Clothing Company Logos for Social Media

Have you recently created your clothing company logos? If yes, do you think your audience will find it relevant? Will it encourage your target audience to have a favorable impression of you? will it deliver the right message? These are just some of the questions you need to consider before uploading the logo on your social media channels. It could influence the success of your future branding and boost your networking.


How to Design Good Clothing Company Logos for Social Media?


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Years ago, logos were often seen on printed materials and offline marketing channels. Today, it is so common to see them on online platforms, including social media pages. However, the quality of your logo may not appear similar since some website tends to lower the quality of the image once you upload them. You have no control over this matter. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to some of our tips below to ensure that your clothing company logos will appear impressive regardless of the channels.


Make Sure that It Is Clear

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You need to ensure that the logo of your clothing company is clear regardless of the size. This can be challenging when uploading it through social media pages since even rasterized images will be converted. Avoid adding too many elements that will not be discernible when resizing it. It is easier for you to gain followers and be recognized by your loyal customers if you have a compelling logo. If people can't identify your logo, you will appear unprofessional. They might think that you are untrustworthy. Choose shapes, colors, and wordmark that actually makes sense. Remember that every component you will add to your logo must help advance your company branding. Otherwise, this is just unnecessary clutter.


Avoid Using Technicolor Logo

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The color you used when designing your clothing company logo may appear different when uploading it on various platforms. Therefore, you should be mindful in choosing the color. If there are subtle changes, you want to make sure that it still helps deliver the message you want to the audience. Most companies will choose 2-3 colors for their logo to reduce the noise and distraction. It is also not surprising to some to have a black and white logo. As we mentioned before, a great logo will still appear stellar even in the absence of color. Moreover, black and white improve the readability of the logo.


Simple is Always Better

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A simple logo for your clothing company will be easily recognized and remembered by your audience. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that the logo will not appear substandard. It must not warp or lose its original shape when you resize it. Some online social media platforms will convert your file into a specific parameter. Be sure that you are aware of it when designing your logo. Simple logos are versatile. You can easily integrate it into your different marketing strategies. Your audience can also quickly identify what your logo means if it only has a couple of elements.


It Should Tell Your Tale


The primary purpose of having a logo is to deliver your brand's story. What is your business all about? How and why you're offering your business to the public. What can the public expect from you? While it may be impossible to cover all of these in your logo, it should at least give them a hint. It should also showcase the personality and values of your clothing business. Using your logo as the display picture of your clothing company can help spread brand awareness. If you think your logo is not making you appear like a professional or friendly company, you will have to fix things before uploading it on your social media pages.


How to Develop a Social Media Friendly Logo

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People will judge you according to what you wear during your first meeting. Consequently, your social media followers will judge you depending on your logo design. Most of the social media platforms today are visual-based. It is not shocking why the logo remains the most heavily-used element of your branding. It serves as the face of your company online. Therefore, you want to make sure that things are correct. Understand that there are millions of company pages online. The competition is tough on social media, and it is pretty tricky to cut through the noise. Also, remember that people online will have a shorter attention span. Here are some of the essential factors to consider.


Color Schemes

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Colour would be one of the most critical elements of your logo. Therefore, it pays to be aware of the crucial things that affect the logo design of your clothing company. There are various methods on how you can implement it. Since clothing is a creative industry, you will have better freedom in choosing your color scheme. We've already discussed the different colors before and how they can be related to a specific feeling. Therefore, you want to choose carefully and select according to what color represents your brand. Know that it must align with your goals, missions, and vision. Try to think of your call to action to ensure that you will choose a color suitable for your social-media-friendly logo. Check this article about best colors for your cleaning company logo.


·         Red- This bold color has the power to grab the audience's attention. It also encourages them to complete an action. If you want a more aggressive type of marketing for your clothing business, consider using this in your logo.


·         Yellow- Experts advise designers to use this color moderately since some people find it unsettling and distracting. It is the color of happiness and is often related to a person's mental wellness.


·         Blue- Pertains to innovation and reliability. If you want to show the audience that your clothing business offers high-quality garments, this could be an excellent choice. However, it can also create imbalance when overly done. People may feel melancholic when introduced to this color.

·         Green- For companies offering environment-friendly options, this is a wiser choice. It also has a calming and healing effect.


Pay Attention to Size

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After the logo, you should also consider the size of the logo that you will use on your clothing company's social media page. It has been a practice of most graphic designers to optimize the logo to ensure that it will appear aesthetically pleasing. Most social media platforms will have a specific requirement on the display picture and will automatically crop when you upload it. You need to guarantee that there will be no missing parts once you upload them to your page. Remember some of the dimension requirements of some of the most popular social media channels. For instance, for Twitter, the image should be less than 2MB; it also has a 400x400pixels dimension. Instagram will have lower with 110x110pixels. With Facebook, it may change depending on the gadgets that you are using. If you are using a desktop, it should be 180x180 pixels or more; for mobile phone users, it must be about 140x140 pixels. Pinterest is not far with 165x165 pixels. Youtube is slightly better with 800x800 pixels. Avoid using a logo that will be smaller than what we mentioned here.



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When using clothing company logos on social media, consistency is one of the significant factors. This helps in advancing the branding identity of your company. Any online content you will share can also be recognized once the audience sees your logo. Therefore, it is always best to ensure that your logo will appear the same and consistent on all social media channels. While some people may find it tempting to develop variations, you should never go overboard since it will only confuse the netizens. This will cause issues with uniformity and branding awareness. When creating a logo, it is vital for you to remain consistent, especially on the elements you will include, such as your font style, shape, and color scheme.



 Clothing Company Logos

Now that you are aware of the required dimensions on the display photo of the social media channels, you now understand that it is too small. Regardless of how you are trying to maintain the quality of your logo, this will still be affected. There will be elements that will appear distorted. Resizing can also affect the clarity and legibility of the logo of your clothing company. Compressing the image will make the image look disorganized. Therefore, when making a logo that you will use for your social media, avoid adding too many details. Text and lines that will not help advance your branding campaign must be avoided. Furthermore, people online have a shorter attention span. They will not bother evaluating your logo, particularly the most minor details.


Finally, you should also consider the versatility of your clothing company logos. Know that it will be utilized on multiple occasions. Try to separate your text and the graphic design on your logo. There is no way to expect all the platforms where you will be using the logo. There's also no way of telling how small or large you will use it. Try to reach out to some experts and find second and third opinions. Look for someone who is unbiased and who will provide you with crucial information.

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