Rebranding Your Excavating Company Logos

Whether you are managing a big company or own a small company, rebranding is a part of the natural process. Your brand is one of the most vital assets of the business. However, it is not designed to stay forever. There will come the point when it has to go through a rebranding process. One way to do this is by implementing some changes in your excavating company logos. In this article, we will try to explain why this situation happens and what you can do about it.


What Is the Reason for Rebranding Your Excavating Company Logos?



Rebranding is basically the creation of a fresh look for your business. It is your business' way to catch up with the changes in time. Think about this, what is valid before may not be apt today. Your target audience may think you are offering an outdated solution if you don't do something about this. Sometimes, it could encompass a thorough change in your brand identity. However, most of the time, simple changes to the logo of your excavating business will suffice. If you wonder whether it is time to rebrand your business, read some of the most common reasons companies implement these necessary changes in their business.

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Change in the Ownership

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De-merge, acquisition, or merge of the excavating company could possibly lead to the rebranding of the logo. This has always been the case, even for the big brands. This is also expected for the smaller businesses that have merged with big companies. Any changes in the brand could also occur even if the share has been acquired by a single shareholder who plans to implement a new brand identity for the business. For instance, if the excavating business of the Wells family will have a wordmark of Wells Excavation Company and has been acquired by the Beaver family, then the logo has to go back to the drawing board. If you want a better example, do you remember Macromedia? After Adobe acquired it, it was rebranded into Adobe Flash.


Repositioning Your Company in the Market

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Let's say you have established yourself as one of the top excavating companies in the past, but lately, you've noticed that there's an apparent drop in your sales. Therefore, you decided to extend the services you offer, for instance, pool construction or landscaping solutions. Consequently, you want to rebrand your logo to ensure that your audience will be aware of the changes in your business. If you have a tagline, it is also best to change that. Remind yourself that your logo and brand identity must always reflect the company's mission, vision, values, and policies. It must also be relevant to the demographics you are trying to target. When rebranding, pay close attention to the wordmark. Make sure that it will blend effectively with your chosen color. You may want something that evokes energy and playfulness but at the same time gives you a sense of credibility.


Widening Your Reach


If you own a small company and want to expand your reach, there may be a need to rebrand your logo. The local slogan and names of your excavating business may not be appropriate to some states or countries. Some people may think that you are an unintelligible or unprofessional business. This is why we often remind our readers to have a comprehensive understanding of their target audience or create an ideal customer profile before starting this. You will need to rebrand your business to adopt the statement, visual core, and the business's values in a manner that your audience will find relatable.


Poor Brand Reputation


Rebranding can also be a part of your reputation treatment strategy. For instance, if your business has been involved in a scandal or bad publicity, others may have trouble trusting your business. Therefore, rebranding is inevitable. A simple change in your excavation company logos can help dispel all the negativities linked with your business. This will set things in mention and help you restore your reputation gradually. Changing the logo sends a signal to your target audience that you acknowledged that the old values of your company no longer apply to your business. Thus, sending them the message that you are a better company.


Company Evolution

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Companies will never be static; they are bound to grow and evolve. There will be a future when they decide to reach out to a new set of audiences. They want to refine their statement and how they reach out to them. Therefore, a change in their excavating company logos is necessary. This is a common occurrence in small businesses that have finally reached their full maturity. The business owners and the shareholders may conclude that the older brand identity is no longer sufficient to showcase the company's value. Therefore, the branding should evolve as the company progress.


Change in the Key Personnel


Private businesses and small excavation companies will often be associated with an owner of the company who serves as the leader. As time passes, the leader may transfer the ownership to another leader. For instance, in case of a severe illness or the leader can no longer function optimally, they may choose to appoint someone to run the company. There are also instances (such as death) wherein the legatee will take over the company's leadership. In this case, the leader may choose to implement new changes, including the rebranding of the logos of the excavation company.


The Logo Fell Short of the Expectation

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If you design a logo and you fail to pay attention to some important matters, this will not bring you your desired result. After launching your marketing strategy, you finally noticed that your audience hardly noticed your branding campaign. It failed to give you a unique personality, and you do not stand out from the market. Despite the positive feedback you receive from your verified customers, your number of leads and loyal customers remains limited. This situation is so common; it is not impossible for a new business person to create some wrong assessment. Thankfully, there are still some ways to rectify the situation; one is to redesign your excavation company logos. Your main goal in rebranding your company is to differentiate your business from the rest of the market. As they say, if it did not succeed the first time, you are always welcome to try again.


Your Logo is Not Attracting Talents

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Our logo not only attracts potential customers; it is also a part of the consideration of those seeking employment. Therefore, if your excavation company logo has a substandard design, don't expect to capture people with amazing talents. Most well-trained and experienced people will choose to work with a business with solid branding. This is just how the economy works; you will never attract a potential talent if you don't have professional branding. If this is the case, then going through a rebranding will not be bad. Perhaps the wordmark on the logo of your excavation business may not be the only problem; you may also have to change the icon or color. Do it so that you can communicate to your target that you offer satisfying and rewarding career opportunities.


How Do I Develop an Excavation Company Logo for Rebranding?

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All brands will have their official logo that will serve as the company's visual representation. It has always been the starting point when a business goes through the rebranding process. However, most of us will find this overwhelming. Those who made a mistake once want things to go smoothly this time. Here are some of our recommended tips.


Creating a Story

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Your brand story is always the most important factor when redesigning your excavation company logos. You want to make sure that the statement of your new brand will be conveyed and will capture the interest of your audience. Therefore, it is best to understand various things about your target market. Consult your buyer persona and unique customer profile and figure out what type of logo will resonate with these people.


Doing the Research


You will not gather the information you need if you don't do your assignment. Talk to your loyal customers, your people, and followers on your social media account. They could be holding the feedback that you will find essential in redesigning your excavation company logos. How are these people viewing your company? What are the things they expect from you? What is the current state of the market? These are just some things that you need to comprehend when rebranding your logo.


Remain Consistent

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Now that you have determined a particular blueprint for your rebranding use this as your compass so you won't get lost. If you have no idea or guide in this project, you will spend more than you initially expected. This could lead to another failure, and you don't want that to happen. Be sure to plan in advance and develop a brand book for your excavation company. This will help you remain faithful to your statement and create a logo that you can use for a long time.


Finally, you should also build excavation company logos for the people. You should always think about them and not your personal preference when going through a rebranding process. Always consider what they expect from you and what they want you to become.

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