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A mood board is your collection of materials that produce a particular concept or style. These are often used by photographers, filmmakers, designers, and illustrators. It aims to communicate the feel or value of an idea. It serves as a potent starting point for all your creative projects, including designing construction companies logos. Nonetheless, the mood board has now gone a long way from the era of cutting pictures on magazines and pinning them to our board. The different tools of today allow you to add videos and animations. It also enables the other member of the project to get access to and share their inspirations.


How To Create a Mood Board for Your Construction Companies Logos

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This guide will teach you the modern approach to developing your mood board. Remember that there is no step-by-step procedure, so it is fine if you find yourself going back and forth on some of the previous steps.


Determine the Concept of the Project


Your construction companies logos mood board could be practical literal. This may include images, font styles, schemes, and other visual assets that you plan to add to your project. Some people will choose to focus more on the mood and the tone of the project. You have the freedom to focus on a particular quality of the mood board or tackle all of them; it is your choice. We want to remind you that it is called a mood board since it concentrates on evoking emotions. If you are being pushed in a particular direction, remind yourself that it is better to keep an open mind. At this stage, the right solution can be found just about anywhere. After determining the concept of your project, try to list some of the ideas with potential before you even collect visual aesthetics to add to your collections.


Collecting the Materials

 Construction Companies Logos

Now that you have a clear path on the concept of your construction companies logos, it is time for you to add some of the information or the criteria on the materials that you must include on your mood board. This is extremely important if you are working with a group. You should consider adding the brand value, taglines, brand story, positioning statement, and things that will inspire you to focus on your work. Now it is time for you to add font styles, vectors, photography, and any design elements. This may not be the final mood board for the project, but it helps you ensure that the project is progressing.


Adding Visual Inspirations


The visual assets that you will include in your mood board will significantly impact the overall appearance and feel of your construction companies logos. Therefore, we advise you to be careful about the images you will add. The collection of images will help you define your logo's color, tone, lighting, and cropping. If you have been collecting ideas in your inspiration folder, it is time to check if there is something that you can add to this mood board. If you have a Pinterest account, check if there are things that you've added in the past that will potentially work for this project. Other sources of visual inspiration can come from Behance and Dribble. You should not bother organizing the images; we will tell you later how to do that.


Adding Files, Fonts, and Colors

 Construction Companies Logos

Color is a perfect way to stimulate the emotion of your audiences. According to color psychology, it can energize them and affect their personality. There are several tools that you can use online to find the perfect color that reflects your brand's story. If you don't have access to these tools, another ideal way is to look at the more prevalent colors on the images you've added to your mood board. Font styles can also influence the efficacy of your construction companies logos. There is a bunch of typography galleries that you can find online. Since you want to keep your branding budget in control, try to download them using a free resource. However, pay for the font style that you will use on the final company logo to avoid legal and copyright issues.


Organize Your Moodboard


Now that you have all the inspiration on your construction companies logos in a single channel, your mood board will possibly appear messy. It will take a while before you can finally complete this process. There's also a chance you don't know how to organize all these images; that is only natural. You may have collected more materials than what you need. This is a typical situation for a creative project. Using Pinterest, you may have already arranged them on a particular hierarchy. However, for those who are not, start by resizing the images. Place a specific icon on the folder and add other elements to help people understand the relationship between these images and their importance.


Be Open to Inspiration

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Inspiration can be found just about anywhere. It could strike you while you are sleeping or while taking a shower. You can find it while walking your dog or completing your grocery list. Therefore, make sure that you will have an easy and accessible way to capture those inspirations for your construction companies logos. Usually, we would advise people to carry a sketch board, so they can create a rough sketch of that image and digitize it later. You can also capture the idea that inspired you, making it easier for you to remember the concept.


Explain it


For creative projects, a mood board would be an interesting and exciting way to convey the overall feel and appearance of your construction companies logos. However, if you share this with other team members and your client, things will become more chaotic if they lack understanding about it. Therefore, you should add a short explanation to help them understand why an image was added and how you arranged the photos. There's no need for you to explain things in a straightforward way. It can be as simple as emojis, labels, or a simple note. This is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It will deliver a consistent feel and look of the creative project.




Asking for feedback must be a part of creating your mood board. Understand that it is essential to listen in all constructive criticisms in all projects. After completing the initial version of your mood board that you will use for your construction companies logos, it is time to show it to people and ask their opinions. Focus particularly on the mood, color, font style, tone, and the type of image collection. If you have no idea how you will take feedback from the audience, there are simple ways to discern criticism from trolling. If they tell you what you need to do, then smile and disregard their opinion. However, if they tell you that something does not feel right, you should probe further.


How to Use the Mood Board for Construction Companies Logos

 Construction Companies Logos

Imagine spending days and even months designing your logo only to receive a total rejection from your clients. Most of your clients will already have a concept on their minds, even if they have not yet realized it. By developing a mood board, you can ensure that you and your client are on the same page. You can help them solidify their concept. It is also an avenue to communicate the project with them; it encourages creative discussion. With the mood board, members of the project will ensure that they have the same understanding of the project. This helps them work on the logo with total confidence.


Putting Your Moodboard into Action


Once you have created a mood board, the next step is how you will put this into action during the design of construction companies logos. As mentioned above, a mood board is a collection of visual cues that can help designers, filmmakers, photographers, and other creative individuals that they can use to design their projects accordingly. It serves as a guide that will answer the questions and prevent inaccuracies.


It Will Help You Feel the Vibe


It would be easier for you to identify the nature of your client if they also have access to your mood board; are they fun or quirky? When interviewing clients, they will mostly find it difficult to describe their company or be articulate in the logo concept. Usually, they will leave it at the hand of the designer. However, to avoid any inconveniences and revisions, you need to gather enough information to help your client be clear in their preference. It would be challenging for you to gauge their selection based on their words. Therefore, giving them access to your digital mood board will provide you with contextual clues. Understand that clients and designers will often have different ways to describe classy, country, modern, etc.


It Helps You Make Calculated Risks


Every logo designer exposes themselves to the public every time they release a new creative design. Sometimes, they will choose to play things safe since they are afraid of criticism. You will not receive any disapproval from your client since the construction companies logos appear clean. However, will that be enough? Using a mood board will make it easier for you to make some educated risks. Since you will be getting the overall feel of what your clients prefer and dislike, it gives you a close insight into the personality of the client and the nature of the business.


It Helps Build Relationship

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The use of the mood board is not only focused on the design process; it also helps you build a solid professional relationship with your clients. When both sides have honest and open communication, this fosters a relationship. There's also a higher chance that your client will be satisfied with what you offer. If the client feels like the designer is listening to their input, they will feel in control and that they are being valued. This will potentially increase the reach of your service through word-of-mouth marketing.


If this is your first time designing construction companies logos, a mood board can be your trusty partner. You will definitely be amazed at how this simple tool can dramatically help your design project. It is a perfect way to build a refined graphic design. If you are looking for ways to keep your design consistent, refreshing, and exciting, this will be an ideal solution.

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