Your Solution to Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box


Cat spraying indoors is a prevalent issue among people who own cats. It is stressful and disgusting. Aside from the fact that it emanates a strong and unbearable stench, cleaning it is also complex, especially for people with cats peeing on the carpet. We all know that there is nothing more persistent than the smell of the cat's urine and combining it with your carpet is a recipe for a complete disaster. Here are some of the ways you can do to eliminate the smell of the urine of the cat peeing outside litter box.


Cleaning the Urine of Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box


how to stop a cat from spraying

One of the most challenging parts of our house to deodorize would be the carpet. Clean it with a customary cleaning solution, and its smell will worsen. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case. By following these simple steps, you can create a cleaning solution that can eliminate the pungent smell of the urine of the cat peeing outside litter box. 


1.      Prepare all the ingredients needed in creating the cleaning solution. You need a baking soda, an essential hand soap, liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide solution, and white vinegar. 

 Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

2.      There are different ways to clean the urine of the cat peeing outside litter box. If it is still wet, you need to place a paper towel on top of the affected area to absorb the liquid and prevent it from spreading. Replace the paper towel from time to time. Remember not to rub the paper towel; simply press it directly on the surface. On the other hand, if the area of the cat spraying is already dry, you need to create a simple mixture. Combine water and vinegar in an equal proportion. Pour it directly on the surface affected to drench it and allow it to dry.


3.      After the spot was dried up, sprinkle the affected area with baking soda. This is one ideal way to neutralize the smell of the urine of cat peeing outside litter box.


 Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

4.      While waiting for the smell to disappear, create a hydrogen peroxide solution and liquid soap mixture. The ratio of hydrogen peroxide to liquid soap should be 4:1. Wear a rubber glove and gently rub it on the area. You may use an old toothbrush when cleaning the urine of cat peeing outside litter box.


5.      Wait for it to dry. Once you are sure that the area is dry, use a vacuum to clean the place thoroughly. If you can still smell the persistent scent, repeat the process.


Removing the entire smell of the urine of cat peeing outside litter box will discourage cat spraying on your belongings.

How to Stop the Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

 how to stop a cat from spraying

Your cat tends to pee anywhere inside the house, producing an unbearable smell. The urine of the cats contains a high amount of protein which makes it difficult for us to remove the scent of the cat's urine. When you want to prevent the cat from peeing outside the litter box, you need to know why they are doing that to stop this behavior.


There are many reasons behind the behavior of the cat peeing outside litter box. Some of them are marking their territory. It may also be a sign that your cat is experiencing some heightened stress level. Cat spraying indoors wants to be assured of their territory. Their urine is some form of self-assurance, and it is also a way to get over their emotional stress. It may also be a medical condition. So if you can't stop cat spraying even after you have done all our tips, then it is best to take them to your veterinary.


Immediately Remove the Scent

 how to stop a cat from spraying

If you want to stop the cat from peeing outside the litter box, removing the urine scent immediately will prevent the cat from returning to the same spot. It is also a way to tell your cat that it is not the proper place for urinating. But as mentioned above, the smell of the cat spraying indoors is so strong and is difficult to eliminate. Using a basic cleaning solution will not do the trick; even if you can remove the smell traces, your cat can still probably smell it. You may use aluminum foil, orange peel, baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide solution to remove it completely.   You may also use a black light to ensure that you eliminated the entire trace of cat spraying.


Litter box

 Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

If you have more than one cat, there is a tendency to have a cat peeing in the house if you only have one litter. One reason for this is that cat is a very territorial species, and they do not want to share their belongings, especially with other cats. Consider buying an extra litter box if you're going to stop cat peeing outside litter box.


The place where your litter box is located can also trigger this problem. If it is located in cramped and hard-to-find areas, your cat will not bother to find the litter box and pee anywhere. If you want to stop cats spraying you should place the litter box in a more prominent spot. You should also refrain from buying litter boxes that have a strong scent. Based on the survey, cats preferred an unscented litter box consisting of charcoal.

 how to stop a cat from spraying

These are just some simple ways to stop your cat peeing outside litter box. If you cannot control the cat spraying indoors, this is probably a medical condition, and you have to take them immediately to the vet.


Toilet Training Cats is a Good Idea


Cat peeing outside litter box is probably one of the reasons why toilet training cats is necessary. However, do not expect your cat to instantly disregard the litter box and immediately pee in the toilet. Toilet training is a long process, and it has to go into different transition levels. There are also possible downsides to toilet training. If you want to stop cat spraying by toilet training your cat, here is a short guide to preparing your cat and yourself for the transition.



Choosing the Designated Bathroom

 how to stop a cat from spraying

The first step in toilet training cats is finding the right bathroom for your cat. Choosing the bathroom that your car can easily access is a good solution for cat peeing outside litter box. After finding the perfect bathroom, take the cat litter and move it inside the designated bathroom.


Completing the Supply


Toilet training cats require an array of supplies to make the transition a success; a training seat, training disc, and a training tray. If you do not want to spend on your training tray, you can create your tray by using simple materials.


Creating a Tray

 how to stop a cat from spraying

To solve the cat peeing outside litter box problem through toilet training, you must first understand how to create the training tray if you do not want to spend excessive money. Use an aluminum pan when creating the tray. If it is too small and leaves a gap on the bowl, use duct tape to cover the gap.


Slowly raising the litter box

 how to stop a cat from spraying

To begin the proper toilet training cats, you need to raise the litter box gradually until you can place it on top of the bowl. This will allow your cat to jump without hesitation and possibly discourage the behavior of the cat peeing outside litter box. Use old magazines when elevating the position of the litter box.


Using the training seat


After a few days of leaving the litter box on top of the bowl, replace it with a training seat. The training seat should securely be placed in the toilet when toilet training cats.



 how to stop a cat from spraying

It may take a few days before your cat gets used to using the training seat. If you are using a Training Disc, the transition will be a lot easier; you just need to move from the smaller training seat to the biggest until he can already pee without the training seat. Toilet training cats is a long process and requires a lot of patience from the pet owner. Remember that this is a stressful experience for your cat, and you have to support him.


Toilet training cats is a perfect way to solve your cat peeing outside litter box problems. You will not only prevent them from spraying all over your house, but you will also remove the litter box that serves as an eyesore to your house guests.

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