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There are several digital apps and tools that you can use today. Some of us may think of immediately starting our project on our desktop. However, for those who want to avoid the glares of the bright screen, a sketchbook will be an excellent choice. Furthermore, using a sketchpad will be more accessible and give you much freedom in design. You have more chances to explore your creative flair. For instance, if you woke up in the middle of the night and your dreams gave you a source of inspiration, you can immediately grab your sketchpad and create a rough draft of this.


It is also easier for you to place the shape where you want them with sketching. You are also not limited to the standard forms; you are free to create an abstract or organic shape that you think will represent the business. It is a better way to draw random symbols that will help you explain your creation better. The logo design for the small business will be much cleaner and more organized since there are no typeface, color, and any unnecessary elements that add to the distraction.


Start with a Black and White Logo

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We've mentioned that color is an essential part of your logo design. It helps stimulate your audience's emotions and encourages them to complete an action. However, when you are just starting with your design, it would be best to stick to the black and white color. A well-designed logo will remain powerful even in the absence of colors. Moreover, adding color at the start of the project can only distract you. Consider leaving the color at the late stage of the design. Remember that it is easy to change the color if your client requests it. If you have a poor logo concept, you will not be able to repair this by adding even the most exciting color. Think of your logo's overall form and idea before introducing the palette.


The Logo Design Should Appropriately Represent the Business

 Small Business Logo Design

Your logo design for the small business should always be associated with the business's values, mission, and ideas. For instance, if the company caters to the needs of the high-end client, be sure that it will be classy, elegant, and professional. Perhaps the pink color may not help you deliver the message to the right target customers unless you want to reach out to young, chic, and female audience. Perhaps you are already aware of this, but appropriateness is more than just a superficial factor. Remember that the more appropriate your logo is, the easier it will be to sell this to your audience and receive approval. Remember that the graphic designer is not just there to design the branding and marketing asset of the business; they also need to sell their concept to their client.


Ensure that It Is Memorable

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People can easily recall an excellent logo design for small businesses. It makes it easier for the customers to recognize your brand. It will remain in the mind of your target audience. However, this is easier said than done. It would be relatively complex for you to convey the statement of your business using a simple logo. Nonetheless, keeping it simple is necessary to ensure that it will be memorable. An overly-complicated design includes so many elements that it will be difficult for the audience to retain the information. Remember that your logo needs to be focused on a particular aspect, such as the specific story of your brand. This will help you avoid creating a logo with a complicated form. You will have to make sure that it will work perfectly on different channels and platforms, regardless of its size.


Stay Unique

 Small Business Logo Design

When developing a business logo design for a small company, your goal is to remain unique. It would be difficult for you to stand out in a crowded market if your logo is similar to your competitors. Researching and evaluating the symbols used by the different rivals in the industry is necessary to understand what works and what doesn't. However, you should always strive to be different. For instance, if most companies are using a particular typeface, symbol, or palette, treat this as an opportunity to set your logo apart from the rest. Rather than having them blend in on the sea of similar logos, making them different will be an ideal solution to advance your branding awareness.


With so many similarities in the industry today, it will be difficult for you to fulfill your job as a designer. Things can be more complicated depending on the desire of your client. Sometimes, it won't be easy to convince your client to stay away from the current trend. To make it easier for you, showing them your portfolio and how creative you are with your concept can help them overcome their doubts.


The Brand Identity

 Small Business Logo Design

We don't usually see the logo as a stand-alone branding and marketing asset. It will often be found in different channels and paraphernalia such as on our website, business cards, pamphlets, app icon, promotional items, etc. When presenting your creation to the client, it is best to demonstrate how the logo will appear when your target customers encounter it. Also, don't be too literal when showcasing the solution you are offering to the people. The abstract and the logo with a more profound sense will often be more enduring.


Getting Second Opinion

 Small Business Logo Design

You should never undermine the power of receiving a second opinion. There's a chance that you will miss something when evaluating your logo design for a small business. It is too easy for you to miss some cultural misunderstandings and inconsistencies that will make the company appear destructive in the eye of others. Social crisis can also be caused by unintended words and shapes that have other meanings to a group or organization. Always take your sweet time to show your creation to other people and ask for their opinion regarding this.


Never be afraid to accept criticism when asking for feedback on your small business logo design. In today's age, almost everyone has their voice and is willing to share their opinion even though you don't ask for it. In the industry of graphic design, criticism can help you prepare for a possible rebranding. As we mentioned above, branding is more than just your logo. Nonetheless, it is the first thing people will encounter when being introduced to your business on different platforms. If it appears poorly done, people will think you are not serious about running your company. It will be less likely for them to do business with you. It is easier to encourage them to form a positive impression of your brand and lead them to your sales funnel with a professional logo.


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