The Different Uses of the Golf Towels


If this is your first time playing golf, you will notice that most of the players have a trusty towel tucked or hooked into their bags. The club and the balls are typically the stars of this game, but the personalized golf towels have also turned into an indispensable tool when playing golf. They may be unaware of the existing rule of the USGA that allows the golfer to wrap handkerchiefs or custom golf towels on the grip during the gameplay, but most golfers will not hit the green without bringing any towel with them.


The 3 Different Uses of the Golf Towels


personalized golf towels

Although towels can be found in the ball-washing station, golfers still prefer to carry a golf towel with them due to its flexible function and application. Here are some of them.



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For advanced golfers, the primary use of their personalized golf towel is for cleaning their dirty golf club. A slippery golf club can cause a bad shot and ruin their game. While the point of the tee or the club brush can help you remove the debris and dirt on the groves and head, the towel is still unmatched when cleaning the club while playing on the course. Golfers will regularly clean their club during the game to keep it in excellent condition. Some people also use their damp towels to clean the ball if there is no ball washer. They also prefer the microfiber golf towel when cleaning since it has a higher capacity to store water.



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Believe it or not, golf towels are often used in training the fundamentals of the golf swing. It is commonly used by the advance and beginners when adding power to their swing. Numerous golf drills require the use of the towel, such as tucking it under your left arm, placing the towel behind the golf ball, and holding the club's shaft to maintain the power angle.




It is also a tool to keep your golf equipment dry. Callaway Golf Towel is essential when absorbing moisture on your hand, clubs, and ball. If the green is moist, it is too familiar for the golfers to dry the ball after they were put out. Drying their golf equipment can also protect them against corrosion. In case of hot weather, it is a great tool to wipe the sweat on your face and hand before taking the shot.


Golf towels are not necessarily required when playing golf. If you forget to bring one, you can get a towel at the washing station, which can be found close to the tee-box. Towels have myriads of purposes that the golfers found beneficial.


Keeping Your Golf Towels under Your Left Arm and Into Your Body

 personalized golf towels

Keeping your golf towel under your left arm while maintaining its attachment to your body when you are doing golf swing is an essential practice drill that can help the golfer keep the proper position during golf swings. Although this type of drill can be challenging during the first few tries, focusing on the essentials of golf will make this practice reasonably easy. Here are the steps that you need to take.


Steps of the Golf Towel Drill

 personalized golf towels

We divided it into seven distinct steps to help you understand the fundamentals efficiently.


1.      Take your personalized golf towel and tuck it securely under your left armpit. Place it near your boy and hold it tight by utilizing the pressure on your left armpit and shoulder.


2.       Address the golf ball while focusing on the fundamental rules of golf. Creating a golf swing is like creating a circle wherein the middle of the ring is your left shoulder. The left arm is making a straight line together with the shaft pointing to the golf ball.


3.      Start your backswing; do this by simply rotating the shoulder away from your target. Refrain from pulling back your arms or reaching over the golf ball. If you do this, your golf towel will probably drop.

Callaway golf towels 

4.      Create a complete turn. Keep the left arm in a straight line while the right arm should stay connected with your body. The titleist golf towel would remain secure if you did the position right.


5.      Move your hips towards the ball while driving the arm and your hand in the fundamental position. Your left hip should move out, clearing some space for the club and your arm, allowing the microfiber golf towel to stay in place.


6.      On to a full finish while still keeping the arms connected to your body. If there will be no problem reaching this step, the taylormade golf towel should still be in place where you put it.


7.      If the Callaway golf towel drops, continue practicing until you perfect this drill. It may take a few repetitions before you start to get the hang of it. On the average golfer, this drill may take a few weeks to get accustomed to it.


If you find yourself struggling with this golf towel drill, certified instructors are willing to help you in this area.  One of the primary problems in dropping the towel is coming on top. Make sure that you concentrate on your swing, beginning on the inside. This will help you keep the towel secured.


Using Golf Towels for a Longer Distance Away from the Tee

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If you are looking for ways to enhance the power and lag of your swings, then a golf towel can help you fulfill that goal. According to the expert, the essential angle when making your golf swing should be the angle created by the club shaft and your left arm. Most golfers tend to neglect this fact, especially on their downswing. Losing the desired angle can cause the clubhead to lose its momentum before reaching the golf ball. When you want to get accustomed to this fundamental position, a golf towel drill can help you maintain this angle.


How to Add Power and Lag To Your Swing with the Help of a Personalized Golf Towel


To understand the essentials of this Golf towel training, you will need to wrap your towel around the shaft of your golf club. Hold the golf club tightly using your left hand (as you will generally do). Your right hand should hold the edge of the titleist golf towel.


How to Do This

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Create a half swing and stop immediately on the pre-impact pose. Hold your golf towel securely to maintain the axis on the left wrist. This will also help keep the angle between the shaft and the left arm. Repeatedly perform the half swing until you can profoundly understand the clubhead lag. Your body should also move in a way that creates this power angle.


After you get accustomed to maintaining the power angle, try to do this without your golf towel. Try to address the ball with both of your hands. If you managed to do this correctly without the towel, you should notice a significant increase in power and speed. You should always pay attention to the power angle, especially when you are doing your downswing, since this is the point where most golfers make a mistake.


What To Do If There Are Problems

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If you are having some trouble doing it the right way, there are classes provided by local golf stores that highlight the use of the Callaway golf towel in enhancing your swings. They will be able to help you perfect the power and speed of your swing with the use of the golf towel.   When you are practicing the fundamentals of your swing, towels can assist in keeping the proper form. 


Understanding how the power angle can enhance your golf swing is the key to a powerful swing. With the help of the disc golf towel, you will be able to get accustomed to the clubhead lag and create a more power-packed golf swing. Remember this guide when you want to put power and lag to your swings.

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