Font Style for Cleaning Business Logos

We've already discussed the meaning of different colors and shapes and how these elements can affect your business. Now, it is time for us to go through the font style apt for your cleaning business logos

There will be limitless options to choose from, but only a few of them will actually be suitable for logo design. Let's go through some of the most commonly used typefaces.


How to Choose the Best Font for your Cleaning Business Logos


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Some cleaning business owners may think that choosing a font for their company logos is as simple as selecting what you feel suits you. However, that is just a tiny fraction of this creative project. 

You will soon understand that there's a comprehensive procedure that you must follow to guarantee that you are using something memorable, simple, effective, and adaptable.

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The Psychological Effect of Font Style


Like colors and shapes, font style also has a psychological influence on the buyers. If you end up choosing the wrong type, it will be difficult for your target audience to connect your business with a cleaning company. 

Also, it will appear disconnected. Choose something that the public can easily read and remember.


Serif Psychological Impact

 Cleaning Business Logos

Serifsare fonts that you will often encounter on the cleaning business logos that want a more sophisticated and high-end appearance. It is a standard and traditional type of typeface that will make your business look trustworthy. 

Using this sends a signal to your customers that you are a company that values tradition. It is formal and elegant. 

If you prefer to make your business an established company, this could be an excellent choice. It is a font that highlights opulence and authority. 

Besides the cleaning business, it is also most commonly seen in educational facilities, financial institutions, and editorial and fashion companies. 

It adds a touch of class and professionalism to your logo. Some of the known companies that use this in their typography are The New York Times, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, and Tiffany.


Sans Serif Psychological Impact

 Cleaning Business Logos

If you prefer a minimalist look that will make your cleaning business logos look clean, Sans Serif is a good option. It is a kind of typeface that focus on readability and clarity. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they can no longer leave a substantial impact on your target audience. 

In fact, companies are using this to capture the consumers' attention. Its polished and clean appearance makes it an excellent font style for businesses focused on offering clean and transparent service. 

Those choosing this font style often prioritize offering services that are modernized yet straightforward solutions. These are the kind of assistance that does not need flair or embellishments. 

Some companies using this typeface are eBay, Mastercard, AirBnB, and Intel.


Sans Serif

Generally, choosing this kind of font will make your company appear more versatile and neat. Unfortunately, it also comes with some disadvantages. 

For instance, a lack of differentiation and other elements will make your logo look dull and standard. Therefore, while it can be a good choice for a company that offers cutting-edge solutions, it may not be appropriate for other companies. 

The trend in using Sans Serif started in 2017 and lasted until 2018. After the fad fades, most companies have to go through a rebranding process. 

This could be expensive, and it defeats the whole purpose of creating a logo for your cleaning business. Remember that a logo is designed to help your customers identify your company. 

If you keep on changing it, your audience will only be confused.


Script Fonts Psychological Impact


Choosing a script font will help you cleaning business logos to evoke a sense of sophistication, ingenuity, and authenticity. It conveys a message to the consumers that your business is personalized and hands-on. 

Script Fonts also emanate a sense of creativity, legitimacy, validity, and innovation. This will often be seen in all-natural and organic products and solutions. 

Also, if your cleaning company is focused on offering eco-friendly solutions, this could be an appropriate choice. If you sell handcrafted products and organic materials, it is also the typeface for you. Some companies with this font style on their logo include Pinterest, Cadbury, Kleenex, and Ray-Ban.

If you want a brand that will make you unique and help you stand out from your market, Script Fonts is your best choice. It also makes you original and evokes a sense of humanity in your business. 

Nonetheless, it would be best to implement this cautiously. It can affect your company logo's readability, making it difficult for others to read your company name immediately. Choose something that offers a more legible and clear font.


How Should I Choose Font for My Cleaning Business Logos?

 Cleaning Business Logos

Now that you understand the different psychological effects of the three primary typefaces, the next step is to choose the font that suits the logos of your cleaning business. There are virtually limitless options to choose from. Unless you are a famous brand such as Nike, Adidas, Apple, or Microsoft, you will need a font style for your logo. The kind of typeface that you will be using must reflect your brand's story. It should stimulate the feeling and personality of your target market.


Perhaps the best way to do this is to look at your company's strategy. There should be a list of criteria for your branding strategy. Make sure that it will be reflected in your cleaning business logos. 

For instance, if you want to have a business that evokes professionalism and authority, Serif could be your choice. Sans Serif may be ideal if you want a trendy and updated appearance. For organic, all-natural solutions, Script fonts are the right option.

Your choice of typeface must support your overall marketing and branding strategy. It does not only have to differentiate you from the industry; it must also secure your position in the market. 

The font that you will choose must stand the test of time. It has to be sustainable; therefore, try to avoid the trend as much as possible.


Fonts and Factors affecting its Psychological Influence

 Window Cleaning

Most logo designers will agree that for your cleaning business to have cutting-edge and compelling logos, you should always be attentive to the typeface that you will use. 

Apart from the common perceptions that each font style evokes, various factors affect the psychological significance of the font.


Adding Emphasis to Draw Attention


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to capture the consumer's interest is to emphasize a specific word. For instance, making it bold or increasing the wideness dramatically increases the likelihood that you will draw the consumer's attention. 

Some of us will even use an underlined and italicized effect. Times New Roman and Helvetica can also be effective in adding emphasis to your cleaning business logos. However, with the modern tools that allow you to alter the font limitlessly, there are too many options for you to make your text more eye-catching.

Nonetheless, adding effect to the typography at the early stage will make it difficult to gauge how compelling the logo is. Remember that typography without effects and colors will still be effective. 

Avoid adding shadows or 3D effects since it will only affect the readability of the logos of your cleaning company.


Adding the Color Psychology Effect

 window cleaning

Choosing the right color for your font improves the psychological influence of your cleaning business logos. However, you should still be careful in using color. 

Too much of something will make the logo appear overwhelming and create the opposite effect. For instance, if you are using red, you may want this to send a message to your customers that you are passionate about your work. 

However, using a stronger shade of red or adding too much red to your logo will stimulate powerful emotions such as anger. Some of your customers may also relate your business with hazards and dangers. 

Therefore, it pays to ensure that the color in your cleaning company logo is balanced. We will further discuss this in the coming articles.


The Font Hierarchy

 Cleaning Business Logos

The size would be the primary concern when introducing font hierarchy in your cleaning business logos. The name of your business will usually be more prominent. 

If you have a tagline, it will often be smaller. Always prioritize readability rather than aesthetics. 

It only makes sense that the icon logo stands out from the rest of the company log, but since you are still trying to introduce your new business to the public, make sure that the name will also be memorable.


Finally, there are also several ways to make your text stand out. For instance, you can use angular or round fonts on your cleaning business logos

Some people will also use condensed or extended text to make their logos appear unique. It is equally important not to go overboard with your choice and stick with the font which people are familiar with. 

Understand that the first rule in creating a text for your logo is to make them readable.


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