Frequently Asked Questions on Bookkeeping Logo Design


You are probably reading this article since you encountered some issues designing your bookkeeping logo. Perhaps you have a tool that helps you customize it limitlessly, but you still think the output is insufficient. 

Some could be working with a freelance graphic designer, but they seem to have different opinions on logo development. 

Don't fret; we are here to answer some of the most perplexing questions you will experience in developing the logo for your accounting business.


How Do I Come Up with a Good Bookkeeping Logo?



A company logo is more than just an aesthetic icon that you will add to your marketing campaign. It helps advance brand awareness and ensures that your marketing strategy will be more effective. 

It conveys the message of the company to the right audience. Logo represents the mission, values, vision, and beliefs of your bookkeeping company. 

Therefore, it only makes sense that you want to create a compelling logo for your business. Here's how you do it.

Start By Doing the Basic Work


Most bookkeeping businesses will immediately associate their logo design with their brand. However, you need to build a solid foundation first. 

You need to gather all the information that can influence your decision. Start by understanding why you are doing what you do? 

Why do you offer bookkeeping services? How do you want the public to perceive your company? What kind of emotion or characteristics are you trying to evoke? 

Creating an effective logo for the bookkeeping company requires a lot of thought and planning. If you can answer most of your questions, you are at a good start.


Keep Things Simple


Another goal of creating a bookkeeping logo design is to encourage your audience to remember your company. You want them to associate the image to your business immediately. 

Therefore, you need to make it simple. Overly complicated designs will make it challenging for your audience to remember the details of your logo. 

Remember that you only have 2 seconds to capture the audience's interest and deliver the message of your accounting business. 

Some will choose an abstract shape, but we recommend choosing something they can easily recognize.


Listen to the Voice of Your People


If you are offering a bookkeeping service, there's a chance that you are employing the assistance of several certified accounting professionals. 

Some of the best logo ideas that you'll come up with will come from brainstorming with the people that make up your bookkeeping business. 

When engaging with them, it is easy to exchange opinions and find the best options.


Consider the Emotions


Colors, shapes, and font styles, we've already discussed before how these logo elements can help stimulate the audience's emotions. 

You need to consider the kind of emotion they want to feel when they see your logo. Do you want them to think that you are a trustworthy, credible, transparent, honest, or professional company? 

Adding the correct elements to the logo design will encourage them to be loyal to your bookkeeping business.


Think about Your Brand Story

 Bookkeeping Logo

When designing a logo, understand that the most crucial part of the design process is to apply the brand story to your business icon. If you plan to launch your company and build your branding, this would be critical. 

You need to ensure that the story of your brand is well-defined as well as aligned with your company. After that, it would be less challenging for you to design a professional logo that includes all elements of your bookkeeping business.


What Are Three Things That a Good Bookkeeping Logo Must Encompass?

 Bookkeeping Logo

When developing a logo, you will soon realize how many things you need to consider. You want to ensure that it embodies your brand personality and evokes the right emotion to influence your target audience. 

It should also encourage consistency. When choosing the top three qualities you want your bookkeeping logo to possess, here are some of our takes.

Compelling Image

We can't deny that the logo is still the visual representation of your accounting business. When marketing your business, some people will not spend much time reading your lengthy posts. 

Therefore, the image should be able to provide your audience with an idea about your bookkeeping service.

It Should Be Timeless

Understand that you will use the bookkeeping logo for years. Sometimes, it will take more than ten years before it goes to a rebranding by adding only subtle changes. 

Therefore, you should avoid designing your logo according to the latest trend since they come and go. Designing a logo can sometimes be costly, so you want to ensure that it will remain effective for years.


You must also pay attention to the versatility of the logo of your accounting business. You want to ensure that it looks compelling regardless of its size. 

You want it to appear of good quality, whether small or large. Therefore, avoid adding elements that will only appear indiscernible.


How Do I Come up With a Unique Bookkeeping Logo Design?

 Bookkeeping Logo

With all the logos that exist today, it would be challenging to develop something unique that will help you stand out in the market. Remember some of these tips, and you can guarantee that you are on your way to developing a logo specially made for your bookkeeping service.

  • Avoid Adding Special Effects- Some designers think adding special effects to their logo will make it look flashy. A 3d-Logo will look like a mess when used in print advertising; a shadow on your text will make it difficult for the audience to read or identify the logo. A compelling bookkeeping logo will appear effective even without the effects.

  • Avoid Copying- This seems pretty obvious, but you will be surprised at how many graphic designers will forget this. You should look at the logo of your competitors in the business. Look for the elements you think make sense and find out how you can apply this in a manner that will only be suitable for your business. Try not to copy the logo designs of big companies since people may relate you to these companies.

  •   Look for a Solution Outside of the Box- The magic happens out of the box. If you keep limiting your options, it will be challenging for you to design something unique. Do not restrict your creativity from flowing.

What Three Things Should a Bookkeeping Logo Do?


It is impossible for you not to notice a great logo; you simply know it. It is memorable, simple, and conveys the brand's message clearly. Here are three things that will tell you that you have an excellent bookkeeping logo.

It Embodies the Essence of Your Brand

A good logo should provide the audience with a transparent and instant idea about your business. Your audience should be given an insight into how special or different your business is.

 It Must Have the Right Style Choice

We've slightly covered the different style choices before. It can be a wordmark, a logo that is only made up of text such as Coca-Cola or Oreo. 

We also have the brandmarks, used mainly by the big companies. These logos don't have a word, such as Microsoft and Apple. 

Combination mark mixes different elements such as Adidas and NBC. You can also use an emblem, which highlights an icon and a lettermark, for those who want a more simplified version of their business name.

Relevant Colors

Colors can do magic for your brand. However, this does not mean that a black and white logo will no longer be effective. 

A quality logo will still look amazing even without the color. Pay attention to the basics of color psychology. 

You will understand how each color represents something and release energy vibration that can affect your target audience. This is an excellent way to choose a color for your bookkeeping logo.


Should I Add the Name of My Company?

 Bookkeeping Logo

It is not a requirement to add your company's name to your bookkeeping logo. We've mentioned some of the styles above, and all of them can be equally effective as long as it reflects the story, vision, mission, and values of your brand. 

However, companies that will use a brand mark will often be the big companies that invested in their marketing plan. For a start-up bookkeeping company, it would be expected if you are allotting your company's budget to other matters. 

Therefore, it would be better for your logo to include the company's name. If it is short, you can choose a combination mark, but if it is long, you can use a lettermark that often showcases your company name's abbreviated version.


Marketing your accounting business could be a struggle if you don't have the right tools and assets. Your bookkeeping logo will serve as the firm foundation of your brand personality that helps improve the public's awareness. Ensuring that you have covered all essential matters will guarantee that you will come up with something unique, versatile, memorable, and compelling. If you need more help and ideas for your logo design, be sure to check our other articles.

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