How to Build Branding and Website Design


In the most common sense, a brand is just a symbol. However, it is the symbol that represents something significant. In terms of company branding, this symbol represents the association's characteristics, experience, integrity, and professionalism. This can be done by using a consistent logo, phrase, image, and sound on various platforms where people interact. Branding is an integral part of your business growth online. They can capture the interest of the consumers and keep their loyalty intact. However, it is a complicated process executed in various media types from logo design, store decoration, print, and TV advertisement. Branding and website design can also be implemented together


Elements of Branding and Website Design


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Brand building highly matters to companies for several reasons. If you build your website, these elements in your branding and website design will make you stand out from the competition.




Picking the ideal color palette is crucial in brand building. If you think it is just for aesthetic appeal, you are mistaken. Colour has the power to trigger various sensations and emotions that allows them to associate it with characteristic and things. For instance, red can boost respiration and increase the pulse rate. It is often associated with excitement, passion, power, and energy, so it is a standard color utilized in entertainment branding and website design such as iflix. Shades of green symbolize health, money, profit, environment, and nature.




Infusing your branding and website design with a personality and characteristic can help you convey what your company stands for. If your company is about safety, stability, security, or reliability, the character can help you define your branding. Find a symbol that your target audience can associate with. You may use anthropomorphic elements, such as the bluebird of Twitter. Bluebirds may appear differently, but you can still easily associate them with Twitter.



 Branding and Website Design

Emotion is another essential element that you can use in your branding and website design. The component of your website should not be limited to the aesthetic aspect but also to the emotion you want to convey. Analyze the design of Studio 7 and how they utilize vivid and glowing shades to make their brand exciting and overflowing with emotion.




Consistency has an important role when you want to improve business with your website. It will depend upon your choices of the elements mentioned above. This will guarantee that your website will evoke uniformity.


Finally, you also have to consider the size and the placement of the logo on your branding and website design. The upper-left space of your website will be the conventional position of the logo. Make sure that it will be big enough to be the first thing your visitors will notice when they are directed to your website.


Things to Know about Branding and Website Design

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When building or redesigning your website, some people will focus entirely on the aesthetic side, abandoning the technical side completely. Suppose you plan to accomplish your goals, such as lead generation, brand awareness, increased organic traffic, and others. In that case, there are things you need to focus on aside from the background color, the GIF location, and placing your company logo. In today's world filled with probably billions of websites, the competition is truly stiff, and you want to make sure that your website is optimized. We created a list of essential guides to help you advance your branding and website design project.



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While it is essential to keep your website looking slick and glossy, remember that your visitor will not land on your site to judge its look and feel. Most of them are visiting your site to complete a particular action of searching for information they need. We believe that adding unnecessary elements into your design will make it more difficult for visitors to accomplish what they need to finish. Simplicity will serve as your best friend. Here are various ways to incorporate simplicity in your branding and website design.


·         Color- Refrain from using too many colors. Stick with at least five colors in the design of your website.


·         Font- When it comes to the font, you need to make sure it is readable. Avoid choosing a font style with many strokes. You may select at least three different font styles that you can adjust in 3 various sizes.


·         Graphic- When choosing a graphic, make sure that you will only incorporate them if it helps fulfill your audience's goal.


The Visual Hierarchy


Visual Hierarchy is somehow related to simplicity. This process involves organizing and arranging elements of your web design wherein the visitors will see the most important thing first. By altering your color, size, and position, you will be able to draw attention to an element that you want them to see and advance your branding and website design.



 Branding and Website Design

Having an interactive navigation system on your site is vital in improving the user experience of your visitors. When visitors arrive at your site, they should not think extensively to find the things they want to click. They should be able to move from one point to another conveniently and quickly.


Finally, you need to be consistent; the entire look of your branding and website design, regardless of the page, should stay consistent. Font style, color schemes, and background play a significant role in keeping the consistency of your website. If you have any concerns about your web design, seek the professional help of a website designer to make sure that you are one step ahead of the competition.

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