Why Hire Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

People from all walks of life frequently visit different destinations in the state. With a high amount of motor vehicles on the roads, the amount of car accidents is higher than you may realize. This is why you need to be aware of your rights. If you found yourself in an accident, you certainly don’t want to worry about settling your medical bills. You want to entirely focus on your recovery and let the professionals handle the complex part. Setting a free consultation with the Car accident lawyer will help you realize your various legal options and the possible result of your case.


Reasons Why You Need Car Accident Lawyer


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You have nothing to lose when you hire the service of a proficient car accident attorney. They offer a free consultation that will allow you to discuss your case with them. They are also operating on a contingency-fee-basis, which means they will only receive the payment once you reach a settlement. Hiring the service of Car Accident Lawyer will allow you to gain an ally that is willing to fight for your rights. Regardless of whether your claim will be presented in court or you will reach a settlement with the other party, you can guarantee that they will protect and uphold your best interest.


They also have complete and precise knowledge of the local laws. In some cases, those who are partially at fault can also gain some compensation for the injuries that they acquired in the car accident. They are aware of the various laws that they can use to increase the possibility of reaching a desirable result in your case. They can create a prompt review of your case and provide you with a piece of informed advice on how you will navigate and proceed with your case.


Types of Claims Related to Car Accidents

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Based on the lawyer’s long years of experience in handling different cases related to car accidents, there are different types of car accidents situation, from the ideal claim to catastrophic car accidents. The other party would be 100% at fault in an ideal claim. The severity of the injury is not that serious. However, the Car Accident Lawyer will still advise you to get a medical record to support your case.   


There are also instances when the person at fault is a bit uncertain. To help the lawyer gather evidence, you should immediately call the help of the police. There are also situations when the person at fault is straightforward, but there are no injuries acquired. During this instance, the compensation that the Car Accident Lawyer demand should be reasonable. Finally, the last type of claim is when the person at fault does not have enough insurance coverage.


To help you find a perfect solution to the scenario mentioned above, we recommend you hire the service of Car Accident Lawyer.


Pedestrian Injuries: Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has been promoting alternative ways of transportation to be less dependent on motor vehicles, such as walking or biking. While this alternative may seem eco-friendly, it also leads to different safety risks. According to the latest report released by the Car Accident Lawyer, at least 5,094 pedestrian injuries were recorded. In addition, according to the collision data, the pedestrians are found at fault in 31% of the collision cases.


Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles According to the Car Accident Lawyer

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When comparing it to the accidents within California, Los Angeles comprised 38% of the total injuries and around 29% of the fatalities. This is why most of the dangerous intersection in California is found in Los Angeles. Here are the top 5 intersections found within Los Angeles that account for most pedestrian injuries and accidents.


1. Imperial Hwy and Vista Del Mar

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This place might be stunning, but according to the report of the Car Accident Lawyer, more accidents happened in this area compared to other pedestrians in Los Angeles. The cause of this unprecedented number of accidents may be due to a combination of various factors.


2. Roscoe Blvd and Van Nuys Blvd


Around 18 collisions happened in this area during the time of the study. This is quite surprising considering that the building DMV is situated in this area.


3. W Florence Ave and S. Western Ave


With about 16 collisions in this area, this definitely belongs to the 3rd spot. This is quite scary because a school is located near this area. The students are mainly using this area as a crossing spot.


4. Lennox Ave and Roscoe Blvd

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The district of Panorama shows multiple times in this report of the Pedestrian Accident lawyer. This area also has its share of accidents, with around 15 collisions happening in this area.


5. West Pico and La Cienega


This area also ranks high in terms of the frequency of accidents. There are also several pedestrian injuries and hit-and-run accidents that have not been reported during the study. During 2014-2015 the place has claimed at least 15 lives.


According to analysts, pedestrian fatalities are a lot higher than motorists. In fact, based on the report of the Car Accident Lawyer, pedestrians are at least five times more likely to obtain a life-threatening injury after a collision than the non-pedestrians. This study did not mainly focus on the number of pedestrians’ injuries. Still, according to the studies, there are 207 fatalities in Los Angeles, significantly higher than in Maricopa, which took the second spot.


If you find yourself in this situation, we highly encourage you to seek the help of the Pedestrian Accidents lawyer. They will ensure that you will get the compensation you deserve while you focus on rehabilitation.

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