Why Do You Need Top Real Estate Agents?


When it comes to different legal aspects, it is unlikely for you to handle it all independently. You will seek the lawyer's help to help you with the legalities. Doing business in the real estate industry is no different. You need to tackle everything with the guidance of a realtor. Selling or buying a house is a substantial investment or business transaction, and you don't want to handle it all on your own. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a property, here are some of the reasons why you need the assistance of top real estate agents.


Benefits of Having Top Real Estate Agent on Your Side


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Some sellers will prefer to use an automated valuation of their property. However, how sure are you that it is producing the correct market value of the property? For all you know, the actual value of your real estate is considerably higher. Top real estate agents are professionals who will even hire home inspectors to calculate the true value of your property.


Having the right knowledge


As a seller, if you intend to do the selling process on your own, you are probably not aware of the things that make a property desirable in the eye of the buyers. Do you know that your property's value will start to depreciate if they are listed in the real estate market for a long time? By hiring the service of top real estate agents, you are eliminating the possibility of acquiring a huge mistake.


They are Problem Solvers

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If you conduct an open house, what will your reaction be if a buyer notices a dilapidated part of the house or wood that termites are consuming? How will you react if they offer you a negotiated price below your asking price? Top real estate agent normally face this issue, and they will easily find a solution to the common problems.


They Can Overcome Objections with Ease


If you sell your house on your own, you will probably wonder what is wrong if you receive your first rejection. Top real estate agents have different ways of dealing with rejections. They will address the reasons for rejections at once and make sure that the next prospected buyer will not see this issue.


They are Expert Negotiators

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The real estate agent is adept at different techniques in negotiation. They know how to react to an appraisal below the asking price appropriately. Negotiation is a complex part of selling a property, and you let the realtors handle this.


Having an agent on your side can also guarantee that you have a reliable person to turn to. They will be able to answer any of your queries and concerns if you find the real estate world a daunting experience. Never go into a transaction blind; make sure that you will have the help of a realtor in selling your property.


How Millennials Find the Top Real Estate Agents


Traditionally, people find their real estate agent through phone directories. However, the new generations of home buyers have different demands. They have a lot of needs, and they want them to be specifically addressed. They love working with realtors, but they are too difficult to please. With their tremendous needs, you may be thinking about how they are finding their top real estate agents.


How the Generation Y Find Their Top Real Estate Agents

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Since Generation Y is heavily exposed to the internet and smart devices, they are considered a different set of consumers. Based on the statistics, the millennials are also considered the generation that comprises the most considerable portion of the home buyers in the US. 32% of Millenials are looking for real estate properties, followed by Gen X at 27%. The Millenials also tend to put their trust in their realtor. At least 90% of them are using realtors, and 63% of them will maintain a close working relationship with their realtors to use them again soon, or they will recommend them to people looking for residential or investment properties.   Here are other ways how they find their top real estate agents.


Family Recommendation


The Millenials highly value the input and recommendations of their friends and their loved ones. Before they start their search anywhere, they will first ask for the advice of their family. 45% of the Millenials are looking for real estate properties, and 50% of the home sellers are finding their realtors through their family suggestions.


Text and Call

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Millennials need to have various modes of communication to reach out to their realtors. Aside from the fact that a considerable portion of them use the SMS feature to send a message to their prospected realtor, 75% of them also want to receive their message through a phone call.


Mobile Apps


The innovation makes it possible for the Millenials to search for top real estate agents on their smartphones, devices, and mobile apps. 58% of Generation Y uses their iPhone devices and 32% use Android devices when searching for something online.



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When searching for information about home buyers or sellers, 94% of Millenials use the internet. 51% of them found the home that they purchased online.


A recent innovation has made it possible for the new generation of consumers to find an easier and more convenient way to find their realtor. With the use of these latest technologies, the Millenials will be able to find top real estate agents that they can truly depend on. More than 87% of this generation highly trust their realtors and consider them their first source of information on real estate properties.

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