Making a Business Logo

It is virtually impossible to find a big business without any company logo. It plays an integral role in your branding strategy by influencing the public's perception of your business. Therefore, you want it to appear compelling. 

Otherwise, it will also translate to your poor marketing campaign and inability to capture the leads. This article aims to guide small businesses in making a business logo

Hopefully, this can help you navigate the process with ease.


A Complete Guide to Making a Business Logo



From defining the story and identity of your brand to knowing the perfect design for your business logo, we will cover every step that you need to do to develop a high-quality business logo that you can use for years.


Why Do You Need a Business Logo?

 Making a Business Logo

Before we even start on the journey of making a business logo, you need to understand first the reason behind this. Think of your business as trying to woo the interest of the person you like. 

If you are using an online dating platform, you will definitely display your most striking photo to capture their attention. Your picture will be the first thing people will notice before even checking more information about you. 

You want them to see you positively, right? The same thing can be said with a company logo.


A company logo is imperative in making that positive first impression. A logo can deliver heaps of information about your company when appropriately done. 

It can inform your target audience about your brand's mission, vision, function, values, and identity. This will help them understand if you are the best choice for their business. 

You want to make sure that your business logo is done right by knowing the reason behind this. Remember that the branding and marketing materials you will use will all bear your company logo; this will include your business cards, websites, social media account, email marketing campaign, etc. 

Be sure that you will make things count.


Understand Your Brand Identity

 Making a Business Logo

One reason behind making a business logo is that you want it to communicate the identity and purpose of your business to your target market. 

Therefore, you should understand the personality of your brand first. You need to have a clear idea of the unique selling proposition of your company. 

Once that happens, it will be easier for you to make the right choice to complete the whole picture. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself to ensure that you get to the bottom of everything.


  • Why Are You Offering Your Business?
  • What are the Values and Beliefs that Your Company Upholds?
  • What are the Qualities that Make Your Business Special?
  • How Can you Separate Your Business from The Competitors?
  • Please Describe Your Business in at least Three Words.
  • How do You Want Your Customers to Define You?


Look for Your Inspiration

 Making a Business Logo

This could be the most challenging part of making a business logo. Sometimes, even if you squeeze that brain of yours, it will be difficult for you to find the right image to represent a company. 

Even seasoned logo designers will treat this as one of the most tricky part of the design project. Fortunately, we have listed some ways on how you can find inspiration for your company icon.




For some people, it could be better to receive some verbal ideas first than to find a couple of visual representations when making a business logo. If this is your situation, you should execute a proper brainstorming process with the people involved in this project. Here's a step-by-step guide to address this process.

  • Follow the Rules- Remind everyone about the rules of the brainstorming. It is to get all ideas, regardless if they are good or bad. Note down all the points. Understand that even an idea that sounds horrible and impossible can encourage conversation, which will help refine the elements lacking in the logo and transform it into a compelling logo.

  • Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Audience- Build a list of keywords that best describe your business and how you want the people to perceive you. Think like a consumer; imagine the things that are important to them.
  • Make Sure that Everyone is Involved- Discussing your logo is perfectly fine, but diversity is where the magic will happen. Make sure that every member of the department is involved in the design process. You should also ask your business partners and friends in this discussion. This will provide you with a different perspective.


Be sure not to be afraid to think outside of the box since you want your logo to be different from the standard in the market.


Creating a Mood Board


We've also discussed before the power of creating a mood board. This could be a powerful tool for you to find inspiration. Some people will choose to build a physical mood board by cutting an image on a magazine, newspaper, and other materials and pinning it on the board. 

You can also create a digital mood board; you can collect pins using Pinterest. Make sure that the image you will add reflects your brand. If you need somewhere to start, check this comprehensive guide on building a mood board for construction companies logos.


Monitor Your Rivals


If you still can't find any inspiration when making a business logo, the logos of your competition could give you an idea. Make sure that you are already aware of what is out there. 

Look for the elements that work best for your business and the things that you must avoid. While checking your competitors' logos, think of how you can develop a logo that is entirely different from this. 

You should also check how to emphasize the differences in your design logo. This will help you set your business apart from the competition. 

For instance, if all your rivals choose the safe, standard, and more traditional option, perhaps you can be more unique, and your logo will be more effective and eye-catching by adding fun to it.


Choosing a Design Style When Making a Business Logo

 Making a Business Logo

Now that you have a clear guide on where your company logo is going and have collected all your inspiration, it is time for you to choose a design that will suit the nature of your business. 

Various elements will affect your final output. You will have to pay attention to your typography, graphics, colors, and shapes. 

It is easy to be overwhelmed with all your options. When making a business logo, the first step is to choose the best aesthetics for your logo. Here are some of your options.



 light bulb

Using a trendy element in your company logo can be fun and exciting. However, trends will come and go. 

It will only take a few months before your logo appears outdated. It is better for you to choose a classic symbol when making a business logo. This allows you to use this logo for a more extended period and reach a broader set of audience. 

A classic logo appears simple and will stick to the standard color palette. There will be no crazy fonts and graphics. It tells people that you are a trustworthy and reliable company.


Vintage or Retro


You may notice that the vintage logo type never goes out of style. It is a good choice for businesses that remind people about the past. 

For instance, you could be offering the organic method of brewing the coffee; then, the retro logo would work for you. It evokes a sense of romance and provides people with a feeling of nostalgia. It sends a signal to the customer that you pay respect to your history and the rules, which is an ideal way of making a business logo.


Modern Yet Minimalist


Most companies will usually choose a minimalist and modern style if they want to send a message to the audience that they are a contemporary and fresh company. 

With this style, you will find yourself using simple lines, white spaces, and sleek logos. This could be an ideal choice for tech companies and businesses offering modern solutions.


Fun Design

This could be an excellent choice for a company offering services and products to a younger audience. The fun style will appear cute and colorful. 

The illustrations and the icons will often invoke a positive feeling in the audience. Look for a friendly logo and choose the color on the warmer spectrum. This will help you magnify the fun personality of your business.


Handmade Style

 Making a Business Logo

Handcrafted logo design works well with other logo designs, especially the vintage elements. It can also be combined with fun and minimal design. Consider this when making a business logo.

It also works the same with an elegant and simple layout. If you can't pick the right solution for your company, try to mix and match the different styles until you get the right one for you. Be sure not to make things too complex.


After reading those other articles, it is time for you to integrate this into your other marketing materials. Introduce this first to a limited number of people to understand what works and what doesn't. If you are going through a rebranding process, the change will have to be gradual. Allow your audience to be accustomed to this before fully implementing the change. This is the right process of making a business logo.

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