Best Custom Business Logo Tools


Creating a custom business logo is a long and arduous process. You need something that will reflect the story of your brand. It must be versatile and should stand the test of time. 

Know that it will be the face of your business, so you want it to look compelling. It is the first thing your prospects will remember about your company. 

When developing a company logo, you want to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to make it a little less complex.


What Qualities Should I Look for in a Custom Business Logo Tool?


There are different software and programs that you will use throughout the process of developing your custom business logo. It will not be limited alone to the designing tool. 

You want something that can help you arrange your mood board. You need to edit your font style to reflect your company's image. 

It would help if you had a tool that would capture your inspiration while on the go. Here are some qualities to look for in a logo maker.

  • Price- Having a limited budget is not an excuse to have a substandard logo. While using tools can be less costly than hiring a professional graphic designer, it is still best to look at the cost structure of the tools to understand if it fits your budget.

  • Customizable- There's no issue if these tools have a bunch of the same generic templates. However, it must allow you to customize the template limitlessly. You will not be able to develop a unique logo that will help you stand out from the rest of your rivals if it appears typical.

  • Compelling- While most small businesses will find ways to save money when developing a logo, you don't want to use something that looks cheap to represent your business. You want to convey to the audience that you are professional; therefore, the custom business logo maker should allow you to develop a compelling icon.

  • User-Friendly- How easy is it to use your tool to create a professional logo? Be sure to put your design skills and technical knowledge into consideration. It will help you choose the logo maker that you will match your design proficiency.


List of Best Custom Business Logo Tools


To help you choose what is right for you, we have enumerated some of the best tools and platforms you must add to your design arsenal. Hopefully, this will help you navigate the intricate process of custom business logo design.


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Some of you may probably wonder how a social media platform is added to this list. Pinterest is a collection of images where you can find inspiration. 

One advantage of using this to organize your mood board is that there's a vast collection curated by other users that you can easily add to your pin. 

This dramatically reduces the time needed to develop your own. Most websites also come with an instant share button that allows you to pin the images in their website easily. 

One downside of using this is that it doesn't offer seamless communication. Therefore, you will need another tool that supports this.



 Custom Business Logo

Evernote is an excellent option for your custom business logo project. Adding small notes and snippets will ensure that the member of the creative project understands your purpose of adding a particular image to your mood board. 

If you plan to do this as a group project, Evernote must be in your design arsenal. It also comes with a mobile application making it easy to use for people on the go. 

Adding images on Evernote is as simple as downloading the necessary plugin. Once done, you only have to right-click on the image and choose Add to Evernote option.


Wix Logo Maker

 Custom Business Logo

If you want a compelling logo design, Wix could be a good option. Most of you may think that Wix is only a website builder tool, but it also has a feature that enables you to create professional and high-resolution customs. 

The features of this tool are excellent for companies that are just starting to build their brand. Like how you design a website, you will have to add your company's name and your industry, and the system will automatically generate a couple of templates that fit your requirement. 

You can then customize the various elements depending on your preference. However, remember the rules that we mentioned before in our past articles. 

If you are working with a professional designer but can't explain your vision in words, using Wix could be a perfect tool for creating something that will define what you are looking for.



 Custom Business Logo

The best feature of Logaster would be its convenience in strength in helping you realize your design options. After you input your company's name and the market where you belong, the program will show you some potential logos that you can customize. 

You can add different colors and layouts to ensure that they will reflect the vision and mission of your business. If you use the free option, you can only download the logo in small and low resolution. 

If you need a high-resolution version of the image, you will have to pay around $10-$25. It could be an excellent option for those with limited design knowledge and skills. 

However, with the generic icons and fonts, it will be difficult something that will capture the attention of your audience. It will look dull and typical.


Adobe Illustrator


We've already discussed how you can create a logo using Adobe Illustrator. It is a part of the Creative Suite that remains the king of graphic and creative design. 

It comes with heaps of features that will provide you with complete control over your custom business logo design. It comes with a pixel grid to ensure that you are keeping your design aligned. 

It also highlights advanced paths, brushes, effects, shape tools, etc., that allow you to form your logo regardless of how you want it. If you are more concerned about the depths of your logo design, be sure to enable the perspective grids. 

You also have the option to use colors carefully. Unfortunately, while the feature may seem excellent, it is not designed for someone who lacks technical knowledge and skills. 

Anyone who is a novice in design will find this overwhelming. You should also prepare to pay $20.99/month.




This website platform is excellent for creating graphic designs that you can use for your custom business logo. It doesn't take too much knowledge since it is a basic drag-and-drop feature that helps you arrange the various elements. 

The templates are all high quality, making it easy to develop something that appears professional. If you use the free elements on Canva, you can download the output without any extra fee. 

However, your logo will seem basic, and it won't be easy to create something unique. Chances are, another company also uses a similar logo. 

For those who want to use the premium elements, each element starts at $1. You can also activate the Canva Pro for a monthly fee of $12.99.


Tailor Brands

 Custom Business Logo

Tailor Brands is an ideal tool for those who prefer to have a minimalistic custom business logon. The logo-making app of Tailor Brands will take care of some of the cumbersome work and make the design process easier for you. 

Depending on the kind of logo you are looking for, this channel will ask you a couple of questions before presenting you with your options. 

The template they offer will appear compelling and professional and comes with unique fonts and exciting colors. You will then be given access to the logo after paying their basic plan of $2.99/month or a premium plan of $10.99/month. 

You will only be given an option to customize the logo if you secure the payment.




This platform is a good custom business logo solution for those who want a vast selection of logos. The tool will basically generate options based on your personal preference. 

You will have to choose the icons, colors, and styles. One downside of this tool is that it does not offer too many customization features. Perhaps the only thing you can do is resize the shape and refine the colors. 

Moreover, DesignHill is also more expensive than the other options. The low resolution costs $20, while the high resolution is around $65. It may be a fine choice for those starting on their design journey.


Know that the custom business logo is not exclusive to big companies. Small and local businesses must have a compelling logo that will represent their business and convey their brand story. By using the different tools that we mentioned here. You will find it easier to create something that will serve as the foundation of your company's branding and marketing campaign. This list could help you determine the features of the commonly used programs and tools and identify which of them fits the needs of your business.

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