Feedback for Candle Company Logos

Asking for a review from a third person will help you gain insight that may not be possible if you deal with it on your own. It helps you look at your design from other people's perspectives. Understand that it will often be challenging for the designer to find a flaw in their design. Collaborating with other people will help you refine your candle company logos.


How Should I Ask for Feedback on Candle Company Logos



All artists and creative professionals will do their work with love. It is not uncommon for them to invest their emotion and passion in their project. 

Although they may be aware of how magnificent their creations are, they understand why it is essential to listen to the thoughts of others about their logo designs. 

It is better to do this before presenting your candle company logos to your client. Here's how to do it.

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Ask What They Think of Your Logo Design

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Candle company logos will not just be an aesthetic or an art. It is an essential asset of your business. It is a functional design that helps advance your brand awareness. 

Therefore, it must be crafted in a manner that helps grab the attention of your target market. While you may understand the technical side of the logo design, most of your clients and audience will not usually pay attention to it. 

Still, you have to make sure that it is memorable, versatile, and helps in delivering the company's branding personality. The logo that we design performs a particular task. 

It enables the audience to identify what solution you can offer them and how professional you are. It aims to deliver your brand story and unique selling proposition. 

The feedback that you receive from your audience will help determine if it performs its function effectively.


Present Your Design

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It will be impossible for you to gain insight from someone if you don't present the potential logos of the candle company. Think about this; if you pass a term paper, you will show it to your classmates and ask them what they think. 

Your friends will be harsh and brutally honest, but the more truthful they are to their words, the better it is. However, you should not stop from that; listen to their opinion. 

For instance, they may tell you to elaborate more in this particular section of your research or add a reference. This is similar to when you want feedback for the logo of your candle business. 

Ask them how they feel about the logo. Don't immediately listen to their input, but try to dig deeper, and you will understand what makes sense and what is based on their personal preference. 

You need to be in control of the conversation. Try to present your design in various capacities.


Ask Your Friends or Families

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Not all of us will be in the suitable condition to ask our friends and families for feedback since some of them tend to be biased toward our creation. 

However, if you provide them with a particular context, they will understand what you are looking for. Start by gauging the memorability of your candle company logos. 

Show it to them for at least 2 seconds and ask them what they remember about this. Now check how the colors, shapes, and font style influence their emotion. 

Do they find the combinations interesting? Show them your various sketches and tell them to choose at least two, then allow them to share why they prefer these designs.


Here are other questions that you should ask them.

  • Which logo do you think shows that the candle company is friendly?
  • Does this logo show how trustworthy or credible the company is?
  • Can you give me the possible cost or charge of this company upon seeing this logo?
  • Which among these logos will show that the candle company is accountable?
  • Does this present the premium solutions of the company?
  • Is this logo modern or classic?


There are absolutely limitless questions that you can ask them. However, you should never forget that your goal in receiving feedback from these people is to see the design from their perspective. 

The answers should help you narrow down your choices to make your logo design extremely fruitful.


Join a Design Community

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Another possible source of feedback for your candle company logos would be the design communities. Join forum sites and social media groups that focus on creative designs. 

Know that there are dangers in sharing your work and receiving feedback from random people. Understand that almost all people will have their preferences and opinion, and often it will not matter to you. 

By joining the right community, you can guarantee that everyone is aware of the problems that you are trying to address. 

However, there is still a possibility that you will receive emotionally-centered opinions. Learn how you can separate these emotionally-charged statements from valid criticism.


What to Look for in the Feedback

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Of course, the feedback will only be essential if it provides you with the information you need. The success of the logo design of your candle company depends upon the review that you will receive. 

However, it is not only composed of negative reviews and criticism. Various factors are involved in gaining feedback. Here are some things that you need to look for in the input.


It Must Give an Accurate Direction

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When listening to your audience's feedback, you need to pick the suggestions that mention the specific changes that need to be implemented. Suppose there are unclear statements; better to clarify those things. 

They should be detailed on what they prefer to include or remove in the logo design. Some people will often tell you that they don't like it or it's not working for them. 

There is no way to gain something from these kinds of feedback. They should be clear on what they do not like, such as the color, font, shape, forms, etc. 

Some will tell you that they wish the logo could appear more professional. Again, this is vague and offers no details. 

You need to look for the reviews that give you an accurate change that you need to see. If they prefer a particular color, it should be mentioned in the review.


Clear Feedback

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It is essential to communicate with them using terms that are easy to understand. The things you will read in the feedback must give you a precise and clear path towards the correct logos for the candle company. 

You should ignore the reviews that are not very wise in choosing their words. For instance, saying that your design looks weird only leads to confusion. 

Look for the feedback that specifically points out what they do not like. We've already talked about the different elements included in the logos. 

They should mention a particular element that does not work for them and their reason. The review should be able to give you something concrete. 

Vague comments will only leave you guessing. Also, avoid overly descriptive and flowery words. You want it to be as accurate as possible.


It Must Offer a Realistic View

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When receiving feedback from other people, it should give you a realistic look at the logo design. Do not listen to reviews that expect to turn the candle company logos into a miraculous work of art. 

Not everyone will appreciate your logo design at first glance. However, if it is remarkable and impressive, they will eventually learn to love it. 

Also, acknowledge that your logo will not be able to address everything about the business. Remember that it is just a visual representation of the business entity. 

A memorable design only gives you a glimpse of the candle business; it will not tell the audience the entire story.


How They Feel About the Logo Design

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When receiving feedback from other people, focus on how these people felt after seeing the logo. Perhaps they will be very particular in the color of your logos. 

Also, do not react instantly to what they will tell you. Most often, our gut instinct will not work immediately. 

Give it enough time, and if you realize that their opinion does make sense, then apply it to your design. Reacting immediately can lead to many issues, and it can sometimes backfire. 

You could be rejecting a design that could've been an excellent representation of the business.


Make sure that the feedback that you receive for your candle company logos actually helps you in creating a compelling design that will represent the business. Look for the reviews that provide you with specific information such as the color, styles, typeface, shapes, etc. Look for the feedback that will give you a piece of more detailed information on what works and what doesn't. Avoid general and vague comments that will only cause confusion. If you are ready to create your business logo today, you can reach out to a freelance graphic designer or a design agency.

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