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WeWork offers a space for freelancers and traditional employees that promotes a flexible and healthy working environment that suits your individual needs. WeWork has established its presence in different locations across the globe. It is a co-working space, established last 2008, and based on the latest reports, they are now found in 38 countries and more than 700 locations. It took them about 14 years to establish themselves as the go-to solution for companies that needs a more versatile solution for their people. We Work logo plays a crucial role in helping them advance their brand personality. Let us take a closer look at how a simple wordmark logo became one of the most effective logos in the market today.


We Work Logo Review


If you notice, the logo design of We Work features a simple Garamond Serial bold typeface and a black and white color. There's a simpler version of their logo with the 'we' text enclosed in a circle shape. Some may think that there's not enough creative juice invested in this logo. However, let us analyze its various components and see if that is really the case.



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One practical feature of the We Work Logo is its simplicity. Before, we often mentioned that you should strive to create a simple yet exciting logo to make it memorable. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your target market, and it will not be wise to add any unnecessary elements that will just complicate the design. Making a complex logo will add to the noises in your audience's environment and confuse them. WeWork presents a straightforward approach in its design. They aim to deliver the message of their company using the basic elements.


Admit this, once you see the logo of we work, the first thing that will come to your mind would be co-working space. You may find this quite surprising considering that they are not the oldest company in this industry. With its excellent marketing and branding skills, it has become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the market. This is why we often remind you to keep things simple. If you look at some of the most successful logos in the market today, they ensured that their point would be delivered to the audience using simple elements.


The Typeface


We work logo uses a Garamond Serial font style, giving it a sophisticated yet bold appearance. If you look at the workspaces offered by WeWork, they are mostly elegant but still with the essence of the traditional workspace. Before, we mentioned that typefaces that belong in the serif font give a professional and classic appearance. This reflects the people that work behind WeWork. It encourages people to trust them. You should also observe the repetition of both the 'w' letter. You will notice how they are precisely the same with lines at the top, creating a sense of connection. Repetition in logo design makes it easier for people to remember the logo. So, while most people will think that the design is too basic, it is actually designed cleverly.


The Color


As we mentioned before in our past articles, a logo will remain powerful even with only a black and white shade; this is the case with the we work logo. However. Did they just decide to omit the color during the design? I don't think so. The black may sometimes appear overwhelming, such as in the case of Polo Black of Ralph Lauren, but it sometimes works so well. On the other hand, the white may appear dull, but it creates a sense of balance in the logo. Here's a close look at these colors.


·         Black- The black in we work logo was used purposefully. Usually, black resonates more with the male audience, but it evokes a sense of professionalism and seriousness since this is tastefully done and with a white to balance its effect. There is also a sense of death that conveys a certain touch of mystery.


·         White- The white helps the logo to look clean and organized. It creates a sense of openness that encourage the flow of creative energy.

 We Work Logo


·         Combination of White and Black Shade- Although white and black are known as visually and culturally opposite, they do not compete with each other; instead, it promotes a sense of unison. It develops a sense of completeness, especially when used in branding and marketing campaigns. It is a perfect incident of when two opposite meet each other; they create a more powerful effect than what they can do individually.


·         Using as Accent Color- When using these two shades to highlight the logo, it creates a vacuum that draws people's attention. If you notice closely, we work logo appears like it's popping out. While black and white are often used in logo design, it is relatively easy for other people, even graphic designers, to overlook their purpose. Why do they use black and white? Simply due to its psychological impact.



The Shape of We Work Logo


We work has different variations in their logo design. They have this 'we' wordmark enclosed in a circle. The circle will not have angles and sharp edges compared to other geometric patterns. Ovals, rings, and ellipses are some of the most commonly used shapes in logo design. This is because it grants the logo with softness and subtleness, making it appear welcoming in the eye of the audience. The circle relates to protection and unity, which is something offered by WeWork. Their workspace provides people with protection for their mental and emotional health while promoting camaraderie. It encourages people to do business with the company since they send a message of completeness and make them more inviting.


WeWork Branding Strategy

 We Work Logo

As mentioned above, wework is not the biggest nor the first to offer this type of service. However, their branding strategy's power is not determined but what they do but by how they do it. Usually, when a business is leasing out office spaces in a more expensive city, it is relatively normal for the company to maximize the use of space, making the place appear cramped and chaotic. WeWork managed to do the opposite thing. They mainly invested in delivering amenities and shared spaces. They are in partnership with industry experts, designers, and architects to maintain the welcoming ambiance of their office space and rent it to different groups. The we work logo sends a message that they target different people, from freelancers to big businesses. Their innovativeness leads to more than 90% occupancy rates in major cities worldwide.


The Message of WeWork

 We Work Logo

The success of WeWork is primarily because they understand the demanding needs of millennial babies. They ensure that each of the spaces will be remodeled under the watchful eyes of their architect. The people behind this company know that the pursuit of excellence and satisfaction is endless. The design of their spaces is closer to a high-end store rather than the traditional office space. However, the variation they created also affected their consistency, leading to a hazier identity. Fortunately, with the we work logo, they were able to solve this issue.


If you visit their social media profile, there are also contrasting slogan and catchphrases that contributes to the confusion. Most are random motivational quotes. However, some taglines highlight the solution they offer. For instance, introducing 'alternative' work solutions to the public. It tells people that it is necessary to create a life and not just survive. It also promotes a sense of community, telling people that it is always better to work together. All these qualities are represented through the logo of we work, as we discussed above.


Growth of WeWork

We Work Logo 

Another part of the branding success of WeWork is clearly shown in its ability to adapt and grow. Their actions show how aggressive they are. Last 2017, they managed at least 200,000 members, and it immediately swelled to 2 million in recent years. The company's goal is to boost its members to more than 20 million in the coming years. Nonetheless, some experts questioned the capacity of this company to maintain the welcoming, calm, and relaxed ambiance of their workspace if the numbers continue to increase. Nevertheless, the WeWork we know today still offers the convenience that we are all looking for in an ideal office space. Offering different events such as networking, gym class, and happy hours all helps in developing a close-knit community.


We work logo has helped tremendously in delivering the brand story, vision, and values of the company. It may appear too simple, but in reality, a lot of planning and consideration happened in its development. The graphic designer of this logo clearly understands the purpose of the logo and how it will help advance the brand identity of the business. The combination of typeface, shape, and color was brilliantly done, leading to a log that evokes a sense of professionalism, creativity, safety, friendliness, and convenience.


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