Guide on Outsourced CAD Solution


CAD Outsourcing allows you to hire a third-party service provider that converts your images, layout, and design into CAD format. It is generally employed by a business that wants to lower its costs. Companies that do not rely on CAD Design as the core system of their company tend to hire their service on an occasional basis or whenever they need a document to be converted.   Most Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Real Estate Developers, and Consultants will find Outsourced CAD Solution beneficial. They increase the business's productivity while reducing the operational expenses of the company.


What To Expect with Outsourced CAD Solution


CAD Outsourcing

Their services may include Architectural 3D rendering, CAD design, Cad modeling, drafting of 3D CAD, 2D drafting, and outsourcing other CAD design. So if you want your files, designs, and layout to be more accessible, converting them into a CAD format will be the most reasonable idea. By digitizing your files, your team can also easily alter the design by adding or deleting things during the project. Your company can also focus more on the core and growth of your business by choosing Outsourced CAD Solution.


What Kind of Projects do CAD Outsourcing


Outsourced CAD Solution works on architectural projects such as commercial buildings, residential structures, high rise and low-rise construction, industrial and education institutions, fire alarm and security systems, contract submittals, movie theatres, restaurants, etc. They can cover services on Architectural CAD such as Structural CAD, site plans, HVAC design, furniture, piping and sanitation, electrical layout, Millwork CAD, interior design, interior plan, ceiling plan, drainage and sewerage, sections and elevations, floor plans, lay-outing, and landscaping.


They also work in the engineering sector, primarily in Industrial, Mechanical, and Structural. Converting your structural design to CAD format will make it easier to interpret the design. It covers all types of structures, such as residential, commercial, and industrial. Converting Mechanical design is composed chiefly of machine designs that can be a complex process. Designs should follow specific rules and regulations determined by ASO and ASME and the codes from different locations all over the world to make the design internationally suitable. Conversion services should include Mechanical Animation, product design, product modeling, 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and mechanical drafting. Remember that your CAD design will be the basis of the quality of your product when you proceed in the production process.


How They Do It

 CAD Outsourcing

Depending on the Outsourced CAD Solution, they may use different software needed to turn your image, paper, and 2D into a CAD format. This includes AutoCAD, CATIA, Inventor, Pro/E, and Solid Works. To ensure the quality of work, you should have insight into the people who will handle the conversion. They should be qualified and capable of handling any modification and should have vast experience when converting it to CAD format. They should also be able to adhere to international rules, specifications, and standards. You may also ask them to provide a trial basis, so you will have an idea about the quality of their work.


Benefits of CAD Outsourcing

There is always a high demand for architectural drawings, electrical layout, machine design, security system CAD, fire alarm CAD, contract submittals, etc. Before, businesses tended to rely on their in-house team to do all the drawing and drafting stuff. However, today Outsourced CAD Solution is the more reasonable way to deal with your CAD conversion, mainly because of its benefits to the business.


Unbelievably Low Price

 CAD Outsourcing

Trusting your office team with all the CAD Conversion can increase the operational expense of your business. Not to mention that an unexpected problem may arise after. You have to remind yourself repeatedly that the primary purpose of your business is to gain profit and one great way to increase your revenue is to reduce the expenses. Creating a whole new department in your office for a task that only comes occasionally can boost your expenditure. Suppose you work in the security industry and require the CAD conversion of a security system CAD or a fire alarm CAD. In that case, the salary expenses of creating an in-house team can increase the cost of operation. If drafting and creating models is not the ultimate function of your business, then you may probably consider Outsourced CAD Solution. 


Finding a CAD Outsourcing service can reasonably reduce the cost of salary, and on top of that, you do not have to offer them other company benefits since most of them are freelancers. At this point, it would be more advantageous for the company to hire an outsourcing service, especially if it is not the core of your business. You can then set aside the saved money for future expenses, or you can use it to enhance the skills of your people. Furthermore, you will no longer have to waste your money on the product and equipment for CAD Conversion. It'd be a pain to buy a license for software that you do not use regularly.


Fast Turnaround

 Outsourced CAD Solution

Most Outsourced CAD Solution projects provide a 24/7 service. At least two people from different time zones are working on your CAD Conversion to ensure efficiency and fast turnaround. This process made them ideal for business that occasionally requires a CAD conversion. While one of them is sleeping, another is working on your project. It only takes a few days to receive the whole CAD Conversion in your inbox.   You would then have the opportunity to review it and verify if it needs a revision or not. You will definitely get the best value for your money.


The Fixed Price


When you trust your in-house team to do all the CAD conversion, chances are there would be a recurring cost. The case is different with CAD outsourcing. Almost all of them offer a fixed price to their client. Finding a good CAD conversion service will produce a high-quality output despite the low cost.


These three reasons are just the most significant benefit that Outsourced CAD Solution can provide your company. They do not require a long-term commitment, so you may stop their service whenever you do not need their expertise. Furthermore, you do not have to spend money while you do not require their assistance.


4 Types of Cad Conversion

 CAD Outsourcing

If you plan to bring your design into life, you will definitely need to convert your design, sketches, drawing, and layout into a CAD format. Using CAD for your Security System CAD or your Fire alarm CAD can make the process go smoothly and successfully. But CAD conversion can be a struggle, so it will be wise to hire the service of CAD Outsourcing. You will be able to save a lot of time and money, and on top of that, you are not required to divulge sensitive company information. But before you acquire Outsourced CAD Solution, you need to know the different types of CAD Conversion.




When conducting an extensive plan and strategy of the company or even a report on the company's outlook, people often compile everything in PDF. PDF files can be easily shared and distributed to different departments. But more often than not, these PDF files need to be converted to CAD. Hiring Outsourced CAD Solution can help you convert any PDF file into CAD.



 Outsourced CAD Solution

A 2d design is essential when creating a layout for construction projects and contract submittals. Blueprints are one example of a 2D layout. These 2D needs to be converted to a 3D layout during the presentation, allowing the clients to view the project better. CAD Outsourcing can give you the 3D design that you are looking for.


Images to CAD


Any image and format, whether JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF, can be converted into CAD. Machine designs are the usual image that needs to be converted to CAD. Converting the images in different forms of AutoCAD will require the highest form of accuracy and keen attention to detail; the slightest mistake in the design can make or break the design. To make sure that you will produce a high-quality CAD, it is better to hire the service of an expert in Outsourced CAD Solution.


Paper to CAD

 Outsourced CAD Solution

Converting paper files to CAD is a complex process. The inputs should be entered distinctly during the conversion. Blueprints, sketches, drawings, and other paper documents requiring conversion are a bit intricate. To make the job less stressful, find an outsourcing service that provides the service of CAD Conversion.


Before you decide on which Outsourced CAD Solution you should choose, make sure that they will be able to give you the four types of CAD Conversion at a high quality. You also have to discuss the security of the information you will provide to them. Make sure that the contractor will be able to give you near-perfect accuracy and with guaranteed satisfaction.

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