Complete Guide on Law Firm Logo

The company logo helps in setting the branding tone of every business. It serves as the solid foundation of your marketing campaign by distinguishing you from the rest of your competitors and making you more memorable to your target audience. Therefore, it is always imperative to have a good law firm logo that will not appear confusing. We have developed a comprehensive guide for you to ensure that you are taking this matter seriously.


Why Do Most Legal Offices Don't Have Law Firm Logo?

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If you visit most law firms' websites, you may notice that most of them will not have a logo. According to some of the agencies we interviewed, their prevalent reason would be the lack of time in developing the logo and improper knowledge of the process of creating a compelling logo for the law firm. While all of them acknowledge that the logo is an essential asset of the company, they simply don't have them yet. Therefore, there's a good business opportunity for logo designers in this market.


Logo design is not easy work. It will take weeks, sometimes months, before you see the initial mock-up design of your potential logos. The client will then receive it and request any revision. Sometimes, a few tweaks are all it needs to be complete, but there are also instances when it has to go back to the drawing board. This will cost you thousands of dollars on your marketing budget. While it may sound costly, understand that this logo will represent you for ten years or more. The initial design can take as little as 20 hours for a talented designer. They have this uncanny ability to understand the company's branding and discuss the overall branding with the client.


What Makes an Excellent Law Firm Logo?

 Law Firm Logo

Before you proceed in designing the logo for your law firm, let us first discuss the qualities that make an exciting and practical design. A compelling design will provide you with a distinctive trademark that separates you from the rest of the companies. Let us enumerate the top 5 qualities that it should possess.



1. Simplicity


We often remind businesses to keep their logo simple to make it more memorable. Know that you have only 2 seconds to make a mark, and an overly complicated logo will not cut the mark. However, do not make it too simple, which will compromise the necessary forms and features of the logo. Make sure that it still constitutes the overall story of your brand. When choosing a color, avoid adding too much. Sometimes a monochromatic logo could be effective. For a law firm, the blue shade evokes a sense of professionalism, reliability, and honesty. Choose a traditional font style since law firms are agencies that stick with tradition and rules. Avoid adding elements that will distract your audience.


2. Unique


Logo designers will most probably look at the other logo of law firms to serve as their inspiration. Usually, a prevalent icon or element in the industry will help people easily remember your logo. However, you are also placing yourself at risk of being just one of the crowd. You need to be unique if you want to stand out from this crowded market. The logo designer must be innovative in building your trademark.


3. Versatile


Your law firm logo will have to be versatile. You want to make sure that it can be used in your different marketing and offline channels. Know that your logo may appear different in various channels, especially the color grading. Also, make sure that it will appear visible regardless of its size. Whether you are planning to add this in the small corner of your business cards or on top of your billboard ad, it should appear compelling. There's a chance that you will need a couple of variations of this logo to suit your campaign.


4. Appropriateness


 How do you want your law firm to be remembered by the audience? The logo will encourage your client to develop a positive impression of your agency. You can articulately convey the message of your company through your logo. You can provide them with a glimpse of the kind of service you can provide, values, and vision as long as you ensure its appropriateness.


5. Competitive


You should also ensure that your law firm logo will remain competitive. You don't want it to appear trendy since the trend will come and go. It should be compelling and well-designed. A competitive trademark will seamlessly fit into the industry framework. It must also aim to raise the bar by enhancing the old practices and creating a new path for the next generation to follow.


Developing Your Law Firm Logo

 Law Firm Logo

People will often think that law firms are conventional, conservative, and traditional. This is especially visible on their website and logo design. It would be quite difficult for them to push the boundary of this industry. However, with a good logo design, even a simple tweak can transform your company and effectively define your company's identity.


Creating a Noticeable Logo

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We've mentioned before that you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. When creating a logo, you must always strive hard to create a logo that will catch the public's interest. People should notice the creativity of your logo immediately and stimulate their critical thinking. It should appear simple but incredibly effective. Some enhancement on the font style can dramatically change your logo for the better. It should also give them a sense of what your company and service are all about. You should not leave them guessing.


Briefing on the Design Process


Most designers will agree that the first big step toward the law firm logo design is to determine what the customers are looking for. Before they even share their input, they will need to understand first the overall brand story. It will provide the designer with a clearer perspective on the right direction to take. Croonicle has already created a list of possible questionnaires to ask the client. Be sure to check that out.


Research and Meeting

 Law Firm Logo

Now that you have a better understanding of the needs and wants of the law firm, it is time for you to gather all the information that can inspire your logo creation. Take all the data you've collected from the client and start analyzing them. Look for the client's competition, learn about their history, and consider the future that they are planning to take. Research the current trends and how they may affect the firm's branding. These are necessary to ensure that your client will stand out from the crowd.



 Law Firm Logo

It is now time for you to sketch a couple of your ideas. Sometimes, you will encounter a creative block, which will frustrate you. However, continue creating doodles and abstract designs, and you will be surprised at how you can encounter a random sketch that will inspire you. Go online and use Pinterest to create a mood board. Pay attention to a couple of your sketches; make sure that you are not becoming too redundant or plain in your law firm logo project.


Creating a Logo Type


Start by sketching a couple of possible surnames or logo names for your law firm logo. Analyze if these will perfectly fit into the different processes related to your business. A regular sketch pad will do; avoid digitizing first since it will only eat much of your time. Sketchpad also gives you limitless creative freedom. It doesn't have to be polished; a rough sketch without shadow, effects, or colors will give you an idea. Once you have a couple of potential options, look online and choose some possible font styles. Adjust some of your sketches by altering some of their forms. Remember that it should also fit your brand. You can manipulate these words into objects or fit them into a whole new form. Try stacking these words together. You should alter them a couple of times and see what works best for your law firm.


The Prototype


After developing a couple of sketches, you are now ready to digitize them and create a prototype. Digitizing is the process of transforming your drawings into a digital form. You can use Adobe Illustrator to render the illustration into a vector form. At this time, it is still unnecessary to add a potential color. We often remind our readers that an effective logo will remain powerful even without color. Try to provide your client with at least three options when submitting the deliverables.


Finally, the law firm logo will go through a review process by the client. Make sure that it will include guidelines on how to use the logo. You should also provide them with a monochrome version to avoid distracting your client with other elements. If you received approval, then that's about it. However, it will go through the polishing and revision process in most instances. You need to listen to the client's suggestion and implement it in the logo design. Understand that it will take time and some experimentation before you can create a logo design that your client will love. Bring a dose of patience and dedication with you.

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