Probability of Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It will occur during the time that you least expect it. In the US alone, authorities had to deal with at least 6 million car accidents in just one year. 72% of these car accidents will result in damages, and 27% will lead to injury. At least 6% of the accident will result in a person's death. This means that at least 90 people are dying in road mishaps daily. These numbers are alarming; it simply states that meeting with an auto accident lawyer is highly possible.


The Important Numbers According to the Auto Accident Lawyer


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You must familiarize yourself with the statistics related to car accidents. While most accidents are just fender benders, many accidents have resulted in injury and death. According to the auto accident lawyer, understanding the numbers will enhance your awareness of how frequent these accidents are and help you prepare in the future if you find yourself in a similar situation.


Car Accidents Resulting in Injury


Of the 6 million car accidents in the US annually, at least 3 million of them will acquire an injury. Two million of those who are injured will sustain permanent damage that sometimes can be debilitating. This will lead to recurring medical expenses and income loss, so they need to pursue a legal claim to receive the compensation they deserve. If you meet a similar fate, make sure to have the legal assistance of an auto accident lawyer.



 Auto Accident Lawyer

The latest statistics show that meeting with an auto accident lawyer can be prevented if a person takes the proper precautions and drive safely. For instance, it has been discovered that wearing a seatbelt can prevent death by as much as 45%. It can also avoid any severe injury by at least 50%. Sadly, around 1 out of 7 people refuse to wear their seat belts while driving. 30% of people who are not wearing their seatbelts will be ejected from their vehicle due to the impact.


Distracted Driving

 Auto Accident Lawyer

Aside from that, the possibility of seeking legal assistance from an auto accident lawyer is also high when you continuously get distracted from your driving. At least nine people are being killed daily because of distracted driving. 1 in every 3 people is texting while they are driving. Being in a car crash is 23 times more possible for them than those who are entirely focused on their driving. At least 40% of the teens in America reported that they've experienced being in a vehicle where the driver uses their mobile phone, putting them in a dangerous situation.


According to the numbers, we might find ourselves in a car accident at least once in our lifetime. With this possibility, you need to make sure that you are in touch with the right people that can help you. Talk to an auto accident lawyer now and find out how they can help you.


Things to Consider when Hiring Auto Accident Lawyer

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Auto Accident Lawyer is dedicated to investigating your claim and preserving your rights. They are determined to obtain the proper amount of compensation that you are entitled to. Having their support is crucial, especially when facing an auto accident claim. Nevertheless, how will you be able to determine the right personal injury lawyer? Here are some tips that may help you search for a competent car wreck attorney.




The experience should be the first thing you must consider when choosing an Auto Accident Lawyer. You should never underestimate the level of expertise of a lawyer. A lawyer with the right amount of knowledge about the things needed to look for your claim can spell a huge difference. For instance, different states have specific laws associated with personal injury claims. The amount of experience of the lawyer can also immediately determine the right amount of compensation that you are unconstrained with.



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Auto Accident Lawyer can keep calm and focused even under different circumstances. Their rational thinking will become pretty hand when accurately determining the amount of liability in your cases such as causation and negligence. Their dedication can also help you reach a settlement without going to a proper court trial.




Their reputation should also be highly considered. Their dealing with their previous clients can help you gain insights into the methodologies and skills of the Auto Accident Lawyer. It will also increase your odds of reaching a favorable settlement.



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The personality of the Auto Accident Lawyer has got to be one of the most neglected aspects of hiring a lawyer. However, you should look at the character of your prospective lawyer. You don't need to discuss your case over dinner, but you have to make sure that your lawyer will be there whenever you need to clear something. They should also be active in updating you about the status of your case in the most reasonable time.


Hiring Auto Accident Lawyer who will assist you in a lawsuit or help you settle an insurance claim can guarantee that you will receive a fair amount of compensation. When hiring a ca wreck attorney, it is essential to take it slowly. If you are not comfortable with the experience and ethics of the lawyer, then do not hire them. You are free to talk with several potential lawyers that may help you with your concern. 

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