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Every creative professional will have their own opinions on what a perfect logo will appear like. New trends will appear almost every month but will quickly fade into oblivion. You should avoid these pitfalls since it would be difficult to escape from them. I am not actually suggesting that you have to avoid fads completely; animated logos and 3D effects were very effective at some point. However, it would be difficult for small businesses to translate them into printed materials. Usually, your audience will find this too complex and difficult to read. This will only lead you astray from designing your small business logo.


Developing an Exciting Small Business Logo



When you break down the needs of your small business branding, you will understand some of the essential elements that your logo must possess. However, how can you guarantee that all these components will be added to your logo design? Here, we aim to help you develop a logo that reflects your brand's personality, message, vision, and values. Be sure to check out our other articles related to these.


A Good Company Logo Embodies Your Brand

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An exciting small business logo should reflect your company's branding and story. This is highly important than choosing the lines, fonts, simplicity, and balance of the logo. Even those aesthetically pleasing trademarks will not cut the mark if they fail to deliver the true essence of the business. Logos play a crucial role in the company's marketing and branding campaign. It is basically the face of the company; it represents the value, benefits, emotions, offerings, and thoughts of the company. Your logo is a significant part of your business identity. You want to ensure that it will convey your story effortlessly and effectively. This will ensure that you are creating a compelling logo.


This is the first challenge you will have to overcome when designing your small business logo. Understand that you may not have developed a brand as a startup business yet. Nonetheless, you should not be disheartened since all hope is not lost. If you have an existing logo that does not remind your consumers of who you are, then it is time to take it back to the drawing board. Once you find yourself in this situation, you will soon ask if you understand your company's branding. Before you can even communicate things related to your brand, you need to confirm that you know your brand. What are your practices, vision, values, and anything that makes your company unique?


What to Do:

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Some creative people will choose their logo for their small business based on aesthetics alone. Nonetheless, you should still remember the true purpose of your logo. It is intended to deliver your brand identity. It is never good to choose a random design. While you want something visually pleasing, you should also pay attention to the form, the thickness of the line, color, typeface, etc.; when you are developing a small business logo, you should start by having an accurate definition of your branding. Once done, you must communicate all critical aspects of your branding to your design team. When you are analyzing the prototype design, ask yourself if the visual aesthetics represent the identity and story of your brand.


It Must Be Recognizable



As aforementioned, your small business logo will serve as the face of your company. Your target audience must instantly recognize it. We mentioned before that you only have 2 seconds to capture the audience's interest. Upon seeing the logo, you want them to think of your business immediately. To attain this objective, there are a couple of considerations that you must make.


Try to Be Unique

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If you want your small business logo to be unique, you will have to avoid stock logo vectors and trends. Otherwise, it won't be easy to create something that will stand out from the rest of the logo. The job of the logo is to encourage the consumers to relate this to your business. This fosters a loyal, trusting, and long-term relationship with your audience. If you develop a logo that is quite similar to your competitors, this will cause confusion. Actually, confusion is the least of your concerns. Some people may feel tricked or scammed after associating the behavior of your competitors with your brand.


Easy to Recognize

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People should be able to recognize your company logo, even from afar, easily. Logos with solid and bold lines are more accessible for the audience to identify. If you look at some of the most successful symbols, you will notice how they have powerful and easily identifiable trademarks. If you want to make sure that your logo will appear unique, you need to know what branding already exists in the market. Your brand has a unique identity; use this to navigate the design process. You should also look at your competition in the market. Stay away from forms and types that will only encourage confusion. Also, communicate frequently with your designers. Make sure that you are looking on the same page.


It Must Be Versatile

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It must be versatile to ensure that the logo will function the way you want it to be. Remember that your small business logo will appear on different marketing materials and platforms. The sizes can also vary, from something as small as a website's favicon to a billboard. Color tones can also change when you print them on your business cards. Be sure that your logo can be scaled on various sizes and will not cause any issues. Therefore, you need to avoid unnecessary complexities in your design. Any complex forms, intricate typeface, and detailed textures will only be lost in the design. When it comes to logo design, simplicity is always your best friend.


A design that heavily relies on color could also be affected. The gradient will fade when you render the logo at a smaller scale. The most crucial detail found in your logo will be lost if you focus entirely on the unnecessary complex elements. Remind yourself that your small business logo must function equally regardless of the size and whether it is in a monochromatic shade.


It Needs to Be Timeless

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Always ensure that your small business logo will be timeless. It is a branding asset of your company; therefore, it must remain consistent. You should not design a logo that you will rebrand two years later. At the very least, it must be the face of your company for at least ten years. You want to encourage your target audience to be loyal and trust your business. Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight. This will take long years of brand consistency and providing top-notch service that fosters loyalty and trust. There are different reasons why consistency is crucial in company branding, which we will discuss later. Therefore, always aim to build a log that you can use for a lifetime.


The small business logo is often the first way to introduce a prospect to your company. Once you have already established a level of connection, loyalty, and trust in your target audience, it will be difficult for your business to go on a rebranding process. A completely new logo will confuse your audience and can be detrimental to your company. Moreover, a change in your brand will have to happen gradually. If you notice the original logo of Coca-Cola, it will be completely different from the logo known today. However, you will see that the change is not abrupt, but small changes happen over time.


How to Do This

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If you plan to keep your small business logo for a long time to provide consistent brand identity, it should go through a thorough plan, consultation, and design stage. Stay away from trends that come and go. Your aim is not to appear trendy or contemporary; it is to deliver the message of your brand. When developing a concept logo, make sure it is filled with substance. When adding the elements, it should provide you with the capacity to occasionally update the logo without losing the main essence of the trademark.

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While there may be no correct answer and definite rules in designing a logo, there are still some qualities that you need to attain. Remember that what works for another business will not necessarily apply to you. It could also be tempting to design a logo based on your preference. However, that could only lead to several issues. You want it to have all the qualities that we mentioned above. If you plan to outsource your small business logo design, check this article about the question to ask when hiring custom logo makers.

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