Hiring Workers Comp Lawyer

A workers' Compensation claim is often mistaken to be the same as a personal injury claim. However, there are a lot of differences between these two cases. The primary difference is that the personal injury claim is due to the fault of a third party while the worker's comp is not. In a Worker's Comp Case, every employee who acquired a specific type of injury during his job is entitled to compensation. There is no need for you to prove that there is someone at fault that caused the damage. Even when you are the one at fault due to your negligence, you are still entitled to compensation. The question is- do you still need the help of a workers comp lawyer if you want to pursue a labor case?


Should You Hire Workers Comp Lawyer?

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From a general perspective, you can handle this case without any help from a Workers Comp Lawyer, considering that you only suffered a minor injury during your work. It is also possible if the injury you acquired does not negatively impact your profession or if your employer honestly admitted that the injury you received happened during your work.


An Expert Advice


However, even if the cases are uncomplicated such as the situations mentioned above, it is still highly recommended to ask the help of Workers Comp Lawyer. They will give you a free consultation regarding your Workers Comp Case. The lawyer may guide you through the process and the possible scenarios associated with your legal case, such as potential drawbacks and whether you can handle the issue on your own.


It is a Complex Situation

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As the situation becomes more complex, then there is a rising demand for you to hire the service of Workers Comp Lawyer. You will be surprised to know how often the insurers and employers deny their worker's injury origination. They are pretty confident that their employees will not appeal. Based on the statistics, around 80% of the workers affected with injury in the workplace are in denial or either choose to ignore the situation. You do not have to be scared about hiring the Worker's Comp Lawyer; they offer a free consultation with no upfront fee. Also, when your employers or the insurers refuse to pay the total amount of compensation that you deserve, you will need the help of Workers Compensation attorney. They will make sure that you are receiving a fair deal. Choosing the right lawyer ensures that you will receive the best settlement.

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Besides providing you support, the Workers Comp Lawyer will also work hard to produce the medical evidence needed to prove your claim. They also can estimate the amount of the compensation and analyze the settlement accurately and correctly.


Signs that You Need the Assistance of a Workers Comp Lawyer


If you find yourself in a situation that we will mention below, there's a good chance that you need a lawyer who will advocate for your rights. How the insurance company and your employer respond to this incident will determine if you will need the support of a Workers Comp lawyer.


The Company Denies That the Incident Happened at Work

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Your company will most possibly deny that the incident occurred at the workplace if there is only minor damage or injury at work that the employees failed to report. Perhaps you think this is just a minor injury, and you think that dealing with all the legalities can be time-consuming. However, what happens if that injury becomes severe during your work? Most probably, you will file for a workers comp claim. Unfortunately, there's a high possibility that your employer will deny that the original injury happened in the workplace. By this time, you will definitely need a Workers Comp Lawyer.


Your Employer is Dragging the Process

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Typically, the entire process should not take more than 30 days for the victim to receive the claim. Once you receive the injury, you will most probably reach out to the correct department to ensure that the process will start rolling. The employees will provide you with the necessary paperwork and report this incident to the state workers department to notify the insurance provider and file a claim. If it has been more than two months and you are still not being updated about your claim, then it's time to hire a Workers Comp Lawyer.


Denying Your Claim


If you have suffered a permanent disability, the insurance company will definitely contest this incident since this will be more expensive on their part. Also, if the doctors recommend you to go through a series of treatments and therapy but the insurance doesn't want to pay for it, the workers comp lawyer is who you need. You need to entirely focus on your rehabilitation while letting the experts handle the legal matters. Should you feel that your claim is legitimate, you must fight for it. If it gets complex and the insurance company becomes contentious, it is time for an attorney to deal with them.


If the Claim Does Not Cover the Medical Bills and Lost Wages

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Most settlements for the worker's compensation will be for benefits of permanent disability. The claim will depend upon the rating system determined by the doctor. Suppose the insurance agency of the company did not agree with the rating of the examining physician. In that case, they will require you to produce an IME (Independent Medical Exam) from their chosen doctor. There's a possibility that their chosen doctor will provide you with a lower rating, favorable to the insurance company. With your Workers Comp Lawyer, they can help you convince the presiding judge that you deserve a higher rating.



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