Top Color Combinations for Lawn Service Logos


If you observe the logos of the major company and renowned brands, you may think that they just added the colors randomly. However, we've already discussed the concept of color psychology before, which helps these companies choose the ideal color for them. 

Colors influence our perception and buyer's decision even if we are not consciously aware of them. Thousands of dollars have been invested in creating compelling designs for these businesses. 

Some of them will have a color combination that promotes balance. If you need lawn service logos for your business, consider the different splashes of colors we will mention below.


Best Color Combinations for Lawn Service Logos

color wheel

When combining colors for your logo, make sure not to overdo this since it will produce the opposite effect. It is recommended to choose 2-3 colors. 

Of course, you can also choose one color, but if you think that won't be enough, consider some of the color combinations here. Before that, let us look at the different combinations to make it easier for you to understand and choose the right color for your lawn service logos. 

It would be best for you to look at a color wheel while discussing this.

  •  Complementary Combinations- These are the colors that sit at the opposite section of the color wheel. If you want a logo that improves the readability and clarity of your brand, this could be an excellent choice. It promotes a compelling and impactful design.
  •  Analogous Combinations- These are the combinations that promote balance. These are the 2 to 5 colors that sit next to each other, creating a feeling of harmony. It is an ideal choice for the logo of your lawn service since it is often found in nature. One color dominates the other while the other acts as a support.
  • Triadic- These are combinations that create a lively and rich blend. To determine the three colors that belong in this color group, simply draw a triangle shape, and the three colors that touch the edge of the triangle would be your triadic combinations.


Two-Color Combinations


Adding two colors to your logo is the standard in most industries. Most companies will choose contrasting colors that will be kind to the eyes of those who will see them. However, you are not just limited to those options. 

Here are some popular 2-color combinations for your lawn service logos.


Yellow and Red

 Lawn Service Logos

These two colors are found on the warmer side of the spectrum. Some companies may think that this is not a wise mix of colors since it affects the readability of the logo. 

However, using yellow as the backdrop color will draw the public's attention to your red logo. This creates a layout that will help your logo pop out. 

Yellow also creates a sense of playfulness and happiness which can balance the strong emotions evoke by the red color.


Yellow and Black


Yellow sends a message to your audience that your lawn service is filled with delight and happiness. At the same time, black could become the perfect background color. 

This is a common combination used for entertainment businesses, especially bars and nightclubs. It creates a sense of mysteriousness and intrigue. 

These are colors that work perfectly together, particularly in tech and innovative industries.


Yellow and Blue


If you want your lawn service to emanate a sense of playfulness while maintaining its authoritativeness, the yellow and blue mixture is a good choice. 

Yellow grabs the people's interest and gives your business a youthful vibe. At the same time, it also encourages the consumers to have confidence and trust your business. 

It sends a signal to the consumers that you are a trustworthy and reliable business.


Pink and Purple

 grass cutter

This combination creates an effect of ambition, cheerfulness, and friendliness. If you want your lawn service logos to have some dash of energy, the pink shade will provide that. 

Purple will then balance the entire concept by introducing mature energy. Blogging and the beauty market will often choose this combination. 

However, depending on your target, it can also be a good option for lawn care.


Teal and Navy


The teal and berry combination can have varying effects depending on how they are using this. Adding a teal shade to your logo while the berry at the black shade helps in making a logo that stands out. 

The darker blue hue adds a sense of comfort to the teal color. It also presents a calming effect.


Green and Blue


Green has healing properties, while blue offers a sense of calmness. The color conveys youthful and vibrant energy. 

The color combination of blue and green is the standard in the industry of media and fashion. It is also a fine choice for the entertainment market. 

If you want your lawn service to reflect the concept of nature-friendly service while adding a sense of credibility, this is also a great choice.


Orange and Black

 Lawn Service Logos

Orange would work well with the black background. If you want the warming effect of orange, but you don't want it to appear too overwhelming, this is a good combination. 

For the lawn service logos, it creates a sense of thrill and mystery. It can be the best choice for businesses that offer an exciting ride and provide you with an adrenaline rush, such as nightclubs, escape rooms, and fitness facilities.


Purple and Orange


It is another combination of colors that presents a risk but could be rewarding when done right. It creates a pairing of approachable and warm shades that also offers the uniqueness and elegance of the purple hue. It is a good choice for the furnishing, beauty, and fashion industry.

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Three-Color Combination

 Lawn Service Logos

If you want your lawn service to have more playful logos, a 3-color combination will help you convey the right message to your audience. It also provides you with more options to balance and encourage harmony in your logo. 

Here are some of your options.


Different Shades of Blue


Combining different blue shades helps develop a sense of class and grandeur in your logo. It also helps create professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness. 

You can't go wrong with blue as long as you do it properly. Pairing it appropriately with other shades of blue will also provide your lawn service with elegant quality.


Canary Yellow, Gray, and Baby Blue


Try to use the solid gray shade as the background of your logos. This will help the lighter color pop up. If you want to develop a sense of trustworthiness and encourage contemporary solutions. 

Adding gray shades is usually seen in the real estate market. However, its presence is becoming more common in the architectural market and tech websites.


Bone, Coffee Brown, and Black

 grass cutter

Your logo design gives you a cozy and organic vibe, making them a perfect choice among places that offers relaxation, such as coffee bars. 

Some marketers will think that this is a dull and less-creative option. It may appear plain, but it actually provides an inviting feeling. Audiences will see your lawn service as warm and approachable.


Green, Mustard Yellow, and Brown


Brown is a good color choice for the backdrop of your logo. You can then use Green on the main typography and mustard yellow on the tagline. 

This three-color combination works ideally in flower shops and boutiques. Businesses that offer a creative solution, such as advertising companies, branding firms, and logo design professionals, could use this.


Yellow, Navy, and Red

 lawncare logo

If you want a bolder approach to your logo design, these electric colors add a stimulating effect. It also influences people by introducing confidence and power to the logo. 

Apart from the lawn service, it could also be a perfect option for the restaurant business. Use the Navy to balance the two powerful colors and create harmony. 

Otherwise, it will be difficult for your audience to read your company's name, and it will create an overwhelming effect.


Blush Pink, Pink, and Red


Suppose you want a more feminine type of logo for your lawn service, a mixture of pink and red shades could be a good color combination. 

These are all powerful colors that add a sense of uniqueness to your business which will help you stand out. The pink shade also includes softness that controls the overpowering effect of red.


Blue, White, and Turquoise

 Lawn Service Logos

If you want to encourage loyalty and confidence in your customers, this is an exciting color combination. It gives a perception that you are an intelligent and trustworthy company. 

Blue and Turquoise belong to the same family but with different shades. Combining them with white creates a tasteful and classy look. 

Still, be sure to use Turquoise sparingly to ensure that the main logo will pop out. Your logos will appear more striking if you choose this.


Lawn service logos could become compelling if you add the right color combination. Check our past articles about color psychology to guide you. If you lack creativity and knowledge on the right combination, it would be best to allow the professionals to handle this. Otherwise, it will only make your logo appear chaotic.

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