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We've talked about how different colors will convey unique energy vibrations that affect the customers' emotions, personalities, and purchasing decisions. Now, we will discuss the various geometrical shapes you will include in your travel agency logo

Shapes can tell a range of things about your business. It affects public perception and communicates the prime purpose of your business. Understanding how geometrical forms can help you convey the message to the audience will be necessary for making a compelling business logo.


How Important are Travel Agency Logo Shapes?


Travel Agency Logo

If you observe some famous logos today, you will notice how most of them will have shapes and forms. There was a period when most of them had rounded features, while in the 90s, the rectangular shapes were more prevalent. 

Shapes carry a psychological meaning that will help improve your travel agency logo design. Through shapes, we can foster loyalty and increase our business sales.


Meaning of Different Travel Logo Shapes


Red can make you feel threatened, green has that calming effect, and blue encourages trust. While most of us are aware of the color's impact, especially those in the marketing and branding team, not many are familiar with the effect of shapes. 

Experts mentioned how the correct geometrical pattern can make your brand more noticeable. We will start clarifying this matter in this article.


Round and Circular Shapes


Company with a circular shape in their logo includes Nivea, NASA, and the Olympic logo. It gives the logo a softer form and has no point or edge. 

Any oval shape has been associated with safety, security, elegance, continuity, and protection. If there are multiple circles in the logo (such as the Olympic circles), it relates to community, love, solidarity, community, and love. 

Depending on its form, it can sometimes be associated with infinity. Adding a circle to your travel agency logo is a welcoming idea. 

It creates a positive character and sends a message to the audience that you are about unity and safety. This shape is also effective in capturing the attention of the public.

  • Circles will not have a beginning or ending. It can represent the non-ending cycle.
  • The curves of the oval shapes are often associated with feminine energy.
  • It also relates to different natural elements such as the sun, moon, and earth. Most flowers and fruits that nourish us also have this same form.
  • The circle creates a sense of motion. It is not static like other shapes; balls, gears, and wheels will move, which is why they also mean energy and power.



 Rubiks cube

These shapes have four sides and corners: rectangles, squares, trapezoids, and rhombus. The edges of this shape evoke a sense of stability and balance. 

Our minds will often associate this with a reliable and trustworthy company. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to add this to your travel agency logo. 

Unfortunately, squares and rectangles are more prominent in today's world, so our mind tends to ignore them. Here are some things to remember when using this shape.

  • When this shape is present in the logo design, it pertains to professionalism, strength, and values. The solid pattern and the edges relate to tradition and the standard.
  • Most of the items we have today that hold objects and keep them secure have a rectangle or square shape. This sends a signal to the brain that these shapes relate to protection, order, and effectiveness. Companies will use this to stimulate a powerful sense of balance and power.


·         Some businesses with this shape in their logo include American Express and Microsoft logo.


Triangle Shape

 Travel booking sites logos

Just like quadrilaterals, triangles are composed of straight lines and pointed edges. The meaning of this shape will depend upon how this was oriented in the logo. 

It is a standard shape on the logo of travel agencies and networking companies since it bears the symbol of the mountain and towers. It also pertains to strength, order, and energy. The towering triangle shape also pertains to power and stability.

  • If the triangle is positioned below the icon, it sends a message of strength. Avoid placing it downward since it creates a quality of uncertainty. Usually, an inverted triangle will be found in the religion and pseudoscience logo.
  • Triangle is also linked with a powerful masculine logo. For instance, look at some sports logos that target male customers, such as Adidas.


Vertical and Horizontal Lines

 Travel Agency Logo

There are instances when the travel agency logo will feature a couple of lines rather than using geometrical shapes. Vertical stripes will often be related to the feeling of aggression. Horizontal lines are associated with femininity and tranquility. Adding several vertical lines to your logo will make it look narrow. On the other hand, horizontal lines will create an instant broadening effect.

  • If you wish to capture the interest of the female audience, add horizontal lines to your travel agency logo. These forms create a sense of dynamic and movement.
  • If you want your logo to appear strong, bold, and energetic, vertical lines would be a good choice. Nonetheless, be mindful in using this since it creates an overburdening effect.

Using Organic Shapes

 cookie cutter

The logo shapes are not just limited to the standard shapes; some companies also add organic shapes to deliver the message to the audience. The organic shape of your travel agency logo creates a sense of uniqueness and helps you draw the interest of your target market immediately. 

This is an undefined and free form of shape. For instance, the logo of Puma and Apple. Shapes like this create a distinct effect. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see these logos in the wellness and travel booking sites. Definition of the organic shape varies, and it is flexible. 

Depending on the shape it is trying to assume, it can deliver a sense of comfort and familiarity. There are also situations when they can pertain to passion. Logo of leaves is often seen in organic foods and beauty products.



 Travel Agency Logo

Curvy lines, such as Coca-Cola and Disney Logo, add a sense of emotion and rhythm to your travel agency logo. It also symbolizes motion, joy, and optimism, which is an excellent representation of your target market. 

Organizations that want to be perceived as fun, approachable, and friendly by their audience will have curved lines. However, it can also relate to something negative such as chaos and disorganization. 

If you use curvy lines, it would be better to enclose them into a geometrical shape to contain the mess.


Spiral Shape

 Travel Agency Logo

Spiral is another relatively common shape in logo design. Those who want to add an exciting twist to their logo should consider this. 

It stimulates the feeling of fascination, which helps in drawing the attention of the public. Moreover, it also creates a sense of equality, evenness, and calmness. 

Combining this in your travel agency logo shows that you are showcasing the steady development of your company. It also relates to power, time, and passion. 

Those who will choose to use this in their company will showcase the creativity of the business. It is a perfect choice for businesses that want to highlight their innovativeness and technology.


What is the Best Shape to Use on a Travel Agency Logo?

 geometrical shape

When using shape in your company logo, it does not always mean that you have to make it appear symmetrical. Most even logos such as squares and rectangles depict a sense of trustworthiness. 

Triangles with pointy edges pertain to motion and speed. Unfortunately, this will also make your logo appear standard and dull. 

If you are scared to be creative and look for options out of the box, the best option could be spirals or perhaps even a star. The final shape should symbolize your travel agency's values, vision, and mission.


Should I Combine Different Shapes?

 Travel booking sites logos

Since each shape will have different psychological influences, you might consider introducing a combination of shapes and lines to take advantage of its various effects. However, this will only make your travel agency logo intricate. 

We've mentioned before in our past articles that you will need to strive hard to ensure that your logo will be memorable and straightforward. Having an overly complicated design will make it difficult for the audience to remember it. 

If you combine a few shapes, make sure that the flow and the connection will be seamless. It is critical to ensure that your logo will look harmonious.


Most of the famous travel agency logo will have quadrilateral and triangle shapes since it pertains to reliability, stability, progress, and equality. However, if you offer travel services in more exciting and active places, the standard shapes will make your logo appear boring. The logo needs to be remembered easily; it must leave a positive impression in just as little as two seconds. Apart from this, adding the right font and color can significantly improve the efficacy of your logo in conveying the right message of your company.

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