Tips in Choosing Bistro Set Furniture


Setting up a restaurant or even upgrading the look of your old bistro will be an overwhelming task. You need to find the perfect look to create an explosive opening day, but you also need to be careful about your choice. You want something that will reflect the appearance and ambiance you hope to achieve but will not take a massive chunk of your budget. In buying Bistro Set furniture, you want to consider durability, affordability, and comfort. Unfortunately, it may be hard to realize this, especially if your budget is limited.


4 Tips When Choosing Bistro Set Furniture


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Commercial Furniture is a vital part of your restaurant, but it is also commonly an overlooked element of managing the restaurant. Remember that your guest will spend their time inside your restaurant getting acquainted with the bistro set. To help you with your decision, we have listed some tips to help you reach a more intelligent decision.


Consider Your Concept and Your Environment

 Bistro Set Furniture

When looking for bistro set, it is always a good thing to have a theme or concept, so you will be able to determine what type of style is suitable for your restaurant. Your commercial furniture needs to emanate this distinct theme. If your establishment caters to meetings and formal parties, you might want to choose a large banquet or long dining table. If you want to achieve a more romantic ambiance, a smaller table will be apt for your restaurant. Chairs with high back support are appropriate for a formal setting.


Choosing Commercial Grade


Never buy residential furniture, especially when you are going to utilize it in a commercial environment. Furniture designed for home use will not withstand the heavy wearing and tearing on the restaurants. Bistro set with commercial quality will guarantee you that you will be able to enjoy the furniture despite excessive usage. If you are opting for metals, make sure to check the entire weld. Even if it comes with a limited warranty, the durability of the commercial-grade far outweighs the 2-year warranty of the residential furniture.


Choose Quality

 Bistro Set Furniture

One of the primary considerations when choosing bistro set would be the maintenance and the quality. There are types of material that will require less maintenance compared to others. This can be your ideal choice if you do not have the proper time to allot for maintenance. Some low-maintenance materials include coated steel, polypropylene resin, and anodized aluminum.


Find Restaurant Furniture with Dual Purpose


Make sure to find commercial furniture that will be suitable indoors and outdoor. Materials made from aluminum or polypropylene look neutral regardless of whether they are used indoors or outdoor. Find something that works perfectly in different situations.


Finally, you may also want to consider bringing down the cost of your bistro set. Your success in the restaurant industry is defined by the proper management of your fund, so it is crucial to consider the cost.


Protecting Outdoor Bistro Set

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After a few seasons, your bistro set may show signs of aging, such as stains, mildew, and nasty marks. This condition can easily be avoided if you only know how to take care of your outdoor restaurant furniture properly. You could’ve enjoyed its value a lot longer, and you will also free yourself from the cost of owning new furniture.


Maintenance of Outdoor Bistro Set


Outdoor bistro set is generally designed to withstand and resist the different elements of nature. Since most commercial furniture is utilized less frequently than indoors, most warranties will not cover indoor use. In extreme weather conditions, it is recommended to store your furniture indoors to avoid excessive damage.


The Umbrella Shade

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The commercial-grade umbrella shade comes with a Scotch Guard treatment to prevent mildew and reduce the possibility of acquiring stains. However, if they are not, you can apply the treatment after purchasing your shade. Dirt should also be regularly wiped off to avoid embedding deep into the fabric. If there is a spill on your bistro set, you need to spot clean the fabric using a brush with a soft bristle and a mild cleaning solution. It is also recommended to use cold water rather than warm water.


Cast Iron


To prevent corrosion, you need to remove the dirt habitually and the dust accumulated on the surface. You also need to spray it with water using a garden hose. Immediately dry it with a soft towel after spraying it with water. When removing the stain on your bistro set, it is recommended to use a mild detergent. Mix the detergent with water and use a toothbrush when cleaning the curves and crevices. Dry it with a towel afterward. When you notice a rust mark, use light sandpaper and finish it with paint when necessary.




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The commercial furniture made of Polywood is durable enough to withstand power washing. Since it has color all the way through, any scratches and nicks remain hidden to the naked eye.




Like the cast iron, you may use a garden hose to spray it with water; remember to dry it immediately with a towel. You can also use a mildly abrasive cleaning solution when removing scuffs on this outdoor commercial furniture. For eliminating the mildew, you may use the detergent mixed with bleach and water. Let the cleaning solution settle in for 30 minutes before scrubbing it completely using a sponge. Rinse it thoroughly and let the bistro set air dry.


These tips will allow you to avoid the premature aging of your commercial furniture. You will be able to prolong the duration of the furniture and continue using them in its best condition.


Cleaning and Maintenance of the Indoor Bistro Set

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We are all aware that bistro set is a significant investment that you have to make if you want to succeed in your business. You want your business to last for years, and you are also hoping that your commercial furniture will survive during that long period. To help you maintain the quality of your furniture, we have compiled some of the essential ways how to keep the furniture well-maintained


Ways to Maintain the Indoor Commercial Furniture


Indoor bistro set is designed to use in a room with controlled moisture and temperature level. It is best used in a neutral condition. Ensure that you avoid exposing them directly to the sunlight or other heat sources such as radiators. Refrain from using them outdoors.


Table Top

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Regarding the laminated tabletop, it is recommended to use warm water with a mild cleaning solution after every use. When you see a nasty stain, create a cleaning paste by mixing your cleaning mixture with baking soda. A brush with a soft nylon bristle should be used to scrub the stain off the laminated tabletop. If you cannot remove the stain on your commercial furniture, use acetone to clean the tiny spot. It is recommended to test a small spot first on this indoor commercial furniture when using acetone. If the color of the furniture reacts, avoid using it.


For the Resin Table, you can apply the same cleaning solution before or after every use. If there is an ugly scratch on the bistro set, you may use an all-purpose cleaning solution with furniture polish to hide the horrible mark. For granite, you can use hydrogen peroxide when removing tough stains. For the water stain, vinegar can eradicate the stain successfully.




Most commercial furniture with upholstered products is protected with a stain resistor. If they are not, you can apply a stain guard after purchasing the furniture. If there are spills, you can use a towel to blot them. When vacuuming the fabric, try to place a screen on the nozzle for added protection.


Wood Materials

 Bistro Set Furniture

Wood bistro set requires simple maintenance. It only needs regular dusting by using a soft cloth. Make sure that you choose commercial furniture with a polished design, and avoid using different products since they can affect the entire appearance. Coat it with a hard paste at least once every three months. If there are ugly marks, a simple ammonia application can do magic.


By performing regular maintenance on your indoor bistro set, you will be able to maintain its quality and appearance. You can also avoid unnecessary expenses when buying new furniture.

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