Hair Stylist Logos-How Much?

If you are opening a hair salon business, inviting a new client into your physical store would be difficult. They will most probably be unaware of how good your service is. You may have signage outside that tells the customers the line of services you provide as well as their related costs. However, you will still find it challenging to encourage them to try your service due to the lack of familiarity. One way to deal with it is by introducing compelling hair stylist logos. We understand how most of you will have a limited budget for marketing. This article will show you how much you need to prepare if you plan to take this route.


What is the Average Cost of Hair Stylist Logos?


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Your hair stylist logos can cost from $0 to thousands of dollars. If you are a startup salon business hoping to have a quality design, the price may start from $300 and increase to more than $2,500. Some of you might think that the cost is insane for a logo. However, consider this fact- your business logo will serve as the face of the company; it will be the foundation of your branding and marketing campaign that you will use for at least ten years.


The cost of the logo can vary depending on your source and the quality of the work. Some people will charge you for the final product, but most have an hourly fee, especially the agencies and freelancers. Be sure to consider your budget before choosing the options that we will mention below.


From $10 to $50


At this price range, you may have to do many things by yourself. You will only pay for the subscription on the logo maker application. Do not expect too much creative freedom since the things you can use will often be the basic visual assets. Therefore, expect that your hair stylist logos will appear generic. They have a good selection of stock photos and vector images. The typeface and font collection are decent. ETA is often very fast since you will probably choose the template that works for you. If you are time-constricted and budget-conscious, this is the perfect option for you. Nonetheless, we would like to remind you again that your company logo design will most possibly appear typical.


From $300 to $800


Those ready to spend this much can open a logo design contest for your hair salon business, or you could hire a freelancer, but most of them in this price range would be a novice and lack the proper foundation and experience. If you are lucky, these designers will have a portfolio, although you can’t expect it to be as comprehensive as those who offer their service at a higher price. This is an ideal choice for a business with a decent understanding of how the logo design process works. However, the ETA will be longer.


From $800 to $2500


For those with a budget in this price range, you can have access to tier-1 freelance designers. You can also open a contest to attract more seasoned custom logo designers. With these people, you are not just hiring their skills but also their years of experience in the business. You can receive professional advice and top-notch services from these people. With them, you can guarantee that the process of designing your hair stylist logos will not encounter any hiccups. If you are ready to spend this much, don’t hesitate to acquire their service.


More than $2,500


The prominent players in the industry will usually opt for this service. At this price range, you will most probably work with an agency. The design of your business logo is guaranteed to be high-quality. You will have a team of creative personnel and business strategist with a thorough work history in your industry. There should also be an unlimited revision option. This is an excellent choice for a business that wants a complete package of its branding asset.


What Are Some of My Options to Design My Hair Stylist Logos?


If your head is already spinning after knowing the average cost of logo designs, don’t fret since you still have a bunch of choices. If you pay attention to some of the critical factors, you should be able to ensure that your logo will be an excellent reflection of your business and service. Check out the logo design rules that we covered in the past.


Do it Yourself

Hair Stylist Logos 

Those with a limited budget will probably choose to develop their own logo. If you want to showcase your design flair, you might want to take a chance on creating your logo. Remember that designing a logo that your business can use in multi-platforms may come as a challenge. You will soon discover that you will need to invest a great deal of your time sketching potential logos for your hair salon business. Design software may speed up the process, but some of them will have a complex interface that you need to have at least the basic design skills to understand how to use the tools. So, how much will you possibly spend if you choose to do it yourself? Take a look at some of the possible expenses below.


Using Sketch


This is an application exclusive to MacOs X users. It will cost $99.99 for a one-year license. It is design software that features vectors that you can instantly import into your business logo design. You can save your creation in various formats such as EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF. More and more designers are favoring the use of this software. However, it is not print-friendly software since you cannot export it into CMYK color.


Adobe Illustrator


Illustrator has always been the go-to solution for logo designers. It is also designed to work together with other Adobe software. You have the option to export your work into ten formats, both for print and digital use. You can access this software by paying a monthly subscription fee of $20.99 for an annual plan on Adobe Creative Cloud. For those who will use it for a limited time, a month-to-month use would be sufficient for $31.49.




If you are looking for a free option, this would be your choice. However, remember what we said above that the things that you can use are mostly the basic type, and your hair stylist logos will most probably appear typical. You can use the vector online or download it to use on your computer. You can export it in vector or raster formats, such as SVG, JPG, PNG, and AI.



 Hair Stylist Logos

Canva comes with both free and paid options. If you choose the free use, it will most possibly come with a watermark. The paid subscription costs $12.95 CAD for monthly usage and $149.00 CAD for annual service. It showcases more than 1000 premade templates that allow you to customize however you wish. Once you are done, you can download the file in GIF, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.


Buying a Customized Logo Template

 Hair Stylist Logos

Another option is to buy a ready-made template. This will significantly cut the time needed to create your hair stylist logos. Most of this template will be compatible with Adobe Illustrator, but you should still clarify things with the vendor. Since you will need to use software to create alterations and adjustments, you will need to consider the cost we mentioned above again. You will then have to change the typeface, colors, and other elements found in the customized template. You may receive more than just the logo when buying a template. Usually, it will come with a branding and social media package. There should also be a description added, be sure to peruse it before purchasing it. Here are some of the marketplace to look for a customized template.


Creative Market

 Hair Stylist Logos

This platform offers more than 49,000 templates ranging from as low as $2 to $500. Most of the templates range from $19 to $39 CAD. The cost may come with licensing options, the extended for the unlimited sales, and the standard for companies that will not exceed the 500 sales. For those who will choose the extended sales, expect that you will spend more.


Adobe Spark


There will be hundreds of logo templates that you can find in Adobe Spark that you can use for free. However, you will have to pay for a subscription to access the software. There’s a fee of $9.99 monthly before you are allowed to edit them. Understand that this application is intended for designers with a solid design background and who want better control of their branding materials.


Using Online Logo Maker

 Hair Stylist Logos

Some of you may also opt for an online logo-making application to create your hair stylist logos. However, we advise you to be smart. Even though it comes with a lower cost, the output can be drastically substandard. You don’t need to have a design background or learn complex tools. Most of them come for free, while others will charge you when you want to download your creation. Most companies will still choose the paid version since it offers them a logo that they can confidently use on their branding campaign.


When choosing a design option for your hair stylist logos, remember that this will be the starting point of your marketing and branding campaign. You probably have an idea of what your logo will appear like. Now it is time to figure out how much you are willing to spend.


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