Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Hair Business Logo

A company logo helps make your business unique and stand out from the crowd. It also enables you to deliver the message and story of your brand and helps your prospects recognize you. However, this will only be possible if you have a well-developed logo. For those planning to develop a hair business logo, a slight mistake can greatly affect your branding, which will harm the viability of your business.


Top Mistakes to Avoid on Your Hair Business Logo


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Know that when you are already using your logo, everyone will have access to this. It will not be beneficial for your hair salon business to showcase a low-quality and unsightly logo. Otherwise, your customers will also relate you to a substandard service. This will be ingrained in the mind of your prospects forever. Going through a rebranding process can be painstaking, expensive, and risky. Therefore, make sure to avoid the mistakes we will mention here to boost the success of your company logo.


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Poor Choice of Font


When creating a logo for your hair business, the font style that you choose matters. Some of you may think that it's just an insignificant element of your logo, but based on the study, it has some psychological impact on the people who will see this. It is not rare to see a poor branding image due to the wrong choice of typeface. As a business owner, you want to build a particular personality for your company. Know that each font style also has its character, which we've discussed before. Font styles give your business a modern touch and edge, while others will make you look credible and classic. There will be limitless options to choose from, and it is not easy for us to feel overwhelmed. Try to copy the font that suits your company and arrange them on your mood board. Since hair styling is more of a creative and artistic industry, do not be afraid to try different fonts. However, make sure that the font style you choose will be legible and readable.

Too Many Elements

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It could be tempting to add different elements to your hair business logo. However, it will make your design too busy and appear chaotic. Remember that the goal of your business is to deliver the values, vision, and story of your brand. You won't be able to do this if your logo is too complex. We only have as little as two seconds to capture the interest of our target audience, so we want to make sure that our logo serves its purpose. Simplicity is still the best choice for your logo due to these reasons.


·         It Creates Powerful Impact- All they have to do is look at your logo for your prospects to understand your business offering. For instance, a green shade could mean that you are offering all-organic hair products. They should be able to guess what your hair business is all about upon looking at the logo.


·         Information Retention- Today, when there's an increasing attention deficit among the public, it is highly essential to ensure that your logo can easily be remembered. You want the crucial details in your logo to stick to their mind. That way, they can easily associate this with your business. Study shows that it is easier for people to remember visual representation than the company's name.


·         It is Versatile- A compelling logo is versatile. Without too many details, you can quickly reproduce it in varying sizes, and it will still appear top-notch.


Too Simple


For a hair business trying to build its branding, know that it is already challenging for your prospects to understand your message with your logo. Do not always think that your audience can easily interpret this. If your target audience felt confused after seeing your logo, or if they can't seem to understand a thing about it, then you are doing something wrong. Your design must be simple, but it must never lose the critical purpose of the logo. Do not hesitate to throw in some elements, especially if you think it will help the people understand your business more and if it complements the other components. While it may be impossible to convey all the messages you want, the proper spacing, font style, color, shapes, and forms will make it easier for people to relate to your business.



Copying Designs

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Remember that one of your goals in designing your hair business logo is to create something unique that will differentiate you from the rest of your competitors. Copying designs from renowned companies and your rivals is one of the biggest mistakes you will commit when developing a trademark. Whether unintentional or deliberate, designing a log that is closely similar to other companies is detrimental to your marketing campaign. Copying is illegal, and someone will call you out for this, which will affect your reputation. Beyond the plagiarism and legal mess, copying the logo of another business will expose you to comparison. Everything about your business will be compared with the other company. It will be difficult for you to create a personality of your own. Of course, it will be impossible for you to check every existing logo. Start by checking on your close competitors. Also, avoid using a premade template since this can only lead to several issues.


Using Raster Graphics

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When developing a logo for your hair business, experts will often recommend vector images. Vector is basically composed of mathematically concise factors, which implies that the logo design will remain consistent despite the varying sizes and platforms. Others may choose to use raster images, but we do not advise using this. These are the images that are composed of pixels. Scaling the size of these images will affect their quality; your logo will appear blurred or pixelated if you enlarge the image. In today's digital age, it is essential to ensure that your logo design is scalable to ensure its quality and consistency regardless of the device and channels. We recommend using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator for vector images rather than Adobe Photoshop, which uses rasterized images.


Focusing Too Much on Trends

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We've already warned you about the dangers of focusing on the trends before. While you need to be aware of the trend when designing your hair business logo, understand that a thin line separates the fad from the cliché. Know that it will not take too long before the trend disappears. Sometimes, it will not even last for a year before it goes out of style. A perfectly developed logo will be classic and will remain effective even after ten years. Look at the logo design of Coca-Cola over the years. There will only be a slight deviation from the previous logo. You should not be compelled to create a logo related to the current trend. It is always better to consider your business's visual identity and branding personality when developing your trademark. Think of the message you want to convey and how you want the public to perceive you. Learn about your company's values, mission, and vision. Choosing to design your logo according to the current trend exposes you to the risk of going through a rebranding process only after two years.


Contradicting Colors

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Choosing the best color for your hair business logo is as essential as selecting the right font style. If the color you chose will not reflect your brand's message, it will only appear disconnected. We've discussed the different color combinations before. It is best to discuss 2-3 colors for your logo. Otherwise, your logo will look chaotic, unsophisticated, and poorly executed. The best way to do this is to add the color at the last stage of your design process. It is always best to start your design using a black and white slate. After developing a powerful concept and design, choose the color you think will suit the logo. You will probably have an idea of the concept and message that you want to get across by this time.


Vague Intention


Know that the use of color, forms, shapes, and font style has underlying goals and intentions. This visual representation of your business should give your prospect an in-depth understanding of your brand story. It must also stimulate their emotion and encourage them to engage with the company. For instance, the intention of your hair business will be different from the intention of clothing apparel; therefore, it must be reflected on your logo. If your hair salon is focusing on offering the customers the latest trend, choosing something edgy and powerful will resonate with your target market. If you have a customer support team, you also want people to look at them as someone trustworthy and credible. You need to be very clear with your intention when developing a logo.

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We agree that developing a hair business logo can be frustrating. It is a long, time-consuming, and mentally draining process. However, if you manage to do the fundamental research and consider the critical elements, you will avoid the common mistakes you could commit in logo design. Try to have a better understanding of your business and target market before you start the development of your logo.

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