Questions to Ask When Hiring Custom Logo Makers

Starting a new creative banding project using outsourced freelancers or agencies can be like hiring a new employee for your business. You need to be committed and persistent when looking for the correct resource information. Understand that there's a chance that you will be mostly talking a lot over the web, and you might feel that you are not progressing at some point. Hiring custom logo makers can dramatically influence the effectiveness of your branding and marketing campaign. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are getting the best solution for your company.


Top Questions to Ask You Custom Logo Makers


Asking the right questions to your custom logo makers will help you understand if you are hiring a suitable professional for the job. Remember this list during your interview with a potential applicant.


Do You Have Some Samples of Your Work?


In the world of creative professionals, we often look at their portfolios more than their resumes. It is the fastest way to have an idea of the ability of the logo designer. You can also see if they have past experiences designing logos in similar businesses or within the industry. This will make it easier for them to understand your brand's story. Their portfolio will show if the design that you are looking for aligns with their skills. Some custom logo makers have been working in this industry for years, and it is but natural for them to have a significant number of logo collections. However, other designers focus on a distinct style and form of logo. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these two options. Nonetheless, the things you will have to look for will depend upon your needs. Remember that each business is unique, which also requires a unique solution.


Do You have Customer Reviews and Testimonials?


Testimonials may not have visual aesthetics, but this will be as effective as the logo designer's portfolio. Customer reviews have become an essential part of choosing your service provider. In a recent survey, about 92% of the customers will read online reviews before selecting the right one for their business. Testimonials have become the driving force of company sales. It is so effective since it works as a referral. However, due to its importance to customers, some companies have resorted to unethical means to gather fake reviews, such as hiring people to post positive but fake reviews for them. In fact, a high number of reviews on Amazon, especially on electrical parts and supplies, are fake. Repetitive reviews that do not offer any value are mostly fake reviews. Also, look for a platform that allows only verified customers to leave reviews. If you find it difficult to determine the authentic or the fake reviews, ask someone younger to read the reviews. Study shows that the younger population can quickly identify fake from factual information.


What Information Do You Need from Me?

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As a business owner, understand that the custom logo makers will need to understand different things about you and your company to translate it into a high-quality company logo design. Understand that you will not just be the one asking questions here; the designer will also need to know some information to see if they can provide you with what you are looking for. Most designers will have a list of questions to ask their clients. These are all necessary to start a new branding project. Logo designers will need to have an in-depth view of your business. If not, they cannot create a logo that will reflect your brand's value, story, ethics, and personalities. Before you choose them, be sure that they are prepared with the questions; this shows their willingness to get to know your business.


How Much Is Your Custom Logo Makers Service?

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Most of us will have a limited budget for our branding and marketing campaign. Therefore, you will need to ask how much they charge their client to keep your expenditures under control. Also, you should ensure that you will receive something equivalent to what you will pay for. While we understand that a good logo design should be defined more than the cost, it is still necessary to consider this. As a business owner, know that you are not just paying for the final product. You are also paying for the experience, time, creativity, and craft of these people. If you hire a freelancer, most of them will charge you per hour and not on the final logo. If you think their charge is not worth it, move on to the other proposals. The price must be justified and competitive.


What Are Included in the Deliverables?

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For business owners, they believe that since they are hiring custom logo makers, they will only be receiving a business logo in their desired picture format. However, the designer will end up submitting a bunch of files, usually in a compressed format. Usually, it will have different variations and the guidelines on how or how not to use these logos. There should also be some rules related to the typography and the logo's color. If you are planning to create a new set of business cards, you should also need to request them to have some printed samples. The same thing can be said of other promotional materials. If this comes with an extra cost, be sure that you and your chosen designer will be clear on this. Add this to your agreement if possible.


What's the Expected Timeline

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We've already mentioned how each project and your business needs will be different. Therefore, you need to understand how long this project will take. Identify some of the critical milestones in this project and assign an ETA agreed by both parties. Knowing when the brand guides and logo will be ready will help you plan your campaigns accordingly. If you have a well-established business and you are going through a rebranding campaign, understand that it is essential for you to prepare your employees and audience for this change. Otherwise, it will only lead to confusion, and you can lose your customers.



What is the Logo Design Process?


You should also have a clear view of the journey that it will take before seeing the finished product. How many variations of the logo will they present to you? How long will it take to complete if you request a revision? At what stage will you expect that color has already been introduced on your logo? These are all necessary to help you get a glimpse of the progress of your project. With this, you can separate the ETA into milestones. You should also ask about the part of the project that you don't understand. For instance, will you be able to share your creative input, will you gain access to their mood board, and will they be open to reviews that will motivate them to work on a project that is within your expectations?


Who is My Project Consultant?

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If you are working with an agency, there may be many people handling your project. Therefore, you want to make sure you only have one person to talk to avoid confusion and miscommunications. Unless you choose to work with a freelancer, you want to verify this. You may not be aware that you are talking to a sales rep who knows nothing about the project. You need to speak with the actual designers tasked to handle your project. Also, be sure that they will be responsive. They should return your call in no less than two hours. You should not wait for more than an hour to receive answers to your concerns.


Can You Brief Me About Your Work History?

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It would be better to hire custom logo makers who already have experience working in a similar industry or business. Their familiarity with your market and the target audience can help develop a logo that speaks directly to the consumers. This also gives you a sense of comfort knowing that someone knowledgeable and professional is handling your project. You will need to think twice about trusting an amateur for this project. The logo will serve as the foundation of your company's brand and marketing. A simple mistake here can be an obstacle in advancing your brand awareness and making it difficult for you to collect sales lead that you can send into your sales funnel. Always consider the experience and work history of the designer.


It is extremely crucial to receive the answers to all these questions before you settle on a particular custom logo maker. Whether you prefer to work directly with a freelancer or choose to hire an agency, your professional relationship with them will be better if you have an idea of what you need to know before you even start with the logo project. This also fosters trust, knowing that someone capable is handling the work. Remember that any project can begin positively and proceed smoothly if you know the right questions to ask before the start of the project.

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