15 Powerful Tips for Custom Logo Designer


If you are a novice custom logo designer, you will soon find how difficult it is to find businesses that trust you. This is only natural since a logo can significantly impact brand awareness and a company branding campaign. Therefore, business owners will be very picky about hiring a professional. Making a logo seems to be basic; however, starting a career in this industry is more complex than you can imagine. There are several things that you must keep in mind. Whether you are a professional logo designer or a startup, you will find this article useful.


Tips for Custom Logo Designer that You Must Remember


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If you are ready to embark on this new journey, read some of these tips that will help you advance your career in logo designing.


Start By Defining Your Goals

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Before you even start making any custom logo, be sure to have a clear goal in mind. Otherwise, you will be lost. With so many options to choose from, it is not uncommon for a designer to be overwhelmed. However, if you understand your client's goal, such as the brand identity that they want to develop, you will have a clear path to follow. When interviewing your client, ask them how they want their brand to be perceived by their target market. All brands need some form of identity, and the logo can help them convey that to their audience. After gathering the necessary information for your client, think about a specific image and gradually work your way into building this trademark.




Some people may think that a custom logo designer will simply involve developing trademarks and icons. However, a significant part of that process involves research. Apart from knowing your client's goal, you should also look at their competitors. The target customers of your clients are basically purchasing or availing of the product and service of their rival. Therefore, you need to know how their logo can influence their purchasing behavior. Acknowledge that their company logo has existed long in the market, and your client is just planning to introduce theirs. The target market has been so used to seeing the logo. Therefore, you want to make sure that you can create a custom logo design that better explains your client's business better than their competitors. Research process will consume most of your time when designing a logo. Don't cut corners; the information you will gather here can help you make critical decisions.


Get to Know their Target Audience


Your client will have a better chance of advancing their company branding through your logo design if you know who their target market is. You need to realize that the customers can make or break their company. Before starting with your custom logo design, you should ask your clients to present you with their ideal customer profile or a buyer persona. This will help them establish themselves as another option in the industry. Make sure to put yourself in the shoes of their target customer. Ask yourself if the logo you are making will be memorable to them. Consider their likes, dislikes, income, profession, social status, educational level, etc.


Looking for Inspiration


Now that we are all done with the preliminary research, it is time for the planning stage. In this phase, you need to start looking for any source of inspiration. Understand that this could come from just about anywhere, even while dreaming. Therefore, you need to keep a trusty sketchpad close to you wherever you go. Ideas can quickly escape you due to the distractions. If you think that something is related or relevant to your client's logo, create simple sketches at once. Later, you can revisit them and make a couple of tweaks. If you think an object showcases your client's personality, values, function, and goals, it could be a potential element in their logo. Apple's logo was inspired by the fruits of its innovativeness. For those struggling to find the right inspiration, Pinterest would be an exciting place for you.


Choosing Font Style

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Another part of the preparation stage of custom logo designing would be choosing the correct font. Understand that the logo will be seen by thousands of customers. Just as how it is essential to dress for the occasion, it is equally essential to look for a font that is legible and relevant to your client. Custom logo designer will have limitless options to choose from, but there will only be a few suitable for your project. Make sure that it will be apt to showcase the personality and values of the brand. According to the seasoned designers, the typical font we used (such as Arial and Times New Roman) sends an impression that you are a company that values tradition. Comic Sans and other more playful fonts could mean that you are a fun and friendly company.


Preparing the Colors


Colors may not look significant in the eye of other custom logo designers. However, according to color psychology, it has a substantial impact on the emotion and perception of the public. Using the right color can stimulate particular feelings or behavior that will make your client's business more agreeable in the eye of their target audience. Green would be a perfect color for organic products and establishment that promotes serenity, relaxation, and peace of mind. Blue is for professionalism, credibility, and fairness. Violet is a perfect color for luxurious products. The warmer colors like yellow relate to happiness, while red is a good choice for a food establishment and products. Be careful in overdoing things since this will lead to a negative influence. For instance, too much yellow can stimulate that jealous feeling.




Now, we are ready to make a couple of sketches. After all those time-consuming works, you can now create a couple of your potential custom logo designs. It gives you an idea of how the logo could appear on brochures, pamphlets, and other offline marketing campaigns. This will help you save a hefty time in digitizing all of your works. Understand that your clients are always in a tight spot. They will still have to take surveys and tests to understand how effective this logo could be in their target market. Therefore, the earlier you finish, the better it would be for them. Sketching also gives you so much freedom.


Try Using Templates


If you struggle to look for your starting point as a custom logo design, you can always try using a template. However, this will only serve as your inspiration. There are also creative and design platforms that you can use, such as social media channels that are heavily visual-based. Take advantage of some logo platforms that can serve as your guide on your project.


Trademarks and Copyrights

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Before you even start distributing your logo, we advise you to start applying for copyright protection. Usually, this responsibility falls under your client's duties, but it is still best to remind them. Many business owners will encounter pitfalls and legal actions if they ignore this step. Getting your copyrights prevents other brands, especially your competitors, from copying the same design and text of your logo. The fight to become a successful startup will be challenging and mostly unfair. They were fighting to establish their presence in a market where some businesses had existed for decades. Your logo design can help them take a step in the right direction.


Be Original


Your client will want a logo that will help their audience differentiate them from the rest of the options in the market. They want their customers to immediately identify their company in just a simple glance. If you are simply copying another company's logo, you are making it difficult for your client to stand out in a crowded market. They aim to be unique, and you need to help them achieve that with your custom logo designer skills. Create a logo that looks fresh and does not resemble the appearance of other famous brands.


Always Think Long Term

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If you look at the early logo of Pepsi Cola, you will notice that there has been a gradual change in it over the years. Nonetheless, there is still a slight resemblance. When creating a custom logo, always remember that this will be for long-term use. Do you still think it will have the same effect 5-10 years from now? If you believe that the company has the potential to expand on other ventures, how flexible will your logo be? Some logo designers will choose a trendy, but it will soon go out of style. Always better to focus on the long-term solutions.


Usage and Formats


When you are about to digitize the logo, you need to consider its various usages. Companies can use it on different marketing materials such as business cards, pamphlets, websites, social media accounts, and other platforms. It is common for the logo to appear differently, especially in its color grading. Be sure to save your logo in case your client requests minor alterations on the logo project.


Listen to the Reviews

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Try to get the feedback of some of the people close to you and find out how effective and memorable your custom logo design would be. Also, ask them how they feel after seeing the logo—request the input of people who will not be biased toward you. You need to keep your minds open. It is better to hear the criticism now rather than later. You should also ask your client to present it to their employers. Seamless interaction between you and your client can help you develop a compelling business logo.


Logo Make App


While we mentioned above that it is better for a custom logo designer to start their sketch offline, it does not mean that you will not take advantage of the free logo makers online. Some of them offer a range of designs where you can find inspiration. Others may require you to pay a small fee to access their database. If you can, be sure to check their low-resolution gallery first before you avail of the paid version.


Listen to Your Clients


After you submit your custom logo design, ask them for a review. Reviews have become an essential part of word-of-mouth marketing. It is necessary to boost your credibility and professionalism as a logo designer. Whether it is a bad or positive review, respond to it. For the positive review, thank them for doing business with you. For the negative review, acknowledge their grievances and accept your lapses. After that, try to move the conversation away from the prying eyes of the public to prevent a social crisis.


If you have been spending significant hours looking for inspiration, but you can't seem to find the best icon to represent you, try hiring the service of a custom logo designer. We understand that you have to focus on the core function of your business. Therefore, allow the professionals to handle the demanding nature of logo design.

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