Paint Company Logos Design Guide

Most of you will agree that there are logos that we can easily forget no matter how many times we encounter them. Then there's this logo that we met once when we were a child that we still recognize these days. 

Think about what it is about those logos that make you remember them. The form, the icon, or the color stimulate your emotion and pique your interest. 

If you are planning to develop paint company logos, always remember that you need to create something that will leave a powerful impact on your audience and influence them to have a positive impression on your business.


Things to Remember When Designing Paint Company Logos



The things you do, the services you offer, your values, and the images you display are all part of your business. It will help the audience identify your company from the crowd. 

At the beginning phase of the project, it is crucial to ensure that you will have a clear, consistent, and accurate view of the statement, values, and vision that you want to convey to your target market. While paint company logos may appear simple to develop, it is really not. 

There are just too many things to consider; it requires comprehensive market research, a complete understanding of your target audience or buyer's persona, and knowing the rules of designing a logo before even sketching a couple of possible designs.


Start Knowing Your Story


You built your paint business since you want to make a profit from it. That is always the intention of establishing a company. To ensure that your business will remain profitable, you need to find ways to sell your products or services to your target market effectively. 

Most marketers will agree that building a connection with the consumers is more than just educating them about the benefits of choosing your company. Therefore, you should consider adding paint company logos to establish familiarity and loyalty.

Try to ask yourself what your paint business is all about before you even look for an agency or freelancer who will design the logo. Even if you are the one who established the company, this is a period of discovery. 

You will realize that you have a lot of things that you don't know about the business. You should not only stick to what your company is doing, but you also need to understand why you are doing this. This will serve as the foundation of the brand story that you will use in your paint company logo design.



 Paint Company Logos

Now that you have a strong brand story, it is time to look for a word that best describes your paint business. For instance, use a dictionary or a thesaurus. Find a term that describes your company; in this instance, you might want to use 'paint.' 

You will be surprised how many terms are used to describe this. Look for keywords that you think capture your brand's best story. You can start with 5-10 terms that explain why you are doing this. Each of these terms will help you lead to the best solution for your branding campaign. 

Remind yourself not to do this alone. Include every member on the board and start brainstorming. Allow each team to present their findings and be open to them. You will  be surprised on the idea that they can offer.


Sketching the Ideas

 Paint Company Logos

If you choose to handle the development of your paint company logos, you should start sketching a couple of ideas based on some of the keywords you chose. 

We mentioned before that these keywords would serve as your guide. Now, grab a pencil and your trusty sketch board and doodle some of the ideas that will cross your mind. There are times that you will feel frustrated. 

However, just allow your creative juice to flow freely. These logos will evolve on their own. Be patient if you think the fist of your sketches does not reflect your company. You will eventually get there. The sketches that you have today will influence the final result. Here are some things to keep in mind


Keep Things Simple


swatches of colors

Particularly on the shape; avoid making things too complicated. If you can personally sketch the symbol in less than 7 seconds, you are walking on the right path. 

Avoid using any standard, trendy, or popular vector or clipart. Any generic symbol should also be avoided since it will be challenging to make your paint company logo unique. People can easily recognize a logo if it is unique and straightforward.


Be Careful in Using Colors


We've discussed how color psychology will influence the effectiveness of your paint company logos. Be sure to check that article on how colors can stimulate the emotions and behaviors of your audience. 

Avoid using color trends. Actually, it will be better to start with a black and white logo. Experts believe that a compelling logo will remain powerful even without the colors. 

When adding colors, it is best not to choose more than three. Look for a color that represents you and will help you stand out from the market.

Also, avoid adding the colors at the start of the design project. Remember that a good logo will still appear compelling even in the absence of colors.


Check Your Buyer Persona

 logo colors

After you've created a couple of sketches for your paint business, it is time to check if your buyer's persona will find this relevant. Start by choosing your top three or five logo concepts. Don't stress too much about this process. 

Choose the design that will usually capture your attention, then show this to a couple of people you know. You should also choose someone you know that perfectly fits your buyer persona or ICP. Show it to them for at least two seconds and ask them what they can remember about it. 

This will help you determine if your paint company logos are easily recognizable. It also gives you a hint on how your target market will respond to your branding campaign. Record their feedback; this will help you understand what works and doesn't.


Refining the Design


Now that you have the input of your target market, it is best to implement them in your chosen sketch. After identifying the logo that works best for your company, look for ways to refine them. 

Look at the terms you've collected in the thesaurus to start with this process. Now look at your current sketch and ask yourself, does this logo capture all the essence of these terms? 

If not, find ways to incorporate a specific term into the paint company logos. Slowly go through the different keywords. However, avoid adding too many elements that make your icon too complex. Your goal here is to create something simple yet powerful.


Use a Program to Digitize your Paint Company Logo

 Paint Company Logos

At this stage, it is time for you to transform your sketches into a usable digital format. There are a couple of applications that you can use to do this. If you have a design background, you should choose Adobe Illustrator

There are also a few free programs that you can use. However, most of them will come with a restriction. Others will require you to pay a fee to download the output into your desired format. 

Usually, you will need some technical skills to digitize the sketch accurately. Pay attention to the position and spacing of your logo. It is not a necessity to develop a symmetrical logo. However, it needs to align with the surroundings and the platforms where you are planning to introduce this. 

There are instances when you will realize that your logo will not fit the horizontal and vertical borders. Make sure that it will still appear compelling regardless of where you are planning to publish them.


Look For a Good Color Options

 Paint Company Logos

Acknowledge that your paint business logos may appear astounding on the background where you work with. However, this will not be the case all the time. 

There are instances when you will have to introduce this on different color backgrounds. For instance, certain text may appear unreadable on colorful background. Luckily, there are programs online that will help you test this. 

However, it may also appear differently in real life. Therefore, you should consider the promotional items where you will add this.


Pick the Best Fonts

 wall painting

If you are adding a typeface to your paint business logo, you should choose a font style that does not have too many strokes, making it difficult for your audience to read this. 

Avoid choosing the standard font style if you want to be a non-conventional paint business. Your chosen font style can say a lot about the company; it can show your business mission and goal.


Finally, always choose scalability. Understand that logo will be used in different marketing materials and platforms. You may use this in a printed shirt or as an icon on your website. 

You want your paint company logos that you can use in something as small as a stamp or as big as a billboard advertisement. Every form and element in your log must remain clear and recognizable regardless of the size. 

This can turn out to be an overwhelming process, but understand that this will be a crucial tool that will help you advance your marketing campaign.

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